Aftershock Slot Review


Aftershock is a classic-type slot machine game that brings nostalgia to those who play. The classic 3-reel, 3-line gameplay slot game was released in 2014 and gained a crowd from its features. 

This was one of the first slot games that utilized the Sticky Wild feature in the bonus spins. The Aftershock feature and triple Wild symbols are other unique features in the game. With a 95% RTP, the game offered a potential return.

Where to Play Aftershock Slot

The Aftershock online slot game is available for play on various mobile devices as well as through web browsers. To locate the Aftershock slot game, it is recommended to search for trustworthy online casinos such as:

Features to Look for in Online Casinos to Play Aftershock

Before choosing an online casino to play the game, it is crucial to ensure that the casino must hold a valid license from a reputable authority. This guarantees the legality and fairness of the site's operations.

Many online casinos also provide bonuses and promotions for both new and existing players. Thus, select a casino that offers generous bonuses and promotions to complement the Aftershock slot game.

If you prefer the convenience of playing on a mobile device, it is recommended to check whether the casino provides a mobile app. A mobile-friendly website that is compatible with your devices also will do. This way, you can enjoy the game from any location conveniently.

Aftershock Slot Casino Software Provider

In 1943, WMS Gaming, a renowned software supplier, was founded. It made its entry into the casino gaming industry during the 1990s. Since then, WMS has garnered a solid standing in the market, particularly due to its exceptional video slot games. 

Noteworthy titles within the software provider's portfolio include Red Flag Feet, Lancelot, and Amazon Queen.

How to Play Aftershock Slot

After finding your favorite and trusted online casino, search for the game on the search bar or under its software company list.

To play the game, simply place your wager, select your desired paylines, and press the spin button to start the game. Your objective is to align similar Bars, the varying colors of the 7s, and Wild symbols, to create a payline. The color in 7s corresponded to different levels of prizes. 

The triple wild symbols and the Aftershock feature chain reactions will add more appeal to the game.


Details about the Aftershock Slot Game Features

Aftershock has some unique features that distinguish them from the rest. The Aftershock feature is the bonus game or free spins, triggered randomly without the game having a dedicated scatter symbol. This feature will give players up to 7 free spins at random.

 And if the Wild symbols land during the spins, the reel is locked during the bonus spins for the player to gain as much bonus as possible on other reels. This is the second feature, Sticky Wild.

The third unique feature is Double and Triple Aftershock. Unlike general classic slots where the wild symbol is only one and at one reel, Aftershock has wilds on every reel. 

Players can expect Double Aftershock on reels 1 and 2; and Triple Aftershock on reel 3. The ordinary “Wild” symbol is present during the base game and bonus spins, while Double and Triple Aftershock are only available in bonus spins. 

The Double and Triple Aftershock wild does not only substitute any other symbols to make a winning combination but also acts as a multiplier to the win.


Explanation of Betways, Paylines

Aftershock has 5 paylines, meaning you have to choose how many paylines to activate during spins. To win, players need three matching symbols in any direction. 

The game offers various payout combinations, including line wins for the 7 symbols or Wild symbols. Players can also have chances to trigger bonus spins to get the multiplier rewards.

Tips and Strategies for Playing Aftershock

In the base game, players have to try to align the “Bar,” 7s or “Wild” symbols to get prizes. Different colors of 7 will result in different bonuses. The red 7 has the biggest prize with up to 1,200 coins, while the “Wild” will give players more if they make their paylines.

Aim for the red 7 and Wild paylines while hoping the random Aftershock feature will come to you. 

Aftershock Slot Theme and Graphics

Aftershock is a slot game with a retro theme that gives players a blast from the past. The graphic and design elements depict old-time mechanical slot machines with drums for reels, reminding players of how the slot machine used to look like in the 60s and 70s. 

The symbols in the game such as 7s, Bars, and fluorescent colors designed to match the retro old-time casinos with bright lights. The very simple 3-by-3 reels give a heavy nostalgic 60s to 80s vibe, like pink fluorescent flamingoes and lava lamps.

A Detailed Look at the Graphics and Animations

The Aftershock slot game offers appealing graphics and captivating animations. The well-crafted symbols, including classic icons like Bars and 7s, add to the game's aesthetic appeal. 

The disco back sounds and animation run-through aims to provide an engaging experience, elevating the value of the gameplay.

The Symbols and Their Meanings

The symbols in Aftershock depict old-time mechanical slot machines. The black Bar, colored 7s, and the Wild symbols are what people usually find in the mechanical slot machine. 

The number 7 is considered a lucky number in many cultures, religions, and myths; f. From the ancient belief that the seventh son from the seventh son will be granted magic power, to the 7 days of creation and 7 deadly sins. 

The “Bar” symbol originated in an old chewing gum bar and became a classic symbol in slot machine reels.

Aftershock Slot Game Features

During the base game, the aim is to align same-colored 7s to any payline combination. Yellow 7s can reward you with 400 coins. Purple 7s have the potential for up to 600 coins, Blue 7s can gather up to 1,000 coins, and Red 7s can bring you 1,200 coins. 

Other than aligning the sevens, players can also gain from utilizing special symbols on the base game or the free spins game.

The Special Symbols and Their Functions

“Wild” is a wildcard in the base game substituting any symbols, but a row of Wilds also gives a hefty reward.

Double Aftershock will only show in the bonus spins and appear on reels 1 & 2. Similar to the Wild symbol, this symbol functions as a substitution, also a multiplier to the winning paylines.

The Triple Aftershock will substitute any symbols in the bonus game to make a winning combination while multiplying the reward three times. This special symbol can only be found in the bonus spins and on the last reel.

Details about the Free Spins Feature

One of Aftershock’s most-sought features are the Free Spins. These bonus spins will appear randomly and will give a player 1 to 7 spins. There’s no trigger nor scatter symbol in the game to get players to the free spins, just random luck.

On the slot machine version in some of the states, the number of free spins is visible on screen between 1 to 7 spins, but others in different states say it’s not visible at all. Players can only guess how many spins they got and count themselves.

However, in the Free Spins feature, players can fully utilize the Sticky Wild and Double-Triple Aftershock features to the fullest to gain maximum payouts.

How to Win at Aftershock Slot

To improve the chances of winning, it is crucial to grasp the mechanics and features of the game. A recommended approach is to play the game in demo mode, allowing you to familiarize yourself with it before placing real money bets. 

Additionally, it is beneficial to pay attention to the game's special symbols, such as wilds and multiplier symbols. They have the potential to activate bonus rounds and free spins. By employing these strategies, you can optimize your chances of success.

Explanation of the Aftershock Slot RTP

The game's average Return to Player (RTP) stands at 95.00%. This figure indicates that, on average, you can expect to receive 95.00 cents for every dollar you spend in the long run.

It's important to note that the actual returns may vary, as the RTP represents an average percentage.

Tips and Strategies for Maximizing Winnings

Aftershock has 5 paylines and various ways to get bonuses, such as multipliers in the free spin feature. 

As the gameplay is simple and doesn’t require much strategy, all that players can do is maximize their chances to get bigger rewards in ways such as activating all paylines and making good use of free spins to gain more bonuses and aligning Double and Triple Aftershock as much as possible.


Aftershock is a slot game where players aim to align same-colored 7s on payline combinations to earn varying payouts. The game incorporates random free spins or bonus spins, providing players with 1 to 7 additional spins. 

The average RTP of 95.00%, five paylines and straightforward gameplay, Aftershock offers players opportunities to maximize their chances of obtaining rewards without complex strategies.


Which casino software company has created Aftershock?

Aftershock’s software provider is WMS Gaming.

Is Aftershock slot a high, low or medium variance game?

Aftershock is a medium-variance slot game.

How many reels does Aftershock have?

Aftershock has three reels.

How many paylines does Aftershock have?

Aftershock has five paylines.

What is the maximum bet at Aftershock?

The maximum bet in Aftershock is 100 coins.

What is the minimum bet at Aftershock?

The minimum bet in Aftershock is 0.01 coins.

What is the payout at Aftershock?

The maximum payout in Aftershock is 10,000 coins.

What is the RTP at Aftershock?

Aftershock’s RTP is 95.00%.

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