What Are Comp Points?

November 23, 2021

Comp points are commonly associated with online casinos' loyalty rewards. They clearly refer to points that players can earn while playing casino games. Betting sites give these points as a way to reward their most loyal customers. Since the points are free, they are complementary, which is where the term 'comp points' comes from.

Some land-based casinos frequently reward their players with 'comps' if they continue to gamble. The purpose is to keep the players seated at the table and play more. These comps can range from an additional drink on the house to free parking.

This comprehensive article will explain all the essential things you need to know about comp points and how they work. So keep reading to learn more.

Comp Points at Online Casinos

Since online casinos cannot provide their players with an additional drink or free parking, they use alternative methods to reward their customers. Obviously, their ultimate goal is to extract more money from players, and there is no better way to accomplish this than to make them feel valued.

Online casinos offer comp points as part of their loyalty scheme, where the more a player wagers on any casino game, the more points they accumulate. When a player accumulates a significant number of points with one online casino, it often becomes difficult to switch things up and join another casino. This is especially true since they will begin at the new casino with no comp points.

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Comp Points Terms and Conditions

Every online casino has its set of rules and regulations regarding comp points. However, most of them allow players to exchange their comp points for bonus cash to use on casino games. This bonus cash can, of course, be converted into real money if the player is successful in a particular game.

Other casinos reward their best customers by holding competitions that are only open to players with several comp points. This is a special incentive for online poker players who seek high comp point games because they frequently offer large cash prizes to the winner.

Only a few casinos allow players to exchange their comp points directly for real money. Some betting sites allow players to exchange comp points for merchandise or other bonus offers.


This guide has explained the essential things to know about comp points. Remember that these points are part of casino loyalty schemes and can lead to good rewards. So why not check out some of our recommended online casinos for the best comp points.

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