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In Which State Can I Bet Legally In The USA

Circumstances that surrounded online casino and sports betting in the US were perhaps one of the best examples of the need to have an elaborate structure guiding gambling in the 21st century.

For a number of reasons, these circumstances were the reason why operators and software providers were having a difficult time offering US players with the legitimate casino gaming experience.
However, all this changes on May 14, 2018 when SCOTUS ruled 6:3 in favour

of the state of New Jersey, who were pushing for the abolition of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) of 1992. This was a bill signed into law by President Bush in 1992 and made it illegal for states to offer sports betting services. With the ruling on May 14, 2018, it meant that the federal government no longer had the mandate in meddling with what individual states offer as far as sports betting and online casino gaming. This effectively paved way for online casino and sports betting services in the US.


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Which States Have Legalized Online Casino Gaming and Sports Betting?

It’s now one year since SCOTUS allowed individual states to have their own sports betting laws. So far, seven states (including Washington D.C) are expected to legalize sports betting and online casino gaming before the end of the year; several other states are preparing bills to allow for online sports betting and casino gaming and eight are taking bets, including the states of New Jersey and Philadelphia.


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In what states can I play online casino?

Right now you can play online casino in two states, New Jersey and Pennsylvania

How do I start playing casino games online?

In our casino reviews you'll find information on how to register and start playing.

Where To Play The Best US Online Casinos

We’ve built long term relationships with some of the biggest brands in the industry. By brands, we mean casino operators who offer legitimate services to US players. In doing this, we have exclusive, inside access to the latest trends, developments, new casino game launches, and most importantly, new promotions and bonus codes in the industry. This partnership with multiple cream of the crop players in the industry means that we will always be bringing you all the best offers available, before anyone else.

Furthermore, we scour the internet on a daily basis searching for legitimate bonus and promotional codes to give you the edge. We hadn’t mentioned this before, but we are not just passive fans, we are a team of active casino gamer who obsess over the trappings of online casino gaming and we are devoted to sharing the fun.

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Our casino reviews outline the best sites to visit if you want to enjoy your favourite game. If you are new to the industry, we will also give you useful information on what to look at when picking a site. We’ve gone a step further to recommend only the best US casino sites for you to visit.

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The US online casinos boast an incredible selection of more than 1,000 slots. This is because slot machines at the land based and online casinos are the most played games. Their popularity across the gambling industry can be attributed to the fact that these spinners guarantee to excite, thrill and reward everyone who opt to partake in playing them.

At CasinoTalk, we will help you choose a game that suits your preference. Whether you prefer hunting the life changing progressive jackpots; enjoy playing the cinematic video slots games and watch as the engrossing storylines unfold or simply prefer playing the classic three reeled slots, you can count on us to give you only useful information to help you get off to a winning start.

Software Providers Reviews

The type of software provider that an online casino partners with is one of the most important aspects of the site’s identity. In addition to determining the site’s functionality, the games offered at the site are also dependent on the software provider the casino has opted to partner with. This means that online casinos that have teamed up with top software providers will offer games that are more thrilling and rewarding to play.

At CasinoTalk, it’s our sole responsibility to guide the American casino player through the ‘best’, ‘top’ or ‘reliable’ software providers. We have the obligation to tell you which company can be relied on and what games it has to offer. This is why we’ve included reviews to a number of software providers for you to have a look at.

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