Dazzle Me Slot Machine - Where and how to play for free

Dazzle Me Slot Logo Dazzling Wild Reels

Dazzle Me slot was released in 2015 and has become such a sensation a Megaways version has also been released. Additionally, the modern slot sports classic symbols, attracting both modern and classic players. Boasting 76 paylines and an RTP of 96.9%, players have ample opportunity to win! NetEnt, a leading gaming provider, delivers a series of features. Here you will find free spins, wild reels, and linked reels. 

In addition to features, the game layout and look is appealing. Furthermore, the game's functionality is fully accessible on the screen. This makes navigation easy for players new to Dazzle Me. Last, but not least, are the symbols. Symbols include 7's, wilds, gems, and a golden bell. All of this compiles the perfect game for the glamorous type of player.

Slot Details 
Slot NameDazzle Me
No of Reels5
No of Paylines76
Min. Bet0.01
Max. Bet1.00
Max. Payout200
Auto SpinsYes (Up to 1000)

Where to play Dazzle Me Slot

Dazzle Me has had an online presence since 2015. With that in mind, the best place to find the game is online. However, choose a reliable online casino for the best experience.

How to play Dazzle Me Slot online

Step by step guide on how to play this slot machine

One of the advantages of playing slots online is that it's straightforward. For the most part, playing a slot game is actually the same at any casino and on most slot games. With this in mind, we're going to out line the main steps for playing Dazzle Me so that players from around the world can get playing this exciting game right away.

1 Choose the number of paylines

Dazzle Me doesn't have adjustable paylines. However, there are 10 levels to choose from. Choose which level you prefer. Keep in mind, the higher the level, the bigger the wager.

2 Choose your wager amount

Adjust the wager, or bet amount, by adjusting the coin value. Players are able to adjust the bet after each spin, so you have plenty of room to play with.

3 Click on the 'Spin Button'

This step includes clicking on the large button in the middle of the screen. Here is where your reels burst forth into life, dazzling all in its wake until it ends.


Dazzle Me Slot Review

Dazzle Me slot delivers an immersive gameplay experience. The game combines a classic slot with a modern touch. In essence, the vibrant color scheme promotes a fruity slot. However, players will find the gameplay to excel in modern features. Thus, payouts are more frequent as there are more winning combinations to look forward to. With value added symbols, winning is only a spin away. 

Additionally, there is added functionality. This includes adjustable sound effects, players can opt to hear the lyrical music, or not. Furthermore, the levels that scale from 1 to 10 affect payouts. Despite being a low to medium RTP slot, high rollers can benefit from wagering maximum bets. Free spins compensate for lower bets, allowing for rewarding payouts. Additionally, players can unlock wild wins! 

Dazzle Me Slot Machine Design & Feel 

From bling to spin, Dazzle Me is all about the jewels! At first glance, the slot game delivers an old familiar feeling for 'Fruity 7'S'. However, with a few modern tweaks, there is more to expect. For instance, there are 5 reels and 76 paylines. In addition, the layout of the slot is vastly different. This is what adds to the appeal of the design. 

Dazzle Me Slot RTP 

The return to player is 96.9%. And although this is classed as a low volatility slot, players have the power to adjust this. By choosing a higher level, the RTP is substantially increased. Nevertheless, this all depends on how long a player manages the reels and maintains their bankroll. By making larger deposits it doesn't mean that the payouts are more frequent, simply they are more significant.

Dazzle Me Slot Gallery

Dazzle Me Slot Online Slot Features

The features include Dazzling Wild Reels. Accordingly, this feature appears at random and overlays symbols to create a wild reel in full. Next in features is the free spins round. Here is where players are treated to up to 16 free spins. This is dependent on how many scatter symbols appear during the round. Finally, linked reels appear during the free spins to enhance wins. 

Dazzle Me Slot Paylines 

Unlike many NetEnt creations, Dazzle Me offers fixed paylines. There are 76 of these lines which aid in forming winning combinations. However, despite the paylines being 'fixed' there are 10 levels to choose from. Just as one would choose a number of paylines to activate, players can choose the level they want active. Both affect the payout outcome. The higher the level, the more the payout upon winning. 


Unfortunately, the jackpot win isn't the most 'dazzling' aspect of the slot. Regardless, should a player hit the ultimate win, there is a handsome payout of 200x the wager. Needless to say, if players wager more, the higher the rewards upon landing a winning combination. To win according to bankroll efficiency, players should adjust the level before spinning the reels. 

Scatter Symbols 

In Dazzle Me, the scatter unlocks the free spins round. Ironically, the free spins symbol is depicted by the 'Free Spins' logo. Land 3 of these symbols to unlock 8 free spins. Again, to unlock 12 free spins, one must land 4 of these symbols. Finally, to unlock the ultimate total of 16 free spins by landing 5 'Free Spins' symbols. 

Wild symbols 

What adds further appeal to Dazzle Me is the wilds feature. Here players are privy to symbols representing the wild that includes dazzling diamonds. Afterward, when this symbol appears randomly on the reels, 1 to 5 of them may turn wild. Needless to say, when this happens, big wins are awarded. Additionally, wilds substitute all symbols apart from the 'free spins' symbol. 

Other symbols 

Naturally, there are additional symbols as there are with NetEnt creations. In this particular game, all other symbols are lower-paying ones. As the name suggests, Dazzle Me includes lower-paying symbols in the form of gems. Here you will find purple, ruby, green, and turquoise gems forming winning combinations. The second highest paying symbol, apart from the 7, is the golden bell. 

Dazzle Me Slot Free Spins 

Free spins are unfortunately limited to the scatter round. There are no additional spins to be won or unlocked. Furthermore, if players are looking for a dazzling show of free spins, they will need to chase the symbol. To unlock free spins, one needs to land 3 to 5 'Free Spin' images. From here, players stand to unlock up to 16 free spins! 

Dazzling Wild Reels 

This is the most rewarding round of Dazzle Me, and the name is superbly fitting. During the main game, Dazzling Wild Reels appear at random. This round overlays reels with only wild symbols. For example, one reel will become active with just diamond symbols. Additionally, 1 to 5 reels may become filled with diamonds to dazzle the player willing to take the chance.

Is Dazzle Me Slot legit?

Yes. NetEnt is a leading gaming provider. Therefore, any game produced under the license of the brand is a trusted one. Furthermore, the gaming provider has been in existence since 1996. It depends on the casino as well as the online establishment that determines the quality of gameplay. Therefore, it is advised that players sign with a trusted gaming platform.


IS Dazzle Me Slot LEGIT?

Dazzle Me is a NetEnt product, one that has attracted players for over a decade. In saying, the slot game is a legitimate one. For example, the brand uses an RNG to determine winning combinations.

WHERE TO PLAY Dazzle Me Slot?

Dazzle Me is available at both online and land based casinos. However, players can mostly enjoy the game online as most land casinos may not exhibit it in their lobbies.


There are 3 main features in Dazzle Me to enjoy. The first, Dazzling Wild Reels. Second, Free Spins. Third, Linked Reels. Additionally, there are 10 levels to choose from which affects payouts.


Yes! During the free spins round, players stand to unlock up to 16 free spins. However, these free spins cannot be re-triggered. Furthermore, players should land 5 scatters to activate the full 16 free spins.


Depending on the online casino, players can enjoy Dazzle Me on mobile. Most reliable online casinos use HTML5 technology that platforms gameplay on smart devices. So, make sure you choose the right gameplay option!

CasinoTalk thoughts on Dazzle Me Slot

This particular slot game is ideal for any classic slot enthusiast looking for more potential. In the same way, any modern gamer will appreciate the simplicity of Dazzle Me. The layout and display of the game are easy to navigate. Furthermore, the functionality allows for a friendly user gamer experience. This is a particularly dazzling experience for all slot gamers. 

To conclude, Dazzle Me is a glamorous NetEnt game. Its gameplay is just as intoxicating as its alluring graphics and sound effects. Despite a smaller jackpot win of just 200x the wager, players stand to win through the additional features. If you are looking for glamour, a little razz-a-dazzle, then this classic/modern feature slot is your choice for the day!

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