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Wanna learn more about free online slots machines? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. This review is your ultimate guide for anything and everything about slot games. These include demo play, how to win, top free slots strategies and tips, and the best free slots to play. Let’s dig in!

When you sign in to any online casinos in the United States (in gambling legal states), you’re generally greeted by a wide array of free online slots. This is simply because the games are easy to play, they are thrilling, and they offer you the best opportunity to convert your small value wagers into a massive real money win.

Wanna learn more about free online slots machines? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. This review is your ultimate guide for anything and everything about slot games. These include demo play, how to win, top free slots strategies and tips, and the best free slots to play. Let’s dig in!

What Are Free Online Slots?

Fundamentally, slot machine games typically work in the same way whether you play them online or at a land-based casino. The symbols are arranged in order on vertical spinners referred to as reels. The reels will spin and halt to indicate a random succession of symbols, and these symbols are arranged on the pay line. A win comes as a result of hitting varying combinations and patterns of symbols as stipulated by the developers of the game. Besides pay lines and reels, you need to practice and improve your skills on your game’s unique symbols, special bonus rounds, jackpots, plus numerous other features dependent on the game.

3, 5 or 7 reels

Owing to their simplicity, there are thousands of slot machine titles at both land-based and online casinos in the United States. It’s no wonder why they rank as the most popular casino game locally and on a global scale. Originally,  free slots machines are games that came with 3 reels, but as technology took over, there are now plenty of 5-reel and even 7-reel variants. The reel symbols spin when you place a wager and pull the lever (for physical machines) or hit the spin button (online slots). The key objective here is to get as many similar symbols as you can line up. Bear in mind that the symbols on a slot game will have varying values. There are also slot machines that will offer you free spins and bonus payments.

While the slot games that we play today are composed of simulated computer graphics, mechanical slots used to have/alloy plastic reels. The simulated slots borrow from their classic mechanical counterparts, but they often have extra features to make things much more exciting.

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Why are free online slots so popular?

Typically, whichever gaming lobby you visit online, free online slots machines come first, then everything else comes. Players find slots machine games quite magical and unique for a range of reasons. Anything from the themes to the graphics and even the sound effects make the gameplay more satisfying by the minute. In this subsection, we take a closer look at some of the many reasons why online casinos slots games are top-rated in the USA and across the globe as a whole.

1. Free Online Slots Are Simple to Play

Most of the card and table games that are offered by online casinos require some skill. Even though the player can’t predict the result while playing these kinds of games, you still have to master a couple of intricate rules and moves. For slots machines, however, the case is different. One of the primary reasons why online casinos slots are exceptionally popular among punters is that they require very little knowledge. Even for a complete amateur, you can learn how to play this kind of game in a few minutes.

All the best online slots games will offer instructions on the interface about how to play plus the controls are vividly labeled to adjust the different parameters of the slot machine. Also, the paytable within the slots will show you the various possible payouts when you land on a winning combination. What more could you ask for? You can gamble online like a pro from day one!

2. Ultimate convenience for players

Whether you’d want to play during the day or night, when you play casinos slots online, there is always a seat waiting for you. You will never have to wait in line to play any game as you would at a brick and mortar casino. Moreover, even when playing games like online poker, there are some sit and go rooms where you’ll have to wait in line.

What’s more, other than having the chance to spin reels whenever you feel like, thanks to mobile compatibility of games, you relish your favorite games from any location. All you’ll need is a mobile device, and as long as you have a stable and reliable internet connection, you can play from anywhere. Currently, the best mobile devices that you can use to spin reels on the go are those that are powered by either Android or iOS operating systems.

3. Free Online Slots Bonuses and Games

USA online casinos often offer players free spins promotions as a token of appreciation. Sometimes, you won’t even have to load an initial buy-in to get the reward. You will find such deals in both new player promotions and ongoing casino deals that will keep you going back to the lobby.

Additionally, playing slots online could also earn you loyalty points that you can later redeem as a gaming bonus or real withdrawable money. For the juiciest online slots bonuses, pick the platforms that we recommend for you on our site. That way, you will easily rake in rewards with each turn of your gameplay.

4. Free to Play Option

Unlike land-based mechanical slot machines, you can spin the reels online without spending a dime. You must, however, remember that since you do not deposit real money in free slots, the payout will also be in virtual currency. The coolest gaming sites in the US will have plenty of free slots which you can enjoy in demo mode for unmatchable excitement. Better yet, playing for free gives you room to practice and understand the game better. As such, when you’re ready to spend money on the games, you’ll open up yourself for more winning opportunities.

Jumanji Demo Play Mode

Jumanji Demo Play Mode

5. Exclusive Free Online Slots Bonus Features

Compared to other games, slot machine titles have by far the most intriguing and rewarding in-game bonus features. You could be spinning the reels, and out of nowhere, you’re hit with a bonus which could multiply your payout several times over. Other than multipliers, you can also get free spins and bonus rounds which could be activated in a different screen.

Typically, these bonus features are activated by lining up the right icons, which may include wilds and scatter icons, extra rounds, or free cash. Moreover, in some free slots, you’ll come across the gamble feature, where you get a chance to double your payout! If you want to know how best to get such bonus features in any slot machine, you should consult the game’s paytable.

6. Exciting Themes with Different Storylines

One of the most defining characteristics of slot machine games is their themes. Software developer these days showcase their innovative nature by crafting games with attractive themes to make their titles stand out even more. The themes and storylines are typically based on references from myths, legend, history, and pop culture of the current generation.

Thus, whether you would like to play free slots based on Tv shows and movies or titles based on ancient historical figures, you have plenty of options at your disposal. Thanks to cutting-edge software innovations that render 3D animations and effects, these games are true to life. From the first spin, the game will transport you to a unique dimension where your imagination can go wild as you enjoy the immersion.

7. Free Online Slots Jackpots

If you ask most Americans, the chance of winning a jackpot is one among the main reasons why they even try spinning the reels of a slot machine game. What would you do with a $50K, $500K or even a million-dollar payout? Don’t we all dream of that day when Lady Luck will come knocking on the door? Well, you can try spinning the reels of jackpot slots, and your money-spinning dreams might just come true!

Jackpot Win

Jackpot Win

8. Flexible Betting Range For All Players

When you think about a trip to Vegas, the amount of money you can spare for spending on the games is among the main determinants of whether you should take the trip, right?  Likewise, it’s easy to worry about the bankroll required for you to play some online casinos games. Table and card games like blackjack and poker will require rather high buy-in amounts to play, accompanied by having to put down more funds to wager on a hand.

On the flip side, the advantage of playing slots games online is that they give you more freedom on the size of wagers you can place. If the game allows it, you won’t have to activate every single paying line on the reels, meaning you’ll spend less on your wagers. Better yet, you can also control the number of coins you spend for betting on every line. Options are available for both high and low rollers.

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What is the difference between free online slots?

To understand the difference between various online slots machines, you’ll have to take a closer look at the game dynamics and bonus features of different titles. Based on that, some of the main types of slots include 3-reel slots, 5-reel slots, bonus slots, and progressive jackpot slots. Here’s a closer look at each type and the features that make them stand out against each other;

3-reel slots

These are also commonly referred to as classic slots. They are the truest replication of the physical one-armed bandit machine or pub fruit machines. As the name suggests, they come with three reels which you’ll spin over one, three, or five paying lines. It’s the simplest type of slots game to play especially for newbies or amateurs. Better yet, veterans of spinning reels also enjoy them occasionally whenever they thirst for a taste of the golden oldies.

Triple Diamond 3 reel slot

Triple Diamond 3 reel slot

The software developers who craft them keep them simple for authentic nostalgia of playing in a 19th Century land-based casino. Everything from the graphical interface to the sound effects carries a magnetic retro charm. The focus doesn’t major on any specific theme or storyline outside the traditional brick and mortar casino. A handful of regular symbols which often include fruits, bells, bars, 7s and maybe standard card icons are introduced to tie things up; just like on the old-style classic machines.

However, this does not automatically suggest that these 3-reel pokies are boring in one way or the other. While their interface is rather understated with laid-back color combinations and subtle patterns, the visuals are catchy enough to keep you hooked thanks to crystal clear graphics.

Video Slots

These make up the majority of online slots, and they come more vivid visuals and attractive sound effects. Compared to their classic counterparts, most come with at least five reels plus anything from nine to 100 paylines depending on the game. They have advanced features thanks to the state-of-the-art technology used to create graphics and characters that come to life as you play.

Under video slots, you’ll come across modern 3D variants which will give your naked eye the visual illusion of images moving (or leaping off) on your screen as you have fun. Other than having more electrifying visuals, video slot machines also come with more extravagant themes as we discussed earlier on. As a result, you not only spin the reels but you are taken through an experience that sweeps you off your feet, to add depth to the gameplay.

Additionally, most video slots come incorporated with features such as wilds, scatters, multipliers, and free spins. These features are available to boost not only the fun factor of the game but also increase your potential rewards. Thus, as you dive deeper into the gradually unfolding story on different levels, more cash is at stake, and you can bag more massive payouts at the end of it all.

Bonus slots

Bonus slots are distinguished by the integration of mini-games which are also referred to as in-game bonus rounds. The bonus round will be activated by specific symbols and combinations (usually wild and scatter icons) on an active pay line. Normally, the integrated bonus games are designed to complete the game theme with stunning sound effects and graphics that bring the slots to life.

They are carried out like mini arcade games, serving as a game within a game. In most cases, bonus slots offer free spins or multipliers to increase your eventual winnings by a given number of times. Sometimes, you’ll also find a ‘Gamble’ button which upon clicking. will launch a screen that offers you a chance to double your payout if you pick the right cards or icons.

Progressive slots with Jackpots

Progressive jackpot slots are by far the most celebrated types of online slots because they offer players the chance to win life-changing amounts of cash. With jackpots increasing to thousands of dollars and even millions of dollars, they are quite rewarding for the lucky players.

While regular jackpot prizes are fixed, for progressive titles, the potential payout increases with every wager that the game receives from different players. However, as tempting and attractive as the potential payout feels, ensure that you’ve understood all the necessary rules of playing the given slot; e.g., the icons that you must line up and the value of initial wagers per line you need to hit the maximum payout.

Online slots that don’t use traditional paylines

Did you know that there are slot machines that do not use the conventional paylines? Yes, thanks to the advancement of online gaming technology combined with the sheer creativity of software developers, you will be blown away by how online slots have changed.

Instead of using old-style paylines some slot machines now have winning ways while others use a grid system on the in-game layout. An excellent example of such a game is the Jammin’ Jars slot. Upon launch, you are welcomed to a remarkable 8×8 interface grid with 64 icons. To win, you have to combine clusters of between 5 and 25 symbols which will collapse to make room for more icons which will cascade in their place. Playing this game drifts you into a whole new world of playing slots, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before!

How to Win at Free Online Slots

Few things in online casinos can beat the joy of a winning payout at online casino slots. Unlike table and card games, you do not really need intricate strategies. You just need to understand how the icons, work, what they do, and the kind of arrangement you require to hit a win. As you know by now, most titles require you to line up at least three identical icons on one or more active payline, and you earn a few quick coins.

Better yet, since different icons have different value, you should aim at hitting the special game icons to rake in more returns. As a rule of thumb, you should note that the card game symbols in slots often have the lowest value followed by game themed icons, which include wilds and scatters. The scatter and wild are typically referred to as bonus icons, and through them, you can easily hit some remarkable rewards.

How paytables work in slots

Before you start playing any slot machine game online, it’s crucial that you go through the paytable. The paytable lists all the possible winning combinations as well as the expected payout for each depending on quantity coins that you wager. Therefore, going through this paytable before you start playing means that you’ll know precisely what symbols to aim at lining up if you want to hit it big.

Starburst Paytable

Starburst Paytable

Typically, to access this paytable on any game, hit the menu icon often labeled as a grid or question mark icon. There, you’ll also find the rules of playing the game and in-depth explanation of how special symbol in the game and how you can use them to your advantage.

Selecting your slots betting amount

Coins are often displayed in a shape similar to real money or casino chips. Each currency has a value stamped on it, such as $0.50 or $10. Therefore, you simply select the amount you are willing to spend by hitting the “+” button to increase or “–” button to decrease the value of your wager. Sometimes, you may have to click on specific bet sizes as set by default on a slide bar or under the game menu.

Startburst Coin Value and Level selection

Startburst Coin Value and Level selection

All in all, you are supposed to increase or decrease the size of your wagers, the rage usually starts from 0.01 to 100 per line. After setting this value, you’ll multiply it by the number of active paylines. For instance, if you pick a value of 50 on 5 active paylines, your initial wager will be 50×5, it means you’ll spend $250 on each round. And by the way, for high rollers, most games have a ‘Max Bet’ button which you can quickly press to place maximum wagers on each spin.

How slot paylines work

Slots paylines are the horizontal lines that begin from the left to the right reel or right to left. The winning combinations must line up along the lines for you to win in the particular slot game. Choosing more paylines typically implies a more substantial bet, and hitting more paylines trigger a larger win.

Starburst Paylines

Starburst Paylines

You may also be interested to know that in some video slots, the paylines are not fixed. This gives you a lot more flexibility on the amount you’re going to spend. To adjust the number of active paylines in a game with that option, there’s a “+” and “–” button to increase them accordingly.

How Wild Symbols Work in Free Online Slots

Wild symbols are some of the highest paying icons in free online slots. Wild symbols are characteristically used to substitute any other icon in on the reel to complete the winning combinations. For example, if you have two Bar icons on the first and second reel, a wild symbol on the third will complete the winning lineup and automatically earn you a payout. And thanks to the evolution of tech software used to create online slots, there are different types of wilds available today. They are;

Sticky Wild


This is a wild that stays stuck or frozen in its position for a couple of seconds until the reward filled session is complete

Heidis Bier Haus – Free to play and review

Walking Wild


A wild icon which switches its position after every new spin. These often lead to back to back bonus rewards

Jack and the Beanstalk – Free to play and review

Expanding Wild


This type expands to covers the entire reel

Starburst – Free to play and review

Multiplier Wild

A wild that grows the winning payout by a specific number of times.

Shifting Wild

In a way, this type of wild is similar to the sticky type because they stay on the reels for several spins. However, unlike the sticky kind, they don’t stay in the same position, they shift to different places on active paylines throughout the feature.

How scatter symbols work

Scatter symbols in free slots are normally not worth coins, but they trigger bonus features that are worth plenty of goodies. They are referred to as ‘scatter’ since they can appear in any part of the screen. You don’t have to land on a paying line to activate the bonus feature. Usually, the higher the number of scatters you receive, the better the advantages.

Jumanji Scatter Symbols

Jumanji Scatter Symbols

Scatters do activate bonus games, free spins, multipliers, plus numerous other benefits. The free spins you get you can extend them during the bonus round. The bonus features that comprise fewer symbols make it easier for you to land massive wins, including progressive jackpots.

How Online Slots Jackpots Work

Jackpot rewards depict the highest sum you can win in an online slot or any other casino game for that matter. Depending on how the jackpot sum is achieved, there are two main types of jackpots accessible in online slots. They are

Fixed Jackpots- a fixed jackpot is a type of jackpot where the set value will always remain the same irrespective of the number of wagers placed or last time the jackpot was won. The worth of most fixed jackpots ranges around 5,000 credits. They aren’t ordinarily big draws and are comparatively easier to hit.

Progressive jackpots- these are jackpots that will keep on increasing in value with each qualifying wager placed and will carry on growing until a player wins the amount. Many progressive jackpots are worth around $8,000-$20,000. However, certain jackpots such as Megabucks or Mega Moolah can be worth millions of dollars.

Though there have been lots of huge slots winners over the years, some of the biggest progressive slot machine jackpots in history include:

  1. One of the biggest payouts for the Mega Moolah slot was on October 6, 2015. A 26-year old soldier known as John Heywood spent 25p per spin. He hit the largest progressive jackpot in history, worth more than 18 million dollars.
  2. In May 2013 a New Zealand local won $943,971 playing Royal Vegas via his mobile device.
  3. On June 17, 2016, 27-year-old Rawiri Pau a KFC worker in Matamata bagged $10 million from playing a progressive online slot. He had initially hit a $1,500 payout but rolled it over for higher pay!
  4. The latest winner of Mega Moolah is another Kiwi (The fourth winner who has hit the jackpot from New Zealand) decided to stay anonymous after he hit NZ $8,331,262 back in May 2018.

Basic Free Online Slots Strategy

To be successful when playing online slots machines, knowledge is power. Despite the fact that slots games are random and reliant on luck, you can maximize your chances of winning if you follow some basic strategies. Some of the most practical tips to boost your winning are as follows:

Free Slots RTP and Variance

In case you don’t really know what RTP (Return to player) means, well, think about it this way; every time you spin the reels of the game there is the portion of the cash that you win, and there’s the percentage that goes to the house. Thus, as the name suggests, the RTP is the sum of your spent money that you are likely to receive when you play and is often represented in percentile.

Take, for example, a game with a 98% RTP; it theoretically means that for every $100 you spend, you are likely to get $98 of your cash back. Therefore, the higher the RTP, the more chances you have to receive better your payouts. As such, the smartest move is picking slot games with higher RTPs.

Variance, on the other hand, is the value of the risk that comes with playing a given slot game. It mostly defines the amount and frequency of wins you expect in each playing session. Sometimes, the variance is also referred to as volatility. For example, if you play high variance games, it will be rather hard to land a winning combo, but when you do win, it will most likely be a massive payout. On the flip side, if a slot has low variance, you frequently earn payouts, but then, they payouts are typically rather small! So, before you decide to play any slot, you must consider both factors.

Overdue Progressive Jackpots

Every so often, jackpots are paid out almost the same time since the last payout. For this reason, in case you get a slots jackpot that is overdue, it may perhaps be smart to bet on that particular jackpot. Why so? This is because the overdue jackpot is bound to pay in the near future.

Manage your bankroll

One of the best and most vital pieces of advice concerning how to manage your bankroll is to set your budget before you start betting. Make sure you’ve decided on the maximum amount of cash you’re ready to spend before you start spinning the reels. Once you reach the set amount, stop betting even when you’re on a winning or losing streak. Never should you wager what you can’t afford to lose.

Make Use of The Various Free Online Slots Bonuses Offered by The Casino

Nearly all casinos in the United States will provide players with bonuses that you can use to boost both your bankroll and payouts. By far, the best rewards for spinning reels online are usually deposit bonuses. Given that free slots games have a substantial payback of around 95%, deposit promotions will most likely put you in a better position to beat the house.

How to play slots?

Almost all slot machine share the same basic strategy, but with some different variations and story lines. Make sure to read the slot guide and instructions before you start playing.

How to win online slots?

Most slots require you to line up at least three identical icons on one or more active payline. The card game symbols often have the lowest value followed by game themed icons, which include wilds and scatters.

Where can i play online slots?

In the US, most of the online casino sites offer a variety of slot machines to choose from, both with real and play money. You can also find a big collections of free to play slot games in our online slot section at CasinoTalk.

What does RTP mean?

RTP is short for Return To Player, which simply indicates how much of the spent money will be returned to the player. For instance, a game with a 98% RTP theoretically means that for every $100 you spend, you are likely to get $98 of your cash back.