What does drop percentage mean?

November 25, 2021

If you are a sports enthusiast and you enjoy placing bets on your favorite teams, especially in American football, you may have come across the term “drop percentage”. It is not something that's hard to understand. However, it is something that you may need to take into account when you have a favorite player, and you want to bet on him.

What is the drop percentage in football?

The drop percentage is a statistic calculated from the number of times a receiving player drops the ball, in comparison with how many times they catch a pass. In other words, it calculates how many times the player drops a pass that should have been within their grasp. The drop percentage helps in understanding the success score of a receiver. It gives you an idea of many times he catches or drops the ball. The lower the percentage, the better the receiver that player is.

Does it measure the misses?

Yes, the drop percentage measures the misses. It is a subjective statistic though. In general, it calculates the misses that should not have happened. But, always under normal circumstances. To be more specific, it is about the clear misses. For example, when the receiver is open and catches the ball, but he is not able to keep control of it.

Does the drop percentage affect sports betting?

The drop percentage is not an official statistic. However, it may affect sports betting. That is, when you are a sports bettor, you take into account all sorts of things in order to be more sure of the game's outcome. One of these things is the drop percentage. You may find information about it online in forums, or by talking with fellow bettors at your local sports betting venue. In any case, it is something helpful to consider when placing a bet.

Gus Anderson
Gus Anderson is a gambling wizard. As a kid he dreamt about becoming a Tennis, Hockey and Golf professional but ended up as a gambling professional with focus on both sports & casino.