Power Strike - Spirit Hawk Slot Review


There is something mystical and power about native symbols, and Power Strike - Spirit Hawk slot seems to think that, too! This slot from WMS is a fast-paced, native-themed game that seeks to explore the treasures of the spirit of the hawk, so to speak.

Power Strike - Spirit Hawk Theme & Gameplay

Spirit Hawk is one of the more popular games in a series of WMS games dubbed Power Strike. The Power Strike - Spirit Hawk slot is inspired by native culture and mysticism, as mentioned. To this end, the main symbols are mostly made up of symbols associated with this theme. The game also features the standard poker symbols J, K, Q, and A.

One of the exceptional things about this game is that it offers forty pay lines and four reels, unlike the usual three or five. Everything else, however, works just like any other slot game: place your wager, spin, and hope that the symbols align in your favor!

Power Strike - Spirit Hawk Rewards

Power Strike - Spirit Hawk offers lots of chances to get lucky and win. At the very least, you can win free spins – and get more chances to win a higher prize, such as hard cash. You could also win multipliers and coin rewards, both of which also get you a step further to the ultimate prize. You can also trigger a special bonus if the Power Strike symbol appears on the exceptional fifth reel, in which case you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to available rewards.

One of the Power Strike - Spirit Hawk Slot's greatest rewards is a chance to compete in one or more of four jackpots. The jackpots have varying rewards, and the prize gets bigger as you climb up the ladder.


Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get started playing the Power Strike - Spirit Hawk Slot:
1 Set your desired wagering amount.
In case you need to change or adjust your bet, click on the Line /Stake β€˜+’ or β€˜-’ button to increase or reduce the stake’s size per line, respectively.
2 Spin the reels
Here, you only need to hit the β€˜Spin’ button to start the game.
3 Choose the number of spins you desire
Here, you will only need to click on the labelled buttons accordingly.
Which is the gaming provider behind Power Strike - Spirit Hawk?

WMS is the creator of this slot game.

How many pay lines does Power Strike - Spirit Hawk come with?

This slot has 40 pay lines.

Is there a Jackpot feature in the Power Strike - Spirit Hawk slot?

Yes, this slot offers up to four different jackpots.

Final Word

The spirit of the hawk is with you as you play the Power Strike - Spirit Hawk slot game. It is a thrilling slot game with lots of opportunities for winning!

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