Gun Lake Casino prepares to commence $300 million 'Aquadome' project

May 20, 2022

Michigan's Gun Lake Casino has officially started the construction on a $300 million expansion project consisting of a 15-story resort equipped with the "Aquadome".

Leaders of the casino and Match-E-Be-Nash-She-Wish Band of Pottawatomi Indians, commonly known as Gun Lake Tribe, held a groundbreaking ceremony at Gun Lake Casino in Wayland on Thursday, May 19, 2022.

During the occasion, Gun Lake Casino CEO, Salvatore Semola, gave several details about the expansion project that is first announced in April 2021.

"This expansion will begin the transformation of the Gun Lake Casino to become a Gun Lake Casino resort," Semola said.

"With our expanding variety of entertainment options, which are designed to broaden our geographic reach, this will result in significant economic benefit throughout the region."

The CEO also added his company's vision for the people of Wayland once the project is completed."The highlight will be a truly unique and versatile entertainment venue we refer to as the Aquadome. This venue will surely become a must-see attraction for all to experience," he said.

Resort-style Aquadome

Upon the first announcement last year, the resort project was said to include a 32,000 square foot, six-story Aquadome attributed with multiple pools inside its facility.

With a wide area granted upon it, the Aquadome will have three sections which are able to be used for several functions, such as a concert venue. As an entertainment stage, the Aquadome will have the capacity to host events of up to 2,400 attendants.

The facility will turn its third section, which is the VIP area, into a nightclub starting in the evening. In summary, one pool will be designated for adults aged 21 and older, a second pool for families, and a third for VIP guests.

Meanwhile, the resort itself will have 252 rooms and 30 suites, with its top two floors featuring a two-story suite and living space. All facilities are expected to be completed in the span of three years and be launched in March 2025.

Clark Construction to continue working with tribes

Clark Construction Senior Vice President, Allen Blower, acknowledges the project to become a โ€œsignificant contributorโ€ to the economic development of the Grand Rapids and Southwest Michigan regions.

Bowler claimed that around 200 people will work on the project each day. In addition, more than 15,000 direct and indirect jobs will also be opened before the completion of the project.

Officials from the tribe and casino have estimated the project to have a $650 million economic impact.

In addition, Semola said this expansion project "will not be the last" from the tribal casino.

"I canโ€™t share with you whatโ€™s in store for the future, the only thing I can tell you is the best is yet to come," said Semola. "None of us have experienced anything like what weโ€™re seeing today, whether itโ€™s material costs rising or some of the material being on a delayed timeline.

"We have to take a look at our timeline in terms of when we bring in and order material and equipment differently to make sure we have enough time. It continues to be volatile and we continue to monitor it. We look at pricing and whatโ€™s going on around the world in the economy every day."

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