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Bingo Blitz Review

Gambling has been a matter of passion for its enthusiast for centuries. And now, with the development of online technologies, online gambling is presenting tremendous opportunities. Since online casinos emerged in the 90s, online gambling activities have become quite popular. And with the legalization of online gambling in 2013 in the US, it became even more prominent across the globe. Hundreds of online platforms are currently available, and more are on their way.

Bingo Blitz is one of the platforms currently available online for people who love online gaming. The game design is based on cartoons and the character Blitzy the cat accompanies you on your journeys through the world while playing.

The game is produced by Playtika Holding Corporation, a digital entertainment company based in Israel. The company released the game in August 2012, and since then, it has been providing entertainment with bingo games and many more. The game is available on Google Play, Microsoft, App Store, and Amazon Appstore. We should also remind you that the game's intended audience is +21, and it doesn't offer any real money gambling or allows you to win real money or prizes.

Pros & Cons

  • Pros

One of the best things about Bingo Blitz is that it is free to play. To enjoy the basics of the game, there are no prerequisites such as depositing or registering a credit card. All you need to do is to register an account and enjoy yourself.

The accessibility features are also entirely satisfactory. The website allows you to adjust several options such as navigation, color, and content. You can adjust more or less everything on the website to ensure a better quality gaming experience.

The website also offers a Bingo Card Generator feature. With it, you can create your bingo cards in various sizes for free.

Additionally, Bingo Blitz offers free credits to its users. Even if you run out of your daily credits, you can continue playing with the free credits. To claim the credits, all you have to do is to visit the website itself or visit its Facebook page. There are many options to get the daily credits, such as mini-games, freebies in the gift store, and many more.

The game is also available on several platforms. It has got its dedicated mobile application, and you can download it to almost all mobile devices. As such, you can play and enjoy the game anywhere and anytime.

  • Cons

Unfortunately, the site doesn't offer too much in the way of online gaming. In fact, bingo is the only option available. In other words, if you are not a big fan of bingo games, you might get bored pretty easily. They do have some other slots games available, but the quality of those games is considerably low compared to the Bingo Blitz. So they won't do any more than help you pass some time every now and then.

Other than the lack of variety, the website is prone to connection issues. Although not too often, you might experience some connection problems with the game servers. And this could feel bothersome while you are in the middle of an interesting gaming session. However, it seems like this connection problem doesn't exist with the mobile app.

Game Features

There is a lot to say about the game's features. You can find a wide variety of features almost in every part of the game. Some of these features are directly effective on the gameplay, and others are about rewards and connections.

The first thing about the game is its step-by-step approach in the beginning until all the players learn about the essentials. Blitzy the cat characters will help you learn how to play the game and what each feature does. This saves time for every player, so they can focus on playing the game instead of trying to explore what the game offers.

The game is free to play. However, like most games, you can also make additional in-game purchases at your convenience. One of the features you can buy is the Bingo Blitz Plus feature. With it, you can enjoy early exclusive access to Seasonal rooms, win additional rewards and special offers in events, get extra credits with your daily bonus, claim extra bonuses from your daily spins, and many more.

The game is progressive. While some features are available to the players initially, you need to play the game and gain experience and levels to unlock some others. Combined with different events and missions assigned, the progressive nature of the game makes it even more fun.

Gift Center

With Gift Center, you can collect various gifts available in the game. If you keep an eye on the in-game notifications, you'll never miss them. Alternatively, Facebook is the most used social media platform. So you might want to check there for updates as they post about the contests and giveaways.

Moreover, you can invite new friends to join the fun and send them gifts via Gift Center. The Friends Center allows you to request help from your friends to overcome obstacles, missions, or achievements that you want to unlock.

Reward System

The game also provides players with an in-game reward system. This system works like a loyalty program. Through it, the players receive exclusive in-game benefits and rewards as they earn Status Points through gameplay and purchases. There are 9 status points level starting from Bronze to Black Diamond. All statuses provide various benefits such as Kickstarter Bonus, Credit Bonus, Spin Bonus, Daily Coins, etc.

Mobile and App

When it comes to the mobile app, the experience that the developer company has is obvious. The graphics, illustrations, and font sizes create a very alluring interface and make the gameplay even more fun. Moreover, the use of bright colors and the layout of the content is quite successful.

The mobile app is also quite user-friendly, just like the website itself. The design is very practical. Finding what you are looking for is very easy, and the transitions between tabs are also very fast. Additionally, it is not overcrowded with unnecessary banners, ads, pop-up windows, etc., so it offers smooth gameplay. The app doesn't seem to be prone to glitches, and it doesn't freeze. Unlike the website, we didn't experience any disconnections while testing it. The size of the app might seem a little bit big for a bingo game. However, this is something you can expect from a game with great graphics and gameplay.

The bingo game is not the only thing that you can play with Bingo Blitz. There are also 30 slot games available. So even if you want to take a break from the Bingo Blitz, you have other options to pass the time and enjoy yourself. The range of the games might seem inadequate, but we expect the developers to add more types of games in the future.

How to register an account

The process to register an account is very easy with Bingo Blitz. It doesn't involve any complex steps or requires personal information more than necessary. There are 3 registration options available to players. You can register via your Facebook account, Apple ID, or Playtika Games account. If you already possess one of these, the registration process is nothing more than a click, and you are ready to play.

Banking Options

The game offers a great variety of payment options for all kinds of in-game purchases you might want to make. Currently, 4 different payment options are available through the website. Among the options are PayPal or Credit Card. They are all well-known and secure options, so there is no need for you to worry. Using this payment option, you can make payments for your items in US dollars. For your purchases on other platforms such as Android, iOS, or Facebook, you can rest assured because this means your payments are protected by all the security measures used by Apple, Google, and Facebook security measures. This means your banking details are quite safe with the mobile app as well.

Customer Support

The customer support of Bingo Blitz is surprisingly good. The variety of the support options they provide is a clear indication of how serious the company is when it comes to customer satisfaction.

First of all, the design of the support section makes navigation very simple. You can easily find what you are looking for in a short time. It is divided into sub-sections such as Hot Topics, Help Center, Game Features, and Contact Support. The FAQ section is very rich, and it is almost impossible not to find what you need. However, in case you can't find what you are looking for, the contact support feature is there to help. The feature guides you on how to report the problem you are facing by making you select an issue topic and asking you to select a topic, upload a screenshot, and describe the problem.

Additionally, if you don't want to wait and your issue is urgent, you can also contact game support via the online chat option. This feature is definitely one of the most important support options that should be available with all game providers as it offers the fastest response to issues and queries.


What is Bingo Blitz Piggy Bank?

Piggy Bank is a feature that allows players to collect and save the credits they lost because of the BINGOs they missed out on. These credits that the players couldn't collect are deposited to the Piggy Bank. The players can purchase those credits whenever they want to. Additionally, players can get cooking event ingredients or some items for the features games as well.

Should I connect to Facebook while playing the Bingo Blitz?

Connecting to Facebook through the game has a lot of perks, so it is definitely something recommended. You can have the chance to interact with the game's community on Facebook and share your experiences or ask questions that you might have. Players who connect to Facebook have the opportunity to play the Messenger Challenge and complete the Punch Cards for rewards. You can also stay up-to-date about the latest promotions and features.

You should also know that the players who play the game via a mobile device have only this option available to save their in-game progress in the event their devices are stolen, reset to factory settings, or change devices.

How do I open a support ticket?

If you have encountered some sort of problem, such as glitches or transactions that don't appear in your account, you can open a support ticket easily. However, it is highly recommended that players should first take a look at the FAQ section of the website in order to find a quicker solution. If that doesn't help, you can use the "Open Support Ticket" at the top of the website or find the "Contact Support" section at the end of the Help Center. First, you need to select a category for your issue. You can select from a variety of categories such as Account, Freezing, Lost Item, Rewards, etc.

After this step, you need to select a subject. Once you select a category, the subject breakdown will also change. This will help the support team to resolve your issue faster and more effectively. Describe the issue, and then just submit your ticket, and customer support will contact you as soon as possible.

Can I win real money with Bingo Blitz?

Unfortunately, no. This game is intended for an adult audience (21+) for fun purposes only. It does not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes based on gameplay.

How can I play Bingo Blitz?

There are two options to play the game. First, you can use your computer and web browser to play the game on the website. You can also download the Bingo Blitz app on your mobile devices. Before downloading, check your device to see if it meets the requirement to ensure the smooth running of the app.