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The world of online gambling is as wide as it is delightful. It stretches from the bright Las Vegas lights and extends to the virtual expanse of the internet. While the seductive glitz and glamour of land-based gambling facilities attract countless players in the USA and on a global scale, online casinos still boast of the biggest variety of games and bonus rewards.

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Types of Casino Games

While playing casino games can be a lot of fun, things could go south for you real quick if you don’t understand what the game is all about. Here’s a quick overview of the most popular casino games you’ll come across in the Vegas Strip and on internet gaming platforms;


Also popularly referred to as Twenty-One, Blackjack is a comparing card game played between at least one player and a dealer. In the game, every player goes head to head with the dealer to try and become the winner. Mind you in a blackjack game involving more than one player; players don’t compete against each other; they all try to beat the dealer through a range of options. 

As a player, you can beat the dealer in one of three main possibilities:

  • Attain 21 points on your first two cards before the dealer (this is referred to as a ‘natural’ or a ‘blackjack)
  • Get your final hand value higher than the dealer’s without busting (exceeding 21).
  • Make the dealer bust by drawing more cards until their hand goes over 21.

The game is played using a deck of 52 cards, but the number of card decks will vary depending on the type of spinoff you are playing. As such, the rules of this game will also change from one spinoff to another, with over twenty different types available across land-based and online casinos. Read our Blackjack casino guide to get a better understanding on:

  • How to play perfect Blackjack
  • Blackjack strategies
  • Best online casino for Blackjack
  • and more…


Unlike all casino games, poker is often considered a game of skill and strategy. The game uses the standard 52 card deck, and the winner of the game is usually determined based on the combination of cards they have after the cards are dealt.

However, since there are over 20 different spinoffs of the game, the number of cards players receive, the community cards (shared) and the cards that stay hidden will vary. Likewise, the procedures of betting will also be different in each spinoff.

Online Poker was booming back in the early beginning of the 21st century until the introduction of  the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) introduced in 2006 which led to almost all online poker sites shutting down. Now it’s back and on the rise in the states where online poker has been legalized. Read our poker guide to get a better understanding of:

  • Poker history
  • Game types
  • How to play
  • Where to play
  • and more…


A slot machine is a casino betting machine with a layout display having at least three reels that spin into motion after you input some money based on the denomination. To start playing, you are supposed to a lever or push a button that will set the reels into rotary motion. The reels come with different symbols, and if you are to win, you are supposed to land on a set of specified symbol patterns on the display after the reels stop spinning. 

The most basic standard slot machine game with three reels and contained fruit symbols, hence the name fruit machine as it is often called. However, thanks to digital technology, there have been impressive variations stemming from the original game with more interactive features. These days, you’ll come across more immersive themes complete with matching symbols and soundtracks as well as advanced bonus features that are key to unlocking more rewards in the game. Playing slots is super easy and few other casino games offering such exhilarating simplicity.

The range of slots offered in online casinos are far greater than you can ever find in a physical casino. The reason is simple, there is simply not enough floor space to fit in all the slot machines that you can in a virtual environment. Read our casino slots guide and get access to:

  • +100 slot reviews
  • +100 free to play slots
  • Slots info guide
  • Best Online casinos for slots play


This is a betting game whose name comes from a French word that means ‘Little Wheel.’ In the game, a croupier or pit boss will spin the roulette wheel in one direction (say clockwise), and then takes a ball and rolls it in a direction opposite to that of the wheel (say anticlockwise). Usually, the wheel has a circular track with different colored boxes with numbers and pockets in the inner section. As this ball spins, it will lose momentum gradually and will land in any of the pockets.

To play roulette, all you have to do is pick a number that you think the ball will settle in after the wheel stops spinning. It’s as simple as that, but there are numerous betting options, and they often change when you put variations of the game into consideration. Some of the popular variants you will come across include; European, French, and American Roulette, among many others. The roulette game is often touted as gambling at its purest form, and it is only luck, you can count on to land on lucrative wins.

Roulette is one of our favorite casino games. Therefore we have made a huge selection of roulette guides available for you. The game is so simple but yet there are so many aspects of the game that you can put into play when gambling on roulette. Our Roulette guides cover topics like:

  • How to play
  • Strategies
  • Odds
  • History
  • Where to play
  • and more…

Other Casino Games

Live Casino 🎰

Live Casino is as close to a real physical casino experience as you can get when gambling online. Live Casino is one of the fastest growing forms of online gambling and with future technology innovations live casino is likely to keep growing. Read our Live Casino guide to understand what Live casino is all about.

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Craps 🎲🎲

The main objective of Craps is direct enough. You are supposed to correctly predict or bet on the outcome of a roll of dice, a couple of consecutive rolls, or a pair of dice rolled together at once. Here, participants can bet against one another or a bank. Nonetheless, there are many different wagers you can place on the game, and it will depend on the variant you play.

Video Poker 🃏

This game is based on five-card draw poker, but you don’t face any opponents. You play it in an electronic console, in a display setting similar to that of video slot games. The objective is to make the best five-card poker hand you can, and the better the hand, the bigger the payout will be. Video poker is quite easy to learn, all that’s involved is picking which cards to keep and which ones to discard. The game also comes with a plethora of variants where rules and the structure come with a twist depending on the type you are playing. However, like poker, there is some level of skill required to make the right choice.

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Baccarat 💵

Baccarat is yet another card game where hand values are compared. However, unlike blackjack and poker, this game is played between your hand (player) and that of the banker. The round of play here, also known as a coup, has only three potential outcomes; a higher score for either the player or the banker or a tie. Thus, you can either bet on yourself, the banker or a tie. Like other card games, there are plenty of offshoots of the game, with the most popular being Baccarat Banque, Baccarat Chemin de Fer, and Punto Banco. Of course, each variant comes with a bit of variation in the rules.

Bankroll Management

Before putting your money at risk we advise you to read our money management guide. Bankroll management is one of the key aspects when gambling online.

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Other Casino Games

While the above are the most popular casino games, there are plenty of fun-packed options available in casino platforms. For instance, you’ll also come across different options based on random numbers such as Bingo, Keno, Scratch Cards, and Lotteries depending on where you go to play.

What are Casino Games?

Casino games are games that you can play in both online and land-based casinos. In these games, players gamble or bet their money on a range of possible random results or combinations of outcomes. If you make the correct prediction, you win a significant amount of money depending on what you staked, and if you lose, you lose your money.

Over the past couple of decades, there have been countless cases where players have bagged millions just from playing casino games. Some of the most popular casino games include Roulette, Poker, Slots, Blackjack and many more; games that we will cover a little later in this review. But first, let us first take a look at the history of casino games as we know them today!

History of Casino Games

The exact origin of playing casino games is still unknown to this date. For the most part, it seems like one of those activities that started at the cradle of civilization. The Chinese recorded the first official account of playing games of chance in 2300 B.C., and it is believed that gambling, in one form or another has been present in almost every ancient civilization that ever existed. From the Ancient Romans and Greeks to France during the reign of Napoleon and England, history is rich with tales of people playing games of chance.

At the peak of the Roman Empire, the lawmakers proclaimed that all children were to be taught how to throw dice and gamble.  One Roman Emperor even took it up a notch by re-designing his carriage so that he can play dice games while en route to his duties. The French, on the other hand, is accredited with inventing the art of playing card games in 1387. Then, later in 1440, a German by the name Johann Gutenberg ended up printing the first-ever full deck of cards as we know them today.

Most of the present-day casino games are just embodiments of the previous games. The French working class of the 16th century became proficient in the Egyptian Game of Roulette, while Napoleon took a keen interest in the card game, blackjack which was known back then as Vingt-et-un. As gambling became popular, the English were not left out either. They came up with a deviation by the name Hazard, the forerunner of the dice throwing game that we refer to as craps today. The basis of the game of poker is believed to have come from a combination of ancient influences including, Persian, English and Italian gambling games. Further tweaks to the poker game included techniques of gaming that were invented by the Frenchmen, and today’s popular idea of bluffing was introduced by the English.

In the USA, gambling dates back to the early 1800s, when Brown’s Saloon opened, and people used to play casino games near what is known as the Colorado and Wyoming border. The popularity of playing games of chance led to the growth of Casinos in the US in the west until the early 1900s. It is during this time when a conservative movement eliminated them from each state that regulated casinos, even though there were many underground networks in the East Coast and along the Mississippi river till the 1950’s. Many casinos were later regulated and as many of them kept sprouting, playing games became recognized by the federal government to date.

Play Casino Games Online

Thanks to the ever-evolving technology and the availability of the internet, and accessibility to secure online payments, casino games finally moved to the web. And like we said earlier, in the online environment, there is a huge variety of casino games compared to what’s available in land-based casinos. In most cases, what’s required of you is to create an account in the online casino, verify your age, load some money, and you’re good to go. You can start playing your favorite games right from the comfort of your home, or even when you’re on the move.

Better yet, one of the other most impressive things about playing online casino games is the fact that you can play free for free if you want. This gives you an ample platform for practicing and learning the ropes to sharpen your skill, or even just getting familiar with the game without spending a dime. And when it comes to real money play, you will already know what’s required of you.  Furthermore, if you think about the bonuses that online casinos offer plus all the other benefits, gambling online is a no-brainer!

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