Monopoly Hotel Tycoon Slot Review


Who wouldnโ€™t want to be Mr. Monopoly, with all the luxury cars, private jets, five-star hotels, and more? Anyone can get a shot at that dream through the Monopoly Hotel Tycoon slot game by leading gaming software producer WMS!

Monopoly Hotel Tycoon Slot Theme & Gameplay

Monopoly Hotel Tycoon is based on the original Monopoly board game. To this end, this slot game features many of the characters and symbols in the original board game, including luxury mansions and hotels. The trick is to collect as many houses, hotels, and other symbols as it takes to trigger a win.

One of the most exciting things about any monopoly slot game is the numerous cards at play โ€“ and Monopoly Hotel Tycoon is not any different. Such many cards โ€“ coupled with the gameโ€™s numerous features and offers โ€“ make the experience all the more interesting and enjoyable. The gameโ€™s sleek HD-quality graphics also go a long way in delivering an ideal, fast-paced slot thriller.

Monopoly Hotel Tycoon Slot Rewards

Monopoly Hotel Tycoon slot is exceptionally generous with the rewards and prizes up for grabs. Free spins are just the beginning of whatโ€™s in stock, and there are several ways to win multiple free rides.

Players can also unlock the special wheel of fortune bonuses if they align at least three free parking bonus symbols. The wheel of fortune grants a wide range of rewards, including entry into one of four progressive jackpots with thousands of dollars up for grabs. Most importantly, players can win thousands of dollars if they make the right combination, which is easy considering all the player-friendly features on offer.

How to Play Monopoly Hotel Tycoon Slot

You donโ€™t need to make any difficult decisions when playing Monopoly Hotel Tycoon. Here is a step-by-step guide:
1 Set a wagering amount.
The Monopoly Hotel Tycoon slot game accepts a wide range of denominations, which means that you can bet as little or as much as you wish. Setting a wagering amount is easy โ€“ just use the (+) and (-) to increase or reduce your wager per line, respectively.
2 Spin and cross your fingers.
The only thing left to do after setting your desired wagering amount is to get the reels spinning. You can do this yourself using the manual spin button, which is highlighted on the screen. Alternatively, you can leave your chances to the machine and make use of the auto-play option.
Who is the publisher of the Monopoly Hotel Tycoon slot game?

Monopoly Hotel Tycoon is published by WMS, one of the leading gaming software producers. Several other gaming software producers have also published closely similar versions of this game.

How does the jackpot feature work?

There are four progressive jackpots up for grabs. The jackpots are hierarchical, which means that the prize increases as you climb up the ladder. Players can qualify for the jackpots by unlocking the wheel of fortune feature.

What is the least amount that I can bet on Monopoly Hotel Tycoon?

Players can bet as little as $1 on this slot game!

Final Word

Monopoly Hotel Tycoon slot is an adventurous insight into Mr. Monopolyโ€™s smarts and luck. Join this witty businessman as you stack up houses and hotels โ€“ you will also have lots of fun and make some money while at it!

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