What is the Cage?

February 2, 2022

Cage is a casino term that has two meanings. These two meanings are different, but players will not have any trouble separating one from another, even if they are new and have no idea about casino jargon. 

In casino terms, the cage or birdcage describes a cage-like metallic object which is used to play Chuck-a-luck or rolling the dice in a game of craps.

The above description was common in earlier times but now a cage is something quite different. Apart from vaults and safes, the cage describes a place where cashiers in land-based casinos store money. 

These cages ensure all the money is safe and secure. Mostly, players identify these cages as a place where you exchange your money for gaming chips or coins.

What does the Cage Cashier Do?

A cage cashier is a person inside the cage who is responsible for carrying out different monetary tasks. These tasks can include exchanging real cash with gambling machine vouchers, performing bookkeeping tasks, and giving change. In most US states, a specific license is essential to hold the post of cage cashier.

Duties for cage cashiers might go beyond the simple casino exchanges. Depending on the casino, cage cashiers can be in charge of handling credit checks on a certain customer and processing credit cash advances. 

In most cases, such transactions need tax reporting paperwork if the cash goes beyond a certain limit. Cage cashiers have to ensure that all chips and credit slips are accounted for at the end of a shift.

Cash at Casino Cage US Gambling

The US states that have legalized online gaming require regulated and licensed online casinos to partner with licensed brick and mortar casinos. This gives players a chance to use the cage cashier services to withdraw and deposit funds in their accounts. Such an arrangement is legal since there are no payment processors or banks involved in the transactions.

Using casino cages as a payment option is secure, private, convenient, and relatively fast. Furthermore, these cages have no transactions fees and security is guaranteed. This method is casino-friendly that can be managed either online or offline. Almost all online casinos in New Jersey have a select land-based casino with the cage as a payment option.

Is there a casino cage in online casinos?

For obvious reasons there are no such thing as a physical casino cage in an online casino. The equivalent for a casino cage in an online casino would be to deposit and withdrawal funds using your bank account, credit card any other online payment method.

A good way to learn more about what kind of payment methods that online casinos tend to offer, read the online casino reviews for Caesars Online Casino and Fanduel Online Casino.

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