Road to Riches Twilight Dream Slot Machine - Where and how to play for free

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Road To Riches Twilight Dream is overflowing with adventure and just the right amount of mystery. One of the world's best-known leading game franchises, SG Digital offers players a look into the world of Irish folklore. This five-reel, three-row slot game shines bright with images of pots of gold, rainbows, fairies, and Celtic lettering as well as great bonus features. 

A game filled with wonder and mystery, it has captured the hearts of many slot players around the globe. However, this slot goes the extra mile. In addition to great graphics and rich imagery, it also allows players a multitude of opportunities to win. The Fun Dial Bonus is only one of the many opportunities for players to win.

Slot Details 
ProviderSG Digital
Slot NameRoad to Riches Twilight Dream
No of Reels5x3 Reels
No of Paylines10 Lines
Min. Bet0.10
Max. Bet400.00
Max. Payout250,000
Auto SpinsA minimum of 10 and a maximum of 200 Auto Spins.

Where to play Road to Riches Twilight Dream

Players can conveniently access the slot online if they would like to follow the rainbow. The world that Road to Riches Twilight Dream offers can be found in a simple search.


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How to play Road to Riches Twilight Dream slots online

Step by step guide on how to play this slot machine

In addition to the great features of Road to Riches Twilight Dream, it is also quite simple to play. To begin, the beautiful background of moving graphics greets the players. From here, the slot game is in their hands. This slot can be tailored exactly to the player's needs. Let's check out a step-by-step guide on how to enter this world of fairy tales.

1 Select the number of lines to activate.

The first step involves selecting the number of lines you would like to activate. This slot is conveniently set-up in a manner that 10 paylines have automatically been activated.

2 Specify your preferred line bet.

At the bottom of the screen, there is an option to increase your bet anywhere between 0.10 and 400. This wide range allows for multiple players to be able to take part.

3 Click on the “Spin” button to spin the reels.

Click “spin” and players are all set to for their opportunity to win. Don't forget, the wild symbol substitutes for all symbols except the bonus scatter symbols and the Upgrade scatter symbol.


Road to Riches Twilight Dream Slot Review

Overall, this Road to Riches Twilight Dream Slot provides players a chance to dive deep into the world of Irish-Folklore. This slot opens with great graphics that set the tone with images of harps, a leprechaun, fairies and Celtic numbers. In addition to this, players begin with a balance of 1,000.00 to ensure that the gaming experience begins with a bang. 

To add to all of the exciting features and functions, it is also quite simple to play, as mentioned above. It showcases exciting, fun-to-play gameplay with a decent number of 10 reels and three great bonuses. Furthermore, this slot game caters to a variety of different players with the lowest bet at 0.10 and the highest at 400. This allows for hours of unlimited mystery and dazzling bonuses. 

Road to Riches Twilight Dream Slot Machine Design & Feel 

The feel of the slot machine gives an 'easy to navigate' impression. Every aspect of the game is depicted on the player's screen. Players are able to view their balance as well as their wins. Additionally, they are also able to select their total bet size with ease. The design adds to this in that if the player is unsure of any aspect of the slot, they are able to review important information. 

Road to Riches Twilight Dream Slots RTP 

The RTP, which stands for Return to Player, is at one of the highest levels sitting at 96%. This is the amount, in percentage, that Road to Riches Twilight Dream Slot pays back to the players. This allows for money to flow back to the player as well. In addition to this, the highest payout is sitting at a dazzling $250,000.

Road to Riches Twilight Dream Gallery

Road to Riches Twilight Dream Online Slot Features

Just because a slot is online, does not make it any less exciting. The Road to Riches Twilight Dream Online Slot Features include rich moving graphics based on folklore. The player is engulfed in a world where they are able to tailor their preferred settings at the bottom of the screen. Furthermore, by clicking on the red play button, players can further tailor their autoplay options. 

Road to Riches Twilight Dream Paylines 

Paylines are a super important feature for all online slot games. The payline is the line on which a payout will be awarded. Road to Riches Twilight Dream payline sits at 10 lines. A downfall of this is that the more paylines a player bets on, the faster the balance decreases. Conversely, more active paylines means more potential wins. 


Although Road to Riches Twilight Dream does not include a jackpot as a bonus feature, the free spins, and a high return to play percentage of 96% definitely atones for this. To add to this, the highest payout possible is a dazzling 250,000. Thus, there is an opportunity to win as much as other slot games jackpots would be. This makes up for the lack of a jackpot. 

Scatter Symbols 

There are multiple scatter symbols. These include the wild symbol represented by “rainbow riches”. If a player gets 5 of these, there is 200.00 up for grabs. Furthermore, there is a rainbow wherein if a play gets 5 in a line, there is a payout of 100.00. Secondly, there is a mushroom wherein a player gets a payout of 80.00. Thirdly, the harp where the payout is 60.00. 

Wild symbols 

Wild symbols in Road to Riches Twilight Dream include an image that reads “Rainbow Riches”. This wild symbol substitutes for all other symbols on the reels. It also has the highest payout if 5 are present. However, there are two exceptions to the wild symbol: the bonus scatters symbol, which is the leprechaun that appears in the base game as well as the upgrade scatter symbol, which is represented by a mystical fairy. 

Other symbols 

Other symbols that are present within the gameplay of Road to Riches Twilight Dream include Celtic numbers wherein a player gets 5 in a reel, 20.00 can be won. Additionally, there is Celtic lettering wherein players can earn 24.00 if there are 5 present in the reel. There is a horseshoe and a green leprechaun's hat where a player can earn 40.00 if 5 are present in a reel. 

Road to Riches Twilight Dream Free Spins 

Three or more leprechauns scattered across the player's reel can earn exciting free spins. Three scatters earn the player 10 free spins, 4 symbols earn the player 15 free spins. Finally, 5 symbols earn the play 20 free spins. To add to the bonus of free spins, the fairy upgrade scatters symbol appears and brings players a step closer to winning big. 

Super Dial Wheel 

One of the most exciting features of this slot is the Super Dial Wheel. Landing two bonus scatters symbols earns the player the exciting chance to spin the Super Dial Wheel. The dial will award the player with 6, 8, or 10 free spins. Additionally, activating the wheel will double the player's current stakes. However, deactivating the Super Dial Wheel will halve the player's current stakes.

Is Road to Riches Twilight Dream legit?

The unfortunate thing about expansive access to a wide variety of online slots is the fact that some are not as legit and trustworthy as they portray themselves to be. Fortunately, Road to Riches Twilight Dream slot game was created by the trustworthy SG Digital wherein there is little opportunity to be hoaxed into false promises or financial risk.


IS Road to Riches Twilight Dream LEGIT?

The great feature of online slots is that it is quite easy to access. However, not all are legit. Road to Riches Twilight Dream Online slot is great because it is definitely legit.

WHERE TO PLAY Road to Riches Twilight Dream?

A simple search of “Road to Riches Twilight Dream Slot Game” in the player's preferred search engine will take the player to multiple sites wherein the player can choose the site that suits them best.

HOW MANY BONUS FEATURES DOES Road to Riches Twilight Dream HAVE?

Road to Riches Twilight Dream has two exceptional bonus features. These include the Super Dial Wheel as well as free spins. Both of these features add to the thrill of this slot.

CAN I GET ANY FREE SPINS AT Road to Riches Twilight Dream?

Yes! All a player needs to do in order to get free spins is land 3 or more Bonus Scatter symbols anywhere and Road to Riches will award the player the free spins feature.

CAN I PLAY Road to Riches Twilight Dream ON MY MOBILE?

A great feature of this slot is that players are able to access and play Road to Riches Twilight Dream on mobile platforms. This is convenient for those who like to play on the go.

CasinoTalk thoughts on Road to Riches Twilight Dream

Thus far, a detailed review of Road to Riches Twilight Dream has been provided. There is a multitude of impressive features included in this slot game. There is a high payout opportunity, the inclusion of the Free Spins feature as well as the Super Dial Wheel. This allows players endless fun and adventure into the world of a twilight dream. 

SG Digital has done really well in developing this slot as it is available to a wide range of players on both mobile and desktop platforms. To add to this, there is a range of total bets. This opens the slot to many more players. Overall, Road to Riches Twilight Dream is worth looking at. Take the leap into the rainbow with us.

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