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legends of troy slot review

Legends of Troy by High5 Gaming takes on the famous Greek myth where Helen's face launched a thousand ships. After that, disaster struck as Paris fell in love with Helen, her husband resented this and all-out war befell the countries. Soon, some of the most famous warriors were locked in a battle that went nowhere.

Famously though, the Greeks employed a little trickery, gaining the upper hand when they used a giant wooden Trojan horse to enter the city of Troy. 

This exciting 6 reel slot offers a look into this incredible tale while providing the chance to score various game bonuses, make use of free games and even play free. Keep reading to find out more about this game and get ready to make your deposit!

Where to play Legends of Troy slot

How to play Legends of Troy slot online

Step by step guide on how to play Legends of Troy

Playing the slot Legends of Troy is easy. Just follow these simple steps:

1 Choose your casino

Choose one of our recommended online casinos. 

2 Create an account

Register an account.

3 Make a deposit

Deposit if you want to win real money when you spin.

4 Select amount of paylines

Select the number of paylines you want to use.

5 Adjust your bet

Choose your bet size.

6 Hit "Spin"

Click the “Spin” button.

7 Win

Match three symbols on a reel for a win.

Legends of Troy Slot Review

The slot Legends of Troy has a lot going for it. This game is a 6 reel, 50 payline online slot that also features a number of top games bonus options. These include a wild symbol, bonus bet, and more. In addition to this, this game is available as one of many free games found at online casinos.

Not only does this game offer a fun look into the myth of the Trojan horse, but it also comes with a ton of exciting bonus features. These include the Scatter Bucks feature, free spins, and more bonuses.

Design & Feel

This game instantly throws you into the world of the ancient Greeks. The reels are set on the strong walls of Troy and are ringed by the Greek army. 

A Greek theme runs throughout this games Legends of Troy, and this includes the use of symbols and Greek letters for the lower-paying symbols. There's also a rousing soundtrack accompanying the slot every time you spin, and this reaches a crescendo when the Trojan horse appears.


This fun online slot has a great RTP sitting at 94.9%. This is slightly lower than the average RTP we would recommend, however. Usually, it's better to choose a video slot offering an RTP of 95% and up. Remember, you can test this out as one of the free slots at a number of online casinos before choosing to make a real money deposit.

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Legends of Troy Features

As with most slots, this game has a number of quality bonus features available for players to enjoy. This includes the fun Scatter Bucks feature as well as some free spins.


There are 50 paylines available on this game. Happily, as is the case with other slots, this game gives you the option to adjust these so you can choose to have as many, or as few, as you would like when playing.


Jackpots are always a great bonus addition to slots and there's a pretty good one here. In order to score the maximum payout, you will need to land the Helen of Troy symbol. Landing six of these on the reels will give you a 1500 coin win and the biggest payout available.

Scatter Symbols

While Trojans will find the horse of Troy bad luck, here it's actually the scatter. Land at least three of these on the reels and you'll activate the free spins bonus.

Scatter Bucks feature

With the scatter symbol, there is another bonus you can claim. This is the Scatter Bucks feature. To get this feature you will need to have all paylines active. You will also need the bonus bet to be in play when you spin, which does mean making a deposit in order to pay for it. 

To do so, hit the + button and this will make all your symbols become wild so that you can claim some massive rewards. Each time you spin, the reward will grow, depending on which reel the Scatter Bucks feature hits. This fun bonus starts at 100x your bet on reel 1 and goes up to a whopping 10,000x on reel 6.

Wild symbols

No slots game is complete without a wild when you spin. In this game, this is represented by a shield. The wild replaces all other symbols, bar the bonus scatter icon. In doing so, it helps you to score some bigger wins. Not only that, but the final bonus is that these wilds can become stacked wilds too, making your spin even more lucrative.

Other symbols

There are a number of additional symbols in this game. A nice touch is that the lower value icons are actually different Greek letters, rather than the usual playing card symbols. Higher value icons are three different Trojan warriors.

Free Spins

To get this exciting bonus, you will need to land the Trojan horse scatter. A minimum of three is needed to activate it, offering 7 free spins. Landing four wins you 15 free spins, and so on. Better yet, it's possible to retrigger this feature to get up to 105 free spins in total, making this a pretty impressive bonus.

Is Legends of Troy legit?

This game is created by High5 Gaming. As is the case with slots from this provider, Legends of Troy is completely legitimate. High5 has been in the casino business for years and makes sure that it follows all the right rules and regulations to ensure fair gaming is had by all through regular auditing. 


Is Legends of Troy legit?

Yes, this slot is perfectly safe to play both for real money and as a free slot.

Where to play Legends of Troy online slot?

There are a number of top casinos that offer this slot. The best casinos will also provide slots like this in demo mode so you can try it out for free without having to make a deposit.

How many bonus features does Legends of Troy have?

There are a number of bonuses available on this game, including the Scatter Bucks Feature, Free Spins, and Stacked Wilds.

Can I get any Free Spins at Legends of Troy?

Yes, one of the bonus options on this slot includes free spins.

Can I play online Legends of Troy on my mobile?

Yes, it is compatible with mobile casino sites so you can play on the go as well as via your desktop.

CasinoTalk thoughts on Legends of Troy

Legends of Troy offers simple graphics but some pretty exciting bonuses. The Scatter Bucks feature may take a little getting used to, but once you're familiar with it, it's rather lucrative. 

The only downside is that you will need to make a deposit in order to activate it. There's a $1 minimum bet too, which is a little higher than most players want to bet, especially if it's the first time at a casino. However, for those with a bigger bankroll to deposit or claiming a casino bonus, this is well worth the time. 

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