About CasinoTalk

Since the repeal of the online gambling prohibiting laws in 2018, the US online casino market is expected to grow exponentially. This means that consumers will be exposed to a growing number of online casinos and online gambling opportunities.


CasinoTalk’s mission is to guide players to make educated decisions while gambling for real money online in the US. This is carried out by providing our visitors with relevant news, online casino reviews from independent casino experts and daily updates on promotions and bonus offers, along with updated guides on all US legislative regulations for every state.

CasinoTalk features exclusively legal and licensed US online casino operators, which for us is an important standpoint in order to provide the best experience for our visitors.

For players that are interested in starting to gamble for real money online, we provide guides and strategies for every major casino game in order to give the player the best chance to have a thrilling experience in the casino environment. By sourcing these guides from individual casino experts we make sure that the guides are both suitable for beginners and useful for intermediate players who are looking for some refreshing tips and tricks.

Advertising Disclosure

CasinoTalk is an independently owned and operated business, not directly affiliated with any US casino, which is why we can provide our visitors with independent and accurate news and reviews.

However, our revenues to run this site come from advertising partnerships with regulated US online casino operators. In some cases, when you visit a regulated online casino via the links available on CasinoTalk.com, we may receive financial compensation from the casino. We may also sell advertising space to various partners, where the following advertiser policy applies:

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