Slingo Showdown slot - Where and How to Play for Free

slingo showdown slot review

The Slingo Showdown slot machine is one of the different casino games from Slingo Original. It is the perfect mix of slots and bingo, and the inclusion of poker hands and gunshots gives it a more exciting user experience. Without a doubt, this is a top choice for players looking for action.

Where to Play Slingo Showdown slot

How to Play Slingo Showdown online

Step by step guide on how to play Slingo Showdown

1 Pick a casino

If you do not already have an online casino account - pick one of the recommended casinos on this page and create an account.  

2 Find the slot

Search for the Slingo Showdown slot.

3 Select amount of paylines

Before starting to play - select the number of paylines you want to use.

4 Adjust your bet

Choose your bet size.

5 Start spinning

Click the β€œSpin” button and the action starts.

Slingo Showdown Slot Review

This is a 5 by 5 reels slot game that comes with an interesting RTP and a list of incredible features. The game takes you to a saloon bar in the Wild West, where you get to spin winning poker hands and complete the lines in the Slingo games grid. 

When you start the game, you will first need to pick a free deal card that you can use to get a winning combination in this online slots game. Slingo Showdown is different from regular slots as you do not spin but deal cards to win prizes

Once you click the deal button, more playing cards are revealed. And, if you can land matching symbols like the ones in the horizontal grid below, you win.

Slingo Showdown Design & Feel

Take a trip to the historical Wild West in this slots-meets-bingo-meets-poker casino game. The reels are set on a wooden brown backdrop with different poker cards representing the slot symbols. 

If you are a fan of this historical period, you will certainly enjoy the game because the entire look and feel are all about this time. From the Texas ranger badge to the stopwatch, the different icons scream the Wild West. Additionally, the background sound smoothly blends with the design and theme of the game.

Slingo Showdown slot RTP

This slot game's RTP is set at 95.9%, which is above the standard 95% for all slots. However, compared to many popular slots, this is a bit low - but without a doubt, there is a good chance of hitting the Slingo prizes and bonuses. In that case, when you bet up to $100 over a certain period, you are set to get a $95.9 payout from the game.

Slingo Showdown Gallery

Slingo Showdown Slot Features

In this game, players can expect some interesting features that will propel their chances of cashing out. For a start, there is a wild symbol and a scatter symbol. 

Aside from that, you can also get free spins or a free deal card if you are lucky enough to land the super joker symbol. As a result, you should be on the lookout for these special super jokers if you want to accumulate a huge payout while playing the game.

Slingo Showdown Paylines

In this game, there are 12 paylines, meaning that there is a high chance of landing a winning combination in the game. In addition to that, you can land winning combinations either horizontally or vertically.


Unfortunately, the Slingo Showdown game does not have a jackpot feature that you can activate. When you play, you can only look forward to accumulating the small wins until you have a big payout. This model is perfect for players who are patient and are in no rush for big payouts.

Scatter Symbols

One of the most important things you should keep in mind when it comes to the Slingo Showdown game is the Scatter symbol. Represented by the Super Joker symbol, when you land the symbol, you will activate the free spins feature. 

Additionally, this gives you the opportunity to tailor the game by selecting the ones you like, which can end up giving you the chance to win big cash prizes.

Wild symbols

Another important special symbol that you should keep in mind is the Joker wild symbol. With this symbol, there is a higher chance of winning because it substitutes for other symbols in the slot. 

Because of this, when you land a Joker, you can be sure that that your winning chances have increased.

Other symbols

Aside from the wild and scatter symbols, you will find other icons such as the regular playing cards. Each of them can form a winning combination as long as you match 5 on the reels, and they are similar to the ones in the horizontal reels below. 

If you want to have a deep understanding of each symbol and how much they pay out, you can take a look at the slot's paytable.

Slingo Showdown Free Spins

One of the things that you stand to enjoy in this game is the Slingo Showdown free spins (free deal) that allow you to win more for free. Since this is not a regular game, you do not get the traditional free spins - instead, you are offered a free deal

Once you can complete 10 deals without losing, you will get the option to either choose to collect your money or continue to play.

Is Slingo Showdown legit?

When it comes to Slingo Original games, you can rest assured that they have been vetted by the top US gambling commission. So, before the games are churned out or featured at any casino to players, they go through a series of testing and vetting. This is also the case with the Slingo Showdown slot machine, and because of that, the game is completely legit and fair to play. 

In addition, if you want to play for real money and win cash prizes, make sure you pick one of the legit online casinos that offers Slingo games to players. We recommend that you pick from our list of top online casinos so that you do not have to worry about going through the stress of choosing casinos online yourself. 

Remember to play responsibly and that gambling can be addictive.


Is Slingo Showdown legit?

Slingo games, including Slingo Showdown, have been tested by the gambling commission before distribution. Because of this, they are all legit to play but remember that gambling can be addictive and so play responsibly.

Where to play the Slingo Showdown slot?

You can play this game at any of the top casinos that we have listed here on our website.

How many bonus features does Slingo Showdown have?

The game only has one bonus feature, and it is activated once you are able to complete 10 deals without losing.

Can I get any Free Spins at Slingo Showdown?

Since this is not a regular slots game, there are no free spins. What you will get instead is a free deal.

Can I play Slingo Showdown on my mobile?

Yes, you can play the game on your mobile device, whether through our free slot feature or at any top casino for real money.

CasinoTalk thoughts on Slingo Showdown

A perfect blend of poker, bingo, and slots is what describes the Slingo Showdown slot machine. When you play Slingo Showdown, you have a different experience as compared to the regular slots gameplay. If you are familiar with a poker hand and how it works, you will enjoy this game. 

We believe that this game is perfect for anyone looking for an unusual kind of experience. You simply need to go to any top casino, deposit, claim the casino bonus, and start to play this entertaining slot machine.

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