2021’s Best Online Casinos for PayPal

February 27, 2021


It would be best to use an online casino that offers seamless, swift, and secure payments. Online casinos that accept PayPal are the most ideal option for fast payments. Currently, they are very popular, and most online casinos have chosen PayPal as one of the banking methods for casino deposits and withdrawals.

However, there are still differentiating features in their performances. Our in-depth review will provide useful insight into some of the leading online casinos using PayPal in 2021. Here we seek for the online casino offering real money and PayPal payment as their method of transactions. They are the best based on their high reputation, secure transactions, awards, legality, safe play and fast payout.

Our Best Rated PayPal Casinos

PayPal casino in 2021 options has been some of the fastest, easiest, and safest to go to places across the globe, with more players choosing them as their preferred betting platforms. since PayPal is very renowned, there is an array of online sites that are accepting it as a payment method, with more sites being added to the list.

Below are our favorite top PayPal casino online platforms:

Why PayPal?

Not only is PayPal one hundred percent free to use, but it also makes an incredibly safe and secure platform where players can go about their transactions with absolute peace of mind.

There is no particular point where any casino PayPal provider will have access to your personal financial information. In terms of payments, PayPal is extremely swift, with both deposits and withdrawals being processed in no time. Almost all deposits are instantaneous while withdrawals take just a couple of hours to complete.


Feel free to gamble online with PayPal, seeing as their security measures are on a whole new level. User data is stored in systems that are far from connected to the internet, and all transactions are encrypted fully and stored in a digital vault (behind firewalls) that only authorized personnel from PayPal can access.

However, players are still encouraged to play their part in making sure that their information is always safe and secure. They can do this by ensuring that all the software they use is updated and that they do not carry out transactions over Wi-Fi connections that are unsecured.

Online Slots PayPal

Ask any serious gambler, and they will be quick to mention that online slots PayPal casinos are an absolute favorite. Slots happen to be among the leading online casino games when it comes to frequency of gameplay, with millions of gamblers visiting PayPal slots every single day. PayPal Slots come in two different types: Video slots and classic slots. 


The classic online slot machines real money PayPal options include the simple 3-reel games with symbols such as lucky 7’s and fruits. Video casino slots PayPal on the other hand, are more advanced. They come in an array of themes, graphic solutions, and game symbols. Most of these slots are based on comic books, popular movies, and music bands, just to ensure that each player’s unique tastes are well taken care of. 

How to make a deposit at PayPal Casinos

Step by step guide on how to deposit with PayPal at an online casino

Making a deposit at any legit online casino PayPal provider is not complicated at all. The steps below should work for any online casinos that take PayPal as a payment method:

1 Set up a PayPal Account

The first step is registering with PayPal. Usually, this does not take anything more than ten minutes; you will only need to provide a valid email address, then create a username and password. Be sure that the password you choose is strong in security to avoid being a target by phisher companies.

2 Link your PayPal account to your bank account

PayPal works by using your bank account for all its online payments. This is also the only available option when a player wants to top up their accounts. Head over to your balance sheet, then click on ‘Add Money’. Next, click on the ‘Link a new bank’ option. Provide your banking details then key in the amount of money you’d like to top up your PayPal account with.

3 Identity Verification

If you are topping up your PayPal account for the first time, you will need to top up your account. Failure to do so will lead to you having to work with numerous withdrawal limits, especially for new PayPal casino providers.

Account verification is not hard; you only need to verify your bank account, credit or debit card and you are good to go! The only other thing you will need to provide is your billing address; a copy of your ID is not necessary.

4 Find your most preferred PayPal casino

There are so many online casinos that accept PayPal deposits, but you will need to do a little bit of research before you can settle on any. However, our list above has some amazing picks that you could choose from.

5 Register at your casino of choice

As soon as you settle on a leading PayPal casino in 2021, sign up for an account with them. Create a unique username and password then proceed to verify your email address.

6 Get depositing

Here, you only need to visit the casino’s banking section then choose PayPal as the preferred deposit method. Key in your PayPal email address and the amount you’d like to deposit. If it is your first time to deposit, be sure to check if there are any bonuses and promotions. 

How to withdraw money from PayPal Casinos

Step by step guide on how to withdraw money from an online casino using PayPal

Making a withdrawal with PayPal is not complicated. However, most withdrawals are not as instantaneous as deposits. Additionally, some come at a fee, the details which you’d need to check with your provider of choice. 

1 Check your eligibility

This is especially true for first-time players. If there is any bonus that you might have redeemed, making a withdrawal can take some time given that there are some play-through requirements that you will need to meet.

In most cases, players need to wager anything between ten to fifty times the total bonus amount before they can proceed to withdraw their funds. To reduce the waiting period, choose a provider that has fewer play-through requirements. To check eligibility, just log in to your casino account and verify whether or not you can make a withdrawal before proceeding to the next step.

2 Claim your withdrawal

In your casino account, visit the ‘Withdrawals’ page and claim at least one withdrawal. Key in the amount that you would like to withdraw while ensuring that it is not more than your account balance. 

3 Enter your PayPal email address

This right here happens to be the most important step of the entire process. Be very careful, seeing as misspelling the email address could lead the casino to send the funds to a different account. Double-check to ensure that the email address is correct before you can continue to click on ‘Claim’ or ‘Continue’


What online casino takes PayPal?

There are several online casinos such as Golden Nugget Casino, Sugar House Casino and Virgin Casino.

What is the best online casino for US players?

US players can use CryptoReels Casino for the best amazing experience. However, there are many more PayPal Casino USA options that they can consider.

Is a PayPal casino a safe payment method?

Yes, it is very safe and you can deposit and withdraw cash through your bank accounts.

How fast are PayPal deposits and withdrawals?

The payments through deposits are instant. PayPal Casino withdrawals, on the other hand, take a couple of hours.

Can I use PayPal as a payment for a casino?

Yes, once you sign up and verify your currency you can make payments.