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AGS's classic Goddess Treasures Slot Machine is a fun video slot to play from their stable. The developer is popular for its high-quality online slots, and it has done so again! Looking at the basics of slot machine gaming, AGS themed the slot machine game after the goddess of wisdom, Athena. Goddess Treasures’ grand jackpot of 100,000 is on offer on this online slot machine game, which has 50 paylines and 5 reels. 

A Fortune Blast round with four different jackpots is one of the special features, as is a three spin pick bonus. Launched in February 2021, AGS decorated the slot machine of Goddess Treasures with immaculate symbols of Athena's owl and pantheon. Outstanding features of Goddess Treasures gallery's paying symbols include laurel wreaths, scrolls, and a Roman helmet. Goddess Treasures transports you to Ancient Greece through its visually vibrant graphics that appear spectacularly detailed in 3D.

Slot Details 
Slot NameGoddess treasures
No of Reels5
No of Paylines50
Min. Bet€50
Max. Bet€500
Max. Payout€100,000
FeaturesBonus symbols, Wild, Free Spins
Auto SpinsYes
TechnologyJS, HTML

Where to play Goddess Treasures

AGT slot machines are available nearly everywhere around the world. 


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How to play Goddess Treasures slots online

Step by step guide on how to play this slot machine

Goddess Treasures is another one of AGS's outstanding, distinctive, and straightforward slots games. To start, you will need to choose how many lines you want to activate and what line bet you want to place. Once that's done, you can spin the reels by hitting the big "Spin" button on the game screen. Provided below is the step-by-step guide for playing the online slot machine.

1 Activate the desired number of lines

Click on the menu button and complete with paytable by choosing from the 50 paylines. You'll see a row of numbers, each representing a wager amount. Activating more lines will increase the cost per turn.

2 You can place your bet between € $50 to € $500

The clear label showed the number of bet amounts as a row. If you prefer, you can hit the button on the other side of the spin button to go straight to max bet.

3 Simply click the "Spin" button to start the reels

"Spin" is the control at the bottom of the bottom row. Simply click the turn button to open the controls for several turns, the single win limit, the overall win limit, and the loss limit.


Goddess Treasures Slot Review

Featuring Greek mythology again, this is a fantastic title for a slot machine, Goddess Treasures. This Goddess Treasures casino game is a free and real money slot. Although the different bonus features present exciting extra chances to win, the AGS slot remains simple to understand. There are many special features to enjoy when you play Goddess Treasures online slot. The chance to double your winnings is one of the gambling features in this slot. 

The lucky blast feature has four jackpots worth up to $100,000! This is the feature that makes slot machines stand out! Even if you don't hit the jackpot, knowing it's there will make it more thrilling and exciting. The Goddess Treasures’ high volatility should not deter you from appreciating what it offers you. It is always good to play responsibly. To stay safe while playing online, use a safe gambling site. 

Goddess Treasures Slot Machine Design & Feel 

Taking in the game from the side, Goddess Treasures exhibits bright and simple graphics. There are a lot of buttons and displays, so it takes up less space than normal. Since there is little clutter, the reels themselves are still simple to read. There are basic sound effects unless the reels are spinning with the biggest wins. The simple yet striking graphics of Goddess Treasures slot apply to both the background to the animated reels. 

Goddess Treasures Slots RTP 

The RTP of Goddess Treasures is so close to 96% that no matter what you hear about RTPs below 96%, it probably won't make a difference. The slot game also exhibits high volatility, so wins may be especially generous, but they will be spread more widely. Despite its high risk, the jackpot is huge and the maximum prize is $100,000.

Goddess Treasures Gallery

Goddess Treasures Online Slot Features

Found in Goddess Treasures online slot machine are exciting features. All standard symbols, including the wild symbol, are substituted, and the fortune blast bonus is randomly unlocked. There are two bonus features in this game, and the reels can spin automatically if you set the AutoPlay feature on. Depending on your preference, you can choose either Free Spins or Fortune Blasts. 

Goddess Treasures Paylines 

They group the Goddess Treasures standard wins according to different paylines. This slot machine includes 50 total paylines, which can be adjusted. If you choose to wager on one or all lines, you have the option of a higher payout. Access the information menu embedded in the game to find out more about the payline pattern. Remember that winning combinations found on an unselected line won't bring you anything. 


Depending on the level of the final prize, Fortune Blast's features have four levels: Mini, Minor, Major or Grand. Depending on how much you want to wager on each spin, you may wager anywhere from five to fifty thousand credits. This game has extremely high volatility, and the maximum jackpot is amazing at $100,000. As you play, you try to collect scatter symbols in order to win one of the four jackpots. 

Scatter Symbols 

Scattered symbols are one of the most essential symbols of the game. A Bonus icon represents this feature, and it connected scattered symbols to free games. Goddess Treasures’ scatter wins pay 10x the total amount wagered, no matter where they appear on the reels. You can even win up to 150x your total bet. By collecting scatters, you can win the four progressive jackpots! 

Wild symbols 

The wild symbol is yet another bonus symbol in the game. It can replace every other symbol. In the Goddess Treasures 20x icon, the Wild symbol substitutes for a regular line win, and it pays 20 times the usual prize. It substitutes if over one line win and can pay up to 80x. This means that you can win the highest payout of 80,000x when the Wilds line up. 

Other symbols 

You'll also find other symbols on the slot's reels. With the Athena symbol you can win up to 250x your bet, Helm & Urn pays 100x your bet, and 40x the amount your stake when you land the Scroll & Wreath icon on a line. The A, K, Q & J icons that display up to 30x per line win. For more details on how much you can win, check out the paytable on the online video slot. 

Goddess Treasures Free Spins 

Once the scatter symbols combine to form a winning combination, you'll have two options: the Fortune Blast feature or the Free Spins Pick Bonus. Athena, the goddess of wisdom, is the subject of this slot casino game. You can also play the Free Spin pick bonus game, the Fortune Blast, and win four different jackpots. It is also possible to re-trigger the event. 

Fortune Blast Multiplier 

As part of the Fortune Blast feature, you'll receive three Free Spins. Each reel will spin independently during this feature. Fortune Blast will award each additional Free Spin when scatter symbols appear. Lock all 15 scatter or Free Spins will end once they are all used. Unless you lock any scatters, it can trigger up to ten times. Free Spins will reward you with ten turns on the reels for nothing if that's your choice.

Is Goddess Treasures legit?

Slot games from AGS like Goddess Treasures are legit online casino games. AGS received multiple licenses, and the game is available throughout the world. Native American casinos in the United States and Canada can install the AGS software. Because UK and Gibraltar are part of the AGS range, players all over Europe can play the game. Casinos on the internet and those in brick-and-mortar can play it, too.


IS Goddess Treasures LEGIT?

AGS's slots like Goddess Treasures are legit online casino games. This game is available across the globe, thanks to the many licenses AGS received. Play is available at both online and land-based casinos.

WHERE TO PLAY Goddess Treasures?

At any of our recommended online casinos, you can play the video slot for free or real money. You can find the best bonuses from Goddess Treasures at these betting sites.


Among the game's bonus features are two major ones: the Free Spins feature and the Fortune Blast bonus game. Goddess Treasures is best known for its Fortune Blast feature with jackpots worth up to 100,000!

CAN I GET ANY FREE SPINS AT Goddess Treasures?

Yes! Forming a winning combination of scatter symbols, you will select either the Fortune Blast feature or the Free Spins Pick Bonus. Additional Free Spins are awarded when scatter symbols appear in Fortune Blast.

CAN I PLAY Goddess Treasures ON MY MOBILE?

Goddess Treasures is available on tablets, desktops, and smartphones. With this slot, you can spin the reels whether you play on a PC or on a mobile device. Use a trusted site when playing online.

CasinoTalk thoughts on Goddess Treasures

Among many similar designs, Goddess Treasures slots stand out. AGS made the features simple, but a clear graphical representation of Athena as she overlooks the game from the side. Furthermore, the sound effects are basic, other than during the most intense winning combinations. Goddess Treasures is an AGS slot machine that combines three rows of five reels with 50 paylines providing a wealth of features. 

The amazing features in the Goddess Treasures slot machine are the Free Spins and no less than 9 themed symbols. The Free Spins feature and the Fortune Blast make this game a lot of fun! With the flexibility of AGS's wagering limit, it can play the slot on mobile devices. As a video slot, Goddess Treasures is quite good. See if Athena deems you worthy to receive her blessing by trying out Goddess Treasures online.

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