Bankroll Management | How To Manage Money in the Casino

To make sure that you’re having a good time playing casino games, you need to think about your bankroll management properly. There is no perfect way to manage your money in order to beat the house, but with the right mindset you can make your money last way longer and walk away from the casino either a winner or a good player.

Carefully go through this guide and see the strategies that you can use and enjoy the thrill of playing without giving away too losing too much.

Bankroll Management Tool No. 1: Units

When talking about bankroll management in gambling, you will often hear the term “units”. A unit is a percentage of you total bankroll, and could be somewhere around 1-5% depending on your preferred risk. A lower unit keeps your money last for longer, but a higher unit might win you more money, it’s all up to you.

The unit is a great measure since it takes in consideration that all casino players have different budgets. Some of us have an increased amount of economic freedom, and therefore a higher budget, while some of us don’t. The most important part of bankroll management is to not gamble over your head, and here are some strategies to avoid that:

Bankroll Managegment Tool No. 2: The 401G

To be on the safe side as a roulette enthusiast, be disciplined and make sure that you don’t wager with the money you require for personal expenses and household bills. If you are to gamble, you have to ensure that you use money that’s only intended for that activity. A player needs to have two bankrolls; one for fun and life and the other one for the hope that Lady Luck comes his way. These two bankrolls should never intersect at all. By having a separate bankroll, a player can gamble, and if he or she loses, it won’t hurt as such since that’s money put aside for gambling. This thinking brought about the 401G idea – a bank account with funds set aside for gambling only.

How To Start With The 401G

If you are a roulette enthusiast and happen to have a lot of cash, then dig into them and set aside some of it for your 401G. If you own a business entity, set aside some funds that won’t be missed from your real life.

Since you will have to contribute to your fund constantly, I would suggest that you put small amounts of funds monthly or annually on a repeated basis. This is based on the fact you are playing a negative-expectation game where wins come once in a blue moon.

Total Bankroll and Session Stakes

You need to divide your bankroll as highlighted below:

  • Session stake is what you will use for a single sit-down at a game. This session can last as long as you wish.
  • A daily stake is the amount of funds you are willing to give to yourself for playing two or more sessions.
  • A weekly stake is the amount of funds you will reward yourself when visiting a casino town.
  • Bankroll is the total amount of funds in your 401G account. You have to make routine deposits here.


  • It’s vital to set aside gambling money from money intended for essential use such as food, clothes, and housing.
  • Set up a 401G account strictly intended for gambling activities.
  • Divide your money using the concept of daily stake, session stake, or weekly stake.

Bankroll Managegment Tool No. 3: The Envelope Method

Sadly, this technique is often laughed at by players and gambling gurus despite it being sensible. It’s simple. When visiting a casino, carry some envelopes. After you are done with a session with whatever money you have with yourself –big or small- put them in an envelope since you are done with that session stake.

The next session will come from another new stake. This technique is more of a controlling factor as it stops players from betting using their previous funds, be it wins or what’s left from a losing streak.

Session stake and roulette bankroll

All players bet using small money with the hope of getting more. If you are one of those cautious players, I would suggest that the minimum spread of your units should be 1 to 40 or more. In case your session sees you losing 40 units, then wait until the next session (but don’t make that session a few minutes after your last one). Take a break for a few hours or days. Remember always to set aside funds in your 401G account.

The patterns of wins and losses

Outside players will attest that 1 to 40-unit betting works best, especially with even-money bets. Even though similar house edges on inside and outside bets tend to drain money at the same percentages, they do so differently over different periods of time. The patterns of wins and losses aren’t the same.

You may bet 10 units on an inside number and fail to win even a single spin in forty sessions. But again, it could be the opposite whereby you win early. Keep in mind that you are facing 36 to 1 or 37 to 1 odds. If you opt to bet more than a number, it would be wise to go with propositions.

What to do if you bump on a biased wheel or a real deal signature

A lot of players would not give away the chance of placing bets using a biased wheel, even for once. Things change when playing with an advantage. For instance, you won’t be interested in session stakes or playing for long.

When playing with an advantage, you will wager the numbers that keep coming up. But to be on the safe side, make sure that you have enough funds to see you through any dry spells that may come your way since such dry spells are a guarantee. Hitting a biased wheel is a once-in-lifetime occasion that you really don’t have to hope for.


  • While the house always has the edge on all bets –except for en prison and surrender-, the patterns of wins for “inside” and “outside” bets are always different.
  • “Inside” bets are more dynamic since they come with large wins and plenty of losses.
  • “Outside propositions” seem less dynamic.
  • “Inside” bet sessions have to be larger than “outside proposition” bets for long streaks.

Bankroll Managegment Tool No. 4: Know When to Quit

Apart from playing a dealer signature or a biased wheel, each bettor needs to exercise some discipline. If anything, you are playing for fun but hoping for big wins. However, the house has the edge over you and is very likely to win.

Losing gamblers have a tendency of overplaying to recoup back the losses very fast. Do you remember the Martingale system- money on a regular basis?  Therefore, it is wise that you back down if your losses exceed your acceptable limit for the session. The only sensible way is to take a break and try a different time.


What is a bankroll?

The bankroll is the total amount of money you have dedicated to a specific purpose. In gambling, you bankroll is the amount of money you have entered the casino with, or hold in your account balance.

What is a 401 g account?

A 401G account is an imaginary "bank account" where you set aside the funds that you are willing to gamble with. It is a useful tool in order to control that you never gamble over your head.

What is a session stake?

A session stake is the amount of money you are willing to gamble in a single session.

Why should i use bankroll management strategies?

While bankroll management strategies won't make your chances of winning any better, you will be able to control the flow of money when gambling better. This means that you will be able to control the often biggest risk in gambling which is gambling above your head, and also make your bankroll last longer while gambling, extending the amount of fun you can have.

What deposit method should i use when starting my bankroll at an online casino.

There are various deposit methods you can use for making deposits and withdrawals to online casinos. We recommend Paypal, Skrill or debit/credit cards. Read our deposit and withdrawal guide for further insights in the pros and cons with different banking options.