Free Bet Blackjack – Game Rules and Best Strategies

March 8, 2021


Free Bet Blackjack is a fantastic variant to the popular online blackjack. While it is similar to the traditional blackjack game, it features quite some significant differences to the original game. Among the main differences is the fact that the house or wagering platform usually pays the player’s bet allowing them to double down and split. This could result in a maximum of 7 free bets per hand should the player split thrice, with double down opportunities on all three splits. 

Freebet Blackjack gives bettors the chance to land huge wins while taking very little risk. The only thing here is that just as is the case with blackjack rules, there is usually a trade-off tied to these wins. In our read today, we’ll take you through all matters Free Bet Blackjack, including how to play the game, some strategies for better gameplay as well as some FAQs about the game.  

How to Play Free Bet Blackjack

These are the main bullet points you need to be aware of before getting started playing free bet blackjack:

1 Place your wager

In blackjack free bet, the hand starts when a player makes a wager. Here, you will need to place your wager in the circle that is right in front of you. Usually, the minimum bet amount is anything between $5 and $10.

2 Receive two cards

Upon successfully wagering, both the dealer and the player receive two cards each. One of the cards from the dealer is placed facing up; in case a player has a card valued ten and an ace is said to have a blackjack, which is normally paid out immediately, unless in the case where the dealer too has a blackjack (which usually is a push).

3 Beneficial payouts

In Free Bet Blackjack, most casinos usually pay 6-to-5 for any natural. What this means is that for each $5 wagered, the bettor will win $6. A 3-to-2 payout means that the player gets $3 for each $2 that is wagered. In this game, all the action starts with the first player from the dealer and takes a clockwise fashion.

4 Consider your options

The main options in Free Bet Blackjack include a hit, a stand or a double down. Notable, surrender is not an option in this variation of the traditional blackjack. Whenever a player hits, one card is usually added to the hand. The bettor can then continue hitting until that particular hand goes beyond 21, which is referred to as busting. Any hand that busts translates to a loss automatically.

5 Hits, Stands & Double Downs

A stand happens when a bettor is okay with the point totals accrued, and they don’t want additional cards. In a double down, the wager is usually doubled, and the bettor is given just a single card. It is only allowed on the 1st pair, and the house usually covers the wager in case the count is nine, ten or eleven. In a double down, the player should keep the card given without drawing any additional cards.

Free Bet Blackjack Strategy

If a bettor has a qualifying card pair, they may opt to split. A split basically means that a hand becomes two, with each stack receiving a single card for completion. After the split, the options then start again, with the stand, hit, split and double down all being offered. The only exception happens in the case where a bettor splits aces. In this case, the hand can’t be hit, but it could be split yet again. As soon as all the bettors have acted, the dealer then goes ahead to expose the platform’s down cad.

The house stands if it has 18 and above and the dealer hits if the house has 16 or lower. An ace any other cards that total to 6 leads to the dealer hitting soft. A dealer’s hard hit can lead to the house standing or a bust. Any hand that stands at 23 or above leads to the dealer busting. If the dealer stands at 22, all players push. As soon as the dealer acts, the players’ hands are compared to the dealer’s. 

Any bettor who has more points than the dealer will win some even money. If the bettor and the dealer’s points are the same, the hand then pushes. What this means is that the player gets their wager back, as though the hand never actually happened. The house wins if the dealer has more points than the player.

Additional strategies to win in Free Bet Blackjack:

  • Take up free splits on all pairs except fives (those should be doubled) and ten-valued cards (these are usually not free)
  • Any time you are dealt with a nine, ten or eleven, be sure to take up the free double-down
  • In a hard hand, stand when you hit 12 against the dealer, except when you have five or six
  • In a dealer’s two through six, stand against them on 16, 15 or 14
  • Be sure to stand on all your hard hands at 17; it does not matter what card the dealer will show
  • At 13 through to 15, always be sure to hit that soft hand
  • Whenever you have a two, three, four, seven or eight, be sure to stand soft

These are some of the basics when it comes to free bet blackjack strategies. A recommendable addition would be to study a blackjack strategy chart.

How is Free Bet Blackjack Different from traditional Blackjack?

Free Bet Blackjack does not differ from the traditional blackjack game in many ways. The most notable difference is that with Free Bet Blackjack, a bettor usually gets some free double downs and splits from the house. In addition to this, the free bet blackjack odds tend to be better.

Can several free draws and splits happen on one hand?

Yes they can. For instance, if a bettor has a pair of eights, the first split to the game is usually free. If other eights are dealt, the bettor is awarded another free split.

What is the one downside of Free Bet Blackjack?

The downside to Free Bet Blackjack is that the dealer usually pushes the bettor to the left if the platform makes 22. It becomes a loss if a hand is busted before the dealer draws.

Where can I play Free Bet Blackjack?

There are a handful of platforms that offer this fantastic game. Most casinos offer a 6-to-5 payout, while others work with the 3-to-2 option. Be sure to look for a provider that is licensed, reputable and has legal operations.

Can I win real money with Free Bet Blackjack?

Yes. This fun game features double downs and free splits that could translate into huge wins in the case where the hands that are receiving actually qualify.