Shaaark! Slot Review


The creative minds over at NextGen have given bettors yet another slot to enjoy a fun and thrilling gameplay from. The Shaaark! slot comes with 5 reels and twenty-five pay lines. The highlight of this game is the Super Bet feature, which can take your winning chances to a whole new level. The game’s theme is a deep-water shark scene, which is really cartoony and fun to look at.

This theme makes the Shaaark! slot more of a comical game rather than a scary one. Here, players can bet anywhere from 0.01 to 100. This wide range allows players of all types to enjoy the game. Low-budget bettors can be on the safe side, as the game allows them to start quite low on their wagers.

Avid bettors who have been on the betting scene for longer can get to choose high stakes as Shaaark! Has that option available. NextGen has really outdone itself on this slot, giving players a thrilling and highly entertaining game.

Shaaark! Game Overview

As expected from the game, the Shaaark! slot is shark-themed. Players are taken from the comfortable and lazy vibes of the beach, right into a thrilling and somewhat dangerous scene. If you have always wanted to know what it feels like to be in a shark movie, then this slot will give a really good idea. The graphics are not entirely top-notch, but they do have their own kind of appeal.

The Shaaark! slot is highly colorful and it has a great design in general. The game’s backdrop is that of a pristine beach featuring waves crashing from the top down. Towards the reels’ bottom left is a screaming lady dressed in red. A lighthouse seemingly floating on the water can be seen on the screen’s top right. A gruesome shark-attack scene is portrayed by destroyed umbrellas that lie scattered on the beach.

Once you activate the Super Bet function, the game’s aesthetics completely change! Instead of being taken to the colorful beach, the game takes you right to the bottom of the ocean, where you will find fierce sharks lurking and ready to launch an attack from anywhere!

While on this mode, you will notice that the background is different, bringing an underwater kind of scene. To add to the visual appeal and authenticity are sea plants and different types of fishes swimming casually in the background. There are no soundtracks in Shaaark! Slot, just dramatic sound effects when things get interesting on the slots.

How to Play Shaaark! Slot by NextGen Gaming


The gameplay here is easy and straightforward. There are no unnecessary frills, which sees to it that bettors will not get overwhelmed. Below are the few steps to follow when playing this slot.
1 Chose you starting bet amount
You can adjust this by either clicking on the red minus button to reduce the amount, or the green plus button to increase it.
2 Choose your desired pay lines
Here, you can play with the number of pay lines of your liking. You do not have to have all twenty-five of them active.
3 Hit Spin
This sets the reels in motion, thereby starting the game.

Shaaark! Slot Symbols

The symbols in this slot are really fun. There are the usual playing-card symbols, including A, K, J, Q, and 10. Other highly valued symbols include the ‘no swimming’ icon and the half-eaten boat icon. Next in line is the drunkard on a red-colored tube and the seal icons, which are higher in value than the symbols mentioned before. As you guessed, the shark is the game’s wild; he substitutes or rather replaces all the other symbols, apart from the scatter. The game’s scatter is the ‘fin’ icon; it triggers the slot’s free spins and bonus rounds.

Shaaark! Slot Bonuses and Features

Super Bet Feature

This feature right here is Shaaark! Slot’s highlight. As the name suggests, it is a super bet, from which you can expect to earn huge rewards. While on this mode, players can stake more wagers as compared to the slot’s base game.

This way, you get a chance to enjoy more winning opportunities with the increased bets. On the normal play, the RTP is about 93%. However, in the Super Bet mode, this can increase up to 95.30%! The only difference there is with Super Bet is the fact that you have to play on all twenty-five pay lines.

To activate Super Bet mode, click on the ‘Super Bet’ button that appears on the reels’ very bottom. The wild on this mode usually doubles all the winnings that it is involved in. this mode also takes you maximum bet amount a bit higher, so if you are a high roller, you know exactly what to look out for. The Super Bet mode allows for the wild symbol to show up a bit more frequently than usual.

Extra Spins

We all love our free spins! They give us an incredible chance to make more money. Landing three scatters on the slot’s reels triggers these extra spins. The free spins are the way you can make real money in the game. Once active, the slot gives you ten extra spins and goes ahead to double your wins.

How many Pay Lines does the Shaaark! slot feature and how do they work?

There are twenty-five pay lines in total and players are free to choose any pay lines of their liking. All pay-lines do not have to be active at the same time, and you have the luxury of either increasing the number of pay lines or decreasing them, depending on how many you want active in a given game. The coin range in the game is pretty modest, starting from 0.01 to 10.

Where can I play the Shaaark! slot for real money?

When it comes to betting, you have to be sure that your preferred provider is legit. For a chance to win real money, be sure to work with a gambling provider that is reputable, trustworthy, and licensed.

What are some useful tips for winning?

There are very many ways in which you can get paid in this game. However, before you can even get there, there are a few tips that you’d need to utilize:

- Play within your budget
- Avoid emotional gaming which involves chasing the losses made.
- Set your limits so as to avoid losing your money and other valuable resources.


The Shaaark! Slot may appear pretty basic on the outside. However, a deeper look into the game will see you discover more of what this fun and great game has to offer. The free spins, coupled with the gamble feature are some really nice highlights in the game. While the graphics are not so up to date, the gameplay and overall payouts are worth the while. Feel free to try this slot as it will take you for an exciting ride.

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