Colossal Diamonds Slot Review

Colossal Diamonds

The Colossal Diamonds slot machine is unmistakable for one outstanding aspect: its colossal size. This machine created by AGS puts the meaning in the name colossal, as it is the size of three regular slot machines! It has been popularly dubbed “Big Red” because people say it looks like a big, red barn. 

However, besides its huge size, this slot machine is simple yet remarkably different from other slot machines and games. Here is a comprehensive review of the Colossal Diamonds slot, the biggest and hottest slot game in town! 

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How to Play Colossal Diamonds Slot

Gameplay Guide

Don’t be intimidated by this game’s huge size. When it comes down to the technical aspects, this slot game plays out like any other. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to play Big Red like a pro:
1 Set a betting amount.
Colossal Diamonds slot accepts wagers as low as $1 or as high as $5, so you have lots of rooms and denominations to work with. As such, choose your desired betting amount, and remember that your betting amount will determine how much you win (or lose)!
2 Spin and win!
This slot machine may be colossal, but the spinning button is conveniently small and easy to push. As such, go ahead and push the spin button to get the reels spinning. The chances of winning are considerably high, so cross your fingers, hold your breath, and hope that you win!

P.S. While this slot machine features many similarities to other slot machines, it makes for one convenient exception: enough space for you and your friends to play along or spectate. This slot machine is so big that it requires a bench instead of a chair, so there is enough sitting space for two or more! The screen is also big enough to see from behind, hence enough space for spectators!

Colossal Diamonds Slot Theme & Game Overview

When it comes down to technicalities, the Colossal Diamonds slot is a plain slot game. Its theme is best described as retro or classic, featuring classic cherries, bars, and 7s symbols. It features three reels, and each reel runs on its own 42-inch monitor.

However, while the theme doesn’t stand out, it is worth noting that the game is associated with socializing – which is not common in slot games. 

The game often attracts crowds of more than three, and it is especially popular with friends and couples looking to share in some fun. 

Andrew Burke, the Vice President of slot game productions at American Gaming Systems, confirms this by saying, 

“It’s like a carnival attraction. We consider it a social game, and people line up behind it to watch.”

For such a behemoth, the Colossal Diamonds slot does a great job when it comes to presentation. The size helps when it comes to the graphics, as it is difficult to miss the symbols on the 42-inch monitors. AGS also does a great job on the graphics, as everything is crystal-clear and the motions seamless.

Colossal Diamonds Slot Symbols & Gameplay

Again, Colossal Diamonds plays out like any other slot game and features classic symbols. The main symbols are black bars, cherries, and the number 7.

These symbols are not exactly symbolic, as is the case with many of the modern slot games. However, they are still functional and will trigger a payout if you land the ideal combination.

The trick of winning is similar to any other slot game: simply land a combination of three similar symbols to trigger a payout! 

Lucky players can also trigger a jackpot by landing three BAR symbols. Unfortunately, the game’s simplicity does not allow for an exotic range of features, as is the case with more modern slot games.

Colossal Diamonds Slot Features

Colossal Diamonds slot is simple and doesn’t feature an exotic range of features, as mentioned. However, the few features that are available are designed for your convenience. They include:


Colossal Diamonds slot has a colossal jackpot of $6,000! What’s more, this jackpot can be unlocked by a meager wager of only $15. However, the trick is to land three BAR jackpot symbols, which shouldn’t be difficult considering that there are only three main symbols and three reels.


Colossal Diamonds slot may be larger than life, but you can still carry it with you on your phone wherever you go. AGS has developed a mobile version for this game, which is available on its Lucky Play Casino mobile app. The mobile version of the game maintains many of the slot machine’s features, including the flawless graphics and melodious tunes! The gameplay is also just as fun!

Free Games

You don’t have to pay to experience the thrill of playing Colossal Diamonds slot, as this game is available for free in the mobile version. Players can also explore a wide range of free slot games from AGS on the Lucky Play Casino app!

Social Gaming

There is no rule restricting one slot machine to one player. However, many slot machines are not ideal for hosting more than one player. However, the Colossal Diamonds slot machine seems to be built for this purpose. This is because it is big enough to host more than two players on the bench, and a dozen spectators behind.


Where can I play the Colossal Diamonds slot game?

The Colossal Diamonds slot machine is incredibly popular in the gambling industry. To this end, you are guaranteed to find it at most major casinos across the country – you can check individually with the casinos near you just to be sure. 

You can also find it wherever you go on your phone if you are willing to settle for the miniature, mobile version – which is just as good as the physical version!

What are my chances of winning at this game?

Colossal Diamonds slot game does not have a set returns to player average. However, it is one of the highest-paying slot games in the industry, thanks to its simplicity. 

Players have lots of luck landing winning combinations as there are only three symbols to work with. The rewards are also lucrative, and they include a $6,000 jackpot for landing three BAR jackpot symbols.

How can I play the Colossal Diamonds slot on mobile?

You need to download the American Gaming Systems mobile casino app on your phone to get access to the mobile version of this game. This app is titled Lucky Play Casino, and it is available for both iOS and Android platforms.

Players can download this app for free via the Google Play Store for Android devices and the Play Store for Apple devices. AGS urges players to keep their apps updated for the latest slot games and improved gaming features for Colossal Diamonds and other available games.

Final Thoughts

Go big or go home with this humongous Colossal Diamonds slot game. It is fun, simple to play, enjoyable for friends, and lucrative! It is truly a one-of-a-kind slot game!

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