How to Play Roulette | Roulette Rules

Roulette is an exciting and thrilling game with easy to comprehend rules. Being one of the most popular casino games, you will probably run into the game multiple times in your life. We will take you through both the roulette rules and how to play the game.

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Roulette Rules

Place your bets


1. A roulette round stars when the dealer announces ‘Place your bets’.  Players will then start placing their bets. The dealer (also known as a croupier)will then throw the ball into the roulette wheel. Bettors can still bet while the ball is rolling in the wheel, until it starts to slow down.

No more bets

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2. When the ball is rolling and almost losing its velocity, you’ll hear the croupier announce: “No more bets.” When you hear such an announcement, it means that bettors aren’t allowed to place any more bets.

Winning number


3. When the ball stops the motion and falls on one of the numbers, a marker will be placed on the layout over the winning number. The dealer will then start paying the winning bets. Bets that are considered to have won are either straight-up bets, bets on color, or section bets. The payout amount is determined by the payout ratio of the type of bet.

How to Play Roulette

While playing this type of game may seem easy, there are important aspects to consider first. Roulette is not just about picking a color such as black or red or a given number, betting on it, and waiting to see what happens. While this is the essence of playing roulette, there is more to that than placing chips and getting paid. Roulette rules extend to the following aspects:

  • How to deal with other players at your table
  • How to  acquire chips
  • Means of determining the value of chips
  • The best time to bet
  • How to beat a bet
  • When to stop betting
  • When to resume betting
  • What happens when you win or lose

The following is a detailed explanation of roulette rules players need to be aware of before wagering their hard-earned cash on several bets.

Acquiring Roulette Chips

Looking at a majority of casinos, you’ll notice that the colorful roulette chips aren’t the same as those that are used in other table games. But again, such regular chips can still be used at roulette. Some European casinos have chips that are exactly the same as those that are used in other games but luckily, the dealers are a bit sharp to ensure that players’ bets aren’t mixed up.

The moment you arrive at your chosen table, you will be required to put your cash on the table when a game is between decisions. Thereafter, you will have to ask your dealer the worth of every roulette chip. The dealer will indicate the amount of his or her “wheel” of chips before parceling your chips back to you. Here, they will now have in place the value that you intend them to have.

When to Place a Wager

The moment you cash in, you’ll see a cylinder-shaped object with a round neck placed on the layout. It is called a marker. The marker indicates the number that got hit on the previous decision. Immediately the dealer removes it, the betting round begins. Mostly, players get to make their individual bets though the dealers will offer assistance to those who find it hard placing a bet of their choice.

How to Bet

In case you are betting or placing a straight up bet, all you have to do is to place your chip(s) on the number indicated on the layout. But in case you are wagering on any of the proposition bets located on the outside section of the layout such as even-money bets of black or red, high or low, or odd and even, you will be required to place them right on the proposition. Remember, even-money bets pay 1-to-1.

The first, second and third dozen in addition to the first, second, and third column will require a player to place his or her bet on the proposition. The bets pay 2-to-1. The following encompasses other types of bets and where players can place them in addition to how much they pay in the event of a win.

When to Stop Betting

Your dealer will continue spinning the wheel while bets get placed. However, it will reach a time when he’ll wave his hand on top of the layout and announce, “No more bets.” If you hear such a statement, then it means that there is no placing of more bets any more. Sadly, if you are the last-minute bettor and place your better after the announcement, the dealer has the right to disqualify your bets. In some cases, the dealer will return the chips if placed after the announcement.

How to Play Roulette With Other Players at Your Table

The roulette game is played by players of all kinds. Therefore, it isn’t unusual to share a table with nuisance players who may sometimes shove your bets. If you notice such a happening, it is appropriate you notify the dealer. If it happens for the second time it would be better if you would consider the following three choices:

  1. You can ask spoiler to place the bets in a less aggressive manner.
  2. Ask your dealer to stop them. It is your right as a player to do so. The dealer might utter something to them, and if you are lucky, it will work.
  3. If the above two choices fail to work, shift to another table.

What Takes Place After You Win

In the event that a certain number or color hits, the dealer will then call out the number or the color. The dealer will proceed to place the marker on the number, and then clear the table of the entire losing bets. Thereafter, the croupier will proceed to pay the winning bets

When to Resume Betting Again

As long as the marker continues to stay on the winning bet, no more betting can take place. But immediately the winning bets are paid out, and the croupier will remove the marker, and players are free to resume placing their bets. At this point, you may hear the croupier say something like “You may now place your bets.”

If you carefully adhere to all rules above, rest assured of an unforgettable roulette experience. Throughout its existence for over centuries, roulette has always been fun playing. If you have never tried it before, this is the right time to try it, and the chances are that you’ll find it fun and exciting.


  • The look and display of numbers on the European wheel and the American wheel differ.
  • The single-zero wheel has 37 numbers while the double-zero wheel has 38 numbers.
  • The house edge on the single-zero wheel is somewhat smaller than that on the double-zero wheel.
  • The house edge on the American double-zero wheels can go to 7.89% down from 2.63%. The standard house edge on the American is 5.26%
  • The house edge on the European single-zero wheels can reach 2.70% down from 1.35%. 2.70% is the normal house edge on the European game.
  • In terms of superiority, the European game is somewhat superior to the American one.

How To Play Different Types of Online Roulette

As a roulette enthusiast attempting to play online, your desire is to have the same experience as a player placing wagers in land-based casinos. You want your bets to pay the same as those in land-based casinos and not a mockup of the game.

Based on the above explanation, there are two common types of online roulette games that you may come across. They include the games run by a random number generator (RNG) and those involving real dealers.

Random number generator roulette

Also known as RNG in short, this is a type of computer program that randomly selects several number sequences translated by a “machine” for bettors to understand the occurring results. The RNG can’t be manipulated by huge tips or an attempt to engage in criminality.

RNGs are used in many online casinos to control poker and slot machines and constantly run regardless of whether such machines are in use or not. Every losing or winning result gets dictated by RNG.


The odds of RNG roulette games are exactly the same as those of standard roulette games. If you bet on the American double-zero game, the house edge will be 5.26% and 2.70% on the European single-zero game. Just like land-based casinos, payoffs on winning bets are 35 to 1.


  • RNG determines the results of every spin and these outcomes are random, just like the randomness of roulette games.
  • Just like in standard roulette games, all probabilities and odds are the same.


Players opting for RNG games often encounter a number of challenges, the biggest concern being the speed of the game. Here, decisions have to be made fast as soon as the first bet is placed. In fact, a majority of them won’t allow the “ball” spin often around the wheel as it would on a regular game. This is something to be cautious about.

Here, you really need to be cautious as you can become emotionally numb when playing online. Online roulette gambling is fast and for you to feel that delightful anticipatory feeling; you may need to up your speed. In short, caution is the word here.

Live dealer online roulette

Nowadays, lots of online casinos have live casino games. With the live roulette, you’ll be dealing with a real live dealer on a studio spinning an actual roulette ball on a real wheel while announcing winners. With the live roulette, you have a chance of seeing a real ball spin round the wheel, jump all over the pockets before landing on one of them – an actual real game!

A majority of European and American wheels dish out live games. If possible, play European games the most since they have a high RTP. Also, whenever possible, bet on games that have the option of surrender or en prison, especially on even-money wagers.


Most people find it a little bit challenging as to whether they should play real games or RNG games. If you prefer slot machines, then you are better off with an RNG roulette game. However, most roulette players prefer real dealers, actual layouts, and real wheels. They want to experience the real feel of the game, just like in a brick and mortar set-up.


If you intend to play a RNG game, ensure that the payouts and the odds are the same as those you expect to find in brick-and-mortar casinos. You need to be vigilant as the speed of online roulette (live or RNG) can turn out to be disastrous. The fast speed may compel you to make a lot of fast decisions.

Word of advice: if an online game is appealing than the ones you find in land-based casinos, you can opt to play. But if the game isn’t appealing, just walk away.


  • All types of betting strategies can be employed in these games, such as advantage-play techniques.


Just like land-based roulette casino games, online roulette games do not require special strategies and techniques to play. If the game is the same, then the systems are also the same. If you so wish, you can use the advantage-play techniques to play online roulette just like you would in land-based casinos.


  • When playing live online roulette games where you are dealing with a live dealer, the experience is the same as that of a land-based casino.
  • You can use several strategies discussed here but don’t fall into the trap of making too many decisions.


How to play roulette?

Roulette is a very simple game. You place your bet on the roulette table that has the numbers 0-36 printed on it. Your bet can take many different forms and combinations. The croupier then throws a small ball into the spinning roulette wheel, which lands in one of the slots 0-36. Where the ball lands decides if your bet has won or lost. If you lose, the dealer takes your bet. If you win, the dealer adds your winnings to your bet, and you get the full amount back.

What takes place when surrender is accepted by a casino?

It reduces the house edge by half at the game. The dealer will take half your bet and return the other half. You only lose half your bet.

How is an online account created? Again, what’s the greatest pitfall for online roulette players?

To open an account, deposit money using any of the payment methods that the online casino offers. The greatest pitfall for online roulette players is the speed of the game. Additionally, such speeds can increase the total amount of money a player wagers.

What are the characteristics of a genuine casino? And what composes a real game of roulette over the internet?

A good testimonial from an existing customer and fast processing of payouts are qualities of a good casino. On the other hand, a real game over the internet comprises of live dealers, wheels, and layouts.

Are the online roulette odds the same as the ones in a land-based casino?

Yes, the online roulette odds and payout amounts are the same as the ones in a brick and mortar establishment.

What is the meaning of RNG? And must the odds be the same on an RNG game?

RNG is a computer program that selects number sequences randomly in a casino or slot machine. The odds on an RNG roulette game should be the same as those of normal roulette games.