Cluedo Slot Review


The idea behind the Cluedo slot origins from Cluedo that is one of the most popular board games ever made. Also known as Clue in North America, Cluedo was introduced in 1949 and has inspired many versions and even a feature film. Perhaps you might have played Cluedo in the past and tried to figure out which of six people murdered someone, the weapon the killer used, and where in the mansion the murder took place. The intrigue of the game and the reward of finding the culprit is a thrill for everyone to enjoy.

But there’s a whole new way for you to play Cluedo, and it’s a form that pays well. The Cluedo slot from IGT gives you the chance to win big on one of the machine’s twenty lines. IGT is one of the world’s most prominent casino game companies, so you know the game is bound to have some appealing things to earn.

Take a look at this Cluedo slot review, and you’ll see plenty of things to love about this game. You’ll enjoy searching for the answers to the mystery, plus you’ll get some great bonuses along the way. 

The IGT Cluedo Slot Theme

You’ll find many video slots out there with different themes, as the assorted array of Monopoly slots out there proves. But Cluedo provides a distinct difference, as it offers the opportunity to win big during the free spin round.

Each of the six murder suspects appears in this game, as do the six possible murder weapons. The game takes place in a dark and moody environment reflective of the mansion where the murder takes place. The skies are dark, making for the right time for the perfect crime.

Cluedo Game Overview

The Cluedo slot features five reels and three rows with twenty lines. The game plays well on your desktop browser, but you can also play the slot on an Android or iOS device.

You can wager from 1 to 100 on each spin. You can also select how many of the twenty lines you’ll play with, but you, but you cannot choose which specific ones you wish to add or remove.

The top jackpot on this game is 12,500 times the value of your spin. You can get up to 25,000 coins on a spin, as that is the game’s maximum payout total.

The game has a 96% RTP, plus a medium-low variance. The variance total means that you’ll find plenty of ways to win, as it offers more small payouts on average versus other machines.

How to Play the Cluedo Slot


You’ll appreciate the simple layout that the Cluedo slot features. Here’s how you can get started playing the game:
1 Select how much you’re going to wager on each line.
2 Specify the number of lines you’ll play with on your spin. The game’s interface will display how these lines appear.
3 Spin the reels. You can also use the auto-play feature on the bottom-right corner of the screen.
4 Watch for the symbols as they appear. You’ll need three or more of the same one on a line from left-to-right to win.

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Cluedo Slot Symbols

The six murder suspects are the stars of the Cluedo slot, but some pay more than others. Miss Scarlet will be 70, 250, or 1,000 times the value of your bet, depending on how many times she appears on a line. Professor Plum comes in second, as he pays out 60, 150, or 750 times your wager. Reverend Green is the least valuable of these suspects.

The murder weapons are the poker symbols in this game. The revolver is the A and pays 25, 60, or 250 times your bet. The candlestick is the nine symbol and has the lowest value.

The Cluedo frame symbol is the scatter symbol and has the highest value. You’ll win 12,500 times your bet if you get five of them on one line. You can also get 500 times the bet if you have four frame symbols.

The manila folder symbol is the bonus one. You’ll need three or more on a line to trigger the bonus round. The newspaper is the wild symbol and will also appear throughout the screen.

Cluedo Slot Features

Free Spins

You’ll win some free spins if you get three or more manila folders on the same line. You’ll get fifteen free spins at this point. You’ll also play the Who Won It bonus game as part of your prize.

The Who Won It Bonus Game

The Who Won It bonus game starts right before you take your free spins. You’ll select a murder weapon, suspect, and crime scene. Each of these will provide bonus credits and a multiplier for your free spins. You can collect what you win, or you could try again up to two more times to get something better.


The newspaper is the wild symbol. It will replace all of the symbols on the game except for the bonus sign. It also substitutes for the Cluedo frame icon, but only when it is on the same line.

Are there expanding wilds on this slot?

There are no expanding wilds on this machine.

Can the wild symbol appear on any reel?

It is possible for the wild symbol to appear on each reel in the game. You’ll win the jackpot if you get a line with five of these newspapers.

Where can I play this slot for real money?

You’ll find a fully array of websites that offer the Cluedo slot. IGT makes this machine, so it shouldn’t be tough to find an online gaming hall that supports the Cluedo machine. But it helps to watch for whether a site is legitimate or safe to utilize.

Closing thoughts

The Cluedo board game is one of the most intriguing and unique games to play, but the Cluedo slot may be better. The Cluedo slot gives you a chance to win thousands of credits on a spin. You will enjoy the unique atmosphere of the game, not to mention the many characters that make up the game.

The thrill of picking what you think will happen in the bonus game is also exciting, as you’ve got control over what reward you could earn. Try the Cluedo slot from IGT if you’re looking for a game that is different from what you might experience elsewhere.

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