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DoubleDown Casino Review

DoubleDown Casino is one of the safest and largest social gaming sites. If you are looking for diversified gaming options with a touch of social flair, then Double Down Casino is your best choice. 

You don't win any real money or deposit any real money. The games involve virtual coins. The Double Down casino is owned by software giant IGT. The website provides you with a variety of slot games and table games. 

Let's dive into the review where you will learn everything about the DoubleDown Casino features and it's pros and cons.

  • Pros
  • +200 casino games
  • Real casino games for free
  • Casino Tournaments Feature
  • Many ways to boost your bankroll
  • Cons
  • Can't switch from iOS to Android
  • No real cash bonuses or prizes
  • You can't cash out virtual prizes
  • No phone or live chat available

Double Down Casino Bonus

Many ways to claim a bonus at Double Down Casino

Since Double Down Casino is not a real casino and no real money is involved, you can still earn, buy, or win rewards in the form of virtual chips. 

  1. The first bonus is a sign-up bonus for which you have to simply open Facebook and sign up for the game.
  2. Furthermore, you'll have the opportunity to spin the bonus wheel daily. This bonus wheel gives you rewards like free virtual chips, loyalty points, or access to exclusive VIP tournaments.
  3. The operators also provide tournaments for all the players on a regular basis. There are also daily challenges that offer virtual chips or loyalty points as rewards.
  4. You can also purchase chips, and purchasing them will increase your rank in the diamond club. As a starter, you'll be in the "white diamond" club, but you can increase your status and reach the ultimate "royal diamond" club. Each tier up to Royal Diamond gives perks and daily gifts.
  5. Every 24 hours, you'll get a return bonus if you are playing on a daily basis. The return bonus starts at $1000 and goes up to $25000 by playing for 25 consecutive days.
  6. You can send gifts to your Facebook friends, and they can also send you gifts. You can redeem three gifts in a day. However, the number of gifts you can redeem can be increased by increasing your diamond status.
  7. Moreover, when you refer a friend to Double Down Casino, you'll get a bonus of one million credits.
  8. There are other ways to earn bonuses. You can provide Double Down Casino with your email address, and they'll send you special offers directly. Moreover, you can also claim extra bonuses by following the Double Down Casino pages on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Casino Games at DoubleDown

The casino has three main areas of play that are slots, table games, such as blackjack and roulette, and video poker. However, Double Down is a slot game casino, so the majority of the games are slots.

When you sign up you'll get one million credits, it can make anyone jump up with excitement. But when you go in the game selection, you'll realize these credits are not much.

The gaming experience is top-notch as expected of the IGT. IGT has made it so that you'll feel the same way you feel in front of a real slot machine while playing in DoubleDown casino.

Video Poker

There are not many games in the video poker section, but the operators still provide you with tournament action. If you play video poker frequently, or you are used to playing other poker games, the video poker games of Double Down may not excite you. However, the video poker tournaments offered by the casino can up your excitement.

Some video poker games available on DoubleDown Casino are:

  • Bonus poker
  • Jacks or better
  • Double bonus poker.

Table Games

Double Down Casino also provides you with table games in the more games section. Although Casino gives you table games, there are not that many of these games. It can only give you roulette or blackjack as choices.

As you start playing the game, you'll get a step-by-step guide to the betting process. If you have never played a game, you can learn here with the step-by-step guide provided by the Casino. As you are not betting the real money, you can make mistakes which makes learning the table game easier.

Table games provided by the DoubleDown Casino are:


Double Down Casino is a virtual casino, and it doesn't give out actual cash. However, it still promotes progressive jackpots. When you win you'll be paid in-game credits, but no actual cash will be paid.

Slot games offered by the Double Down Casino include:

  • Noah's ark
  • Cleopatra
  • Black widow
  • Golden jungle
  • Icy wilds
  • Day of the dead
  • Triple stars
  • Fire pearl
  • House of cards

DoubleDown Casino Mobile & App

DoubleDown Casino has also a dedicated social gaming app that can be accessed from anywhere. If you can not log in from your computer, you can use the mobile app. The mobile app provides you with a similar playing experience as the website. You can also make purchases from the mobile app.

The DoubleDown Casino app is available on all platforms. You can access it whether you have an android, iPhone, iPad, or Windows phone. Moreover, the app is available in Apple Play Store, Google Play Store, and Amazon play store, you can download it from there.

How to register an account

There are two ways to play at Double Down Casino. The first is to register an account by logging in to Facebook and the second is to play as a guest.

Registering an account by logging into Facebook

Registering an account at Double Down is very easy. You have to simply log in to your Facebook account and sign up for the Double Down Casino and start playing.

In the mobile app, there is an option to sign-up with Facebook. By selecting it you can sign-up with your Facebook account. It's simple as that.

Registering a guest account

When you start playing at Double Down Casino, you have the option to choose to register an account as a guest. You can register as a guest by providing your email address and creating a password

You can also choose to register by using email later and continue playing as a guest without registering an account.

Sweepstakes β€” How it works

Sweepstakes is one of the most popular gambling models where a player buys sweep coins for real money. Then the player uses these sweep coins to play at an online casino. When you win the game, you can redeem the sweep coins for some kind of reward. At DoubleDown Casino there are no real money winnings so any sweepstake wins cannot be cashed out. 

The Double Down Casino sometimes offers sweepstakes to its customers. Furthermore, the sweepstakes offered by Double Down Casino give players a chance to win a big amount of casino coins. The Double Down Casino players must be at least 18 years old to be eligible for the sweepstakes. There are two ways to enter the sweepstakes.

  • Play entry β€” Eligible players must sign in to their account and take 25 spins on any slot in the high-limit room. All the players who take such 25 slots get an entry in the sweepstakes.
  • Non-Play entry β€” All players who want to use the non-play entry method to enter the sweepstakes must email the information required by the casino to their email address.

Banking Options

Normally a social gaming website doesn't have a banking structure. But Double Down Casino provides you with purchase options for the chips. There is no deposit or withdrawal method as seen in regular casinos.

All your deposits will be done through the payment method you have set up in your Facebook, iTunes/Apple App Store, Google Play, the Samsung Galaxy App Store, Amazon Appstore, PayPal, or Xsolla account.

Customer Support

The Casino gives a support ticket system to contact customer support. Players can click on contact us to generate a ticket number or send an email. Most people don't require customer service but those who do usually get a fast reply to their query or problem.

The help section on the website of the Double Down Casino provides answers to almost all the questions a player can have. They also demonstrate how to play the games. They have made everything as simple and easy as possible for the players.


Does Double Down Casino give out real money as rewards?

No, Double Down Casino is a social gaming website that offers a real casino experience without the involvement of real money. However, if you want to continue playing at Double Down Casino, you have to buy virtual chips with real money. But there is absolutely no real money reward for winning.

How to find Double Down Casino on the Facebook games page?

When you visit the game page, the default games will be the instant games offered by Facebook. You can't find Double Down Casino is in these instant games. Select the web games submenu on the game page. After selecting it, the web games page will open. Then go to the search box and search for the Double Down to find the Double Down Casino listing. Select the Double Down Casino in the search results shown and start playing.

What is Diamond Club?

The diamond club is a type of loyalty program that Double Down Casino uses. Besides, it's a free program for all players without any fee. There are ten tiers of the Diamond Club. Each tier of Diamond Club offers increased rewards and perks. You can increase your tier by increasing your loyalty points. Consequently, you have to purchase chips to increase your loyalty points.

The diamond club gives you benefits like:

  • As you achieve a higher level in the diamond club you can get higher payouts on your daily wheel.
  • Higher tiers of the diamond club can give you VIP vouchers that can allow you to get more chips from a purchase at a discount.
  • The standard limit to redeem gifts is 3 gifts per day. However, higher tiers of the diamond club can redeem 15 gifts per day.

Why redeeming free chips offer on iPad is difficult?

Apple's recent update on its iPad platform has changed some of the basic settings. Consequently, this has caused some players to face difficulties in collecting free chips on the iPad platform.

Follow these steps to resolve this issue

  • Select Safari from the settings.
  • Select request desktop website.
  • Turn on all websites in the request desktop website.

After completing these steps go back to the chips that you want to redeem, your problem is solved.

How does the booster work?

Certain chip packages give access to the High Limit Room and a booster. Furthermore, the effects of booster immediately start after making the purchase. Furthermore, these packages will also display the days you'll have these benefits.

Booster benefits include:

  • A daily booster wheel spin β€” You can take two-wheel spins per day while your booster is active.
  • Access to High Limit Room β€” The booster comes with automatic access to the High Limit Room. Consequently, you can access all the perks f the High Limit Room.
  • Exclusive Special Vouchers β€” An active booster also gives you special vouchers for an exclusive purchase boost.