Ancient Fortunes Zeus Slot Review


The ancient Greek religion is one of the most awe-inspiring and complex โ€“ so complex that scholars are still trying to understand it fully. Ancient Fortunes Zeus slot game produced by DGC is based on this broad and mysterious topic. It is a simple yet interesting game with lots of lucrative prizes up for grabs. Here is everything you need to know about the slot game of the Greek gods and goddesses. 

How to Play Ancient Fortunes Zeus Slot


You donโ€™t need to be an expert on Greek mythology to win at the Ancient Fortunes Zeus slot game. All you need is a sure mind and some luck on your side. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to play this game:
1 Set your bet.
There is something for everyone on Ancient Fortunes Zeus slot game, thanks to its flexible denominations range. Players can bet as little as one penny or as much as $70 (and everything in between), depending on how lucky you are feeling. Use the (+) and (-) to increase or decrease your bet sizes, respectively. You can also go all out and click on the Max Bet button for the highest wager!
2 Spin!
Setting your bet is the only tasking part of playing this slot game โ€“ the rest involves spinning and winning! The spin button is shaped as an arrow button and located smack in the middle of the screen. Click on this button to get the game started โ€“ you can also give the spinning reels a boost by clicking on the Lightning Bolt button.

This slot game also features an auto-play option that sets wagers and spins the reels automatically for a more relaxed and hands-free experience. The auto-play feature is presented as a two-arrowed button located next to the manual spin button. Be sure to set your desired parameters โ€“ including the bet amounts and spinning times โ€“ before starting the auto-play option.

Ancient Fortunes Zeus Slot Theme & Game Overview

Ancient Fortunes Zeus slot game brings together some of the most powerful figures in Greek mythology. The gameโ€™s Greek mythology theme can be seen and felt in the symbols, characters, music, prizes, and virtually every other aspect.

This game is cast on Mount Olympus, which is the supposed home of the Greek god Zeus. The symbols include Zeus, Ares, lightning bolts, and other notable gods and symbolic figures and characters in the field. The idea โ€“ as is the case with all other slot games โ€“ is to come up with a winning combination of the right symbols. This is quite exciting, as the way the different symbols align and interact gives subtle insights into the underlying thrilling mythology.

The immersive gameplay is made even more captivating by the gameโ€™s excellent HD graphics. This is further complemented by the gameโ€™s melodious tunes perfect for the gambling experience and reminiscent of the gameโ€™s theme. Microgaming, one of the leading gaming software producers, utilizes the latest technology for crystal-clear, flawless graphics.

Ancient Fortunes Zeus Slot Symbols & Gameplay

The Ancient Fortunes Zeus slot game is simple in many aspects. For starters, it features five reels and only ten pay lines. It also features lots of player-friendly features designed to boost your chances of winning.

There are ten symbols in this game. The main symbols are five: Zeus (the main god), Hermes (the god of trade and sports), Ares (the god of war), Poseidon (the god of the sea), and Dionysus (the god of wine). The other five symbols of lesser value include lightning bolts, krakens, snakes, panthers, and vultures. The gameplay rules are simple: align at least three of the main symbols to trigger a win! Each symbol has a unique value, and some are more valuable compared to others.

As mentioned, this game affords players a lot of winning opportunities through its range of player-friendly features. For example, the Zeus symbol functions as a wild symbol, meaning that it can be substituted for any other symbol to complete a winning combination. Additionally, players can trigger free spins by combining at least three lightning bolt symbols. Additionally, players can multiply their winnings using based multipliers as high as X21.

Ancient Fortunes Zeus Slot Features

Besides the basic properties discussed above, the Ancient Fortunes Zeus slot game also has a variety of additional features that make it more interesting and profitable. Notable features include:

Cascading Reels:

Cascading reels is a feature that often goes by other names and titles. However, it functions similarly in all slot games: potentially winning symbols are held pending as other reels spin, hence increasing the chances that more similar symbols will turn up and complete the combination. It is yet another boost for playersโ€™ chances of winning.

Multiplier Trail:

This game has an elaborate multiplier trail feature that enables players to multiply their stakes by as much as X21. Available base game multipliers are X1. X2. X3, and X7. Multipliers for free spins are higher in value, and they include X3, X7, X11, and X21. It should be noted that the multiplier value offered depends on the number of spins.


Lucky players have a chance to enter a jackpot with payouts as much as X625 your initial wager. The jackpot feature is not direct. Instead, it makes use of a combination of high-value symbols, which is usually delivered as ten winning combinations of the Ares symbol.

Free Spins:

Lucky players can also win as many as 70 free spins when they land the ideal combination of the lightning strike scatter symbols. The number of free spins awarded usually starts at 10 and is mostly capped at 20. However, landing more scatter symbols during a free spin exponentially multiplies the available free spins to as many as 70.


Can I play the Ancient Fortunes Zeus slot game for free?

Yes, Ancient Fortunes Zeus slot is available for free in its demo version. However, the free version is limited in the range of features it has to offer.

How can I trigger the maximum potential payout of X13000?

The standard highest potential payout if X625. However, players can win as much as X13000 their initial wager by taking full advantage of the jackpot, scatter, and wild features. This takes a rare amount of luck to achieve, but it has been done!

What are my chances of winning in this game?

Players have a 96% chance of winning this game, at least. This is better than average, and the outlook looks even brighter when coupled with the other player-friendly features, such as the cascading reels and jackpots.

Final Thoughts

The ancient Greek gods are associated with great treasures, and the Ancient Fortunes Zeus slot game offers a chance to get a piece of the pie. This game is as lucrative as it is enjoyable โ€“ it plays out like a medieval slideshow of ancient Greece mythology, and it can pay out as much as X13000 playersโ€™ wagers! This game is also simple, and anyone can play!

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