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Jacks or Better is a video poker game from GVC, and it is fun to play on desktop and mobile devices. The game comes with several incredible features and offers pretty decent payouts. That's not all! It has flexible betting limits, making it suitable for players who love to stake low as well as those that enjoy staking high.

In this comprehensive article, we will provide a review of Jacks or Better and discuss how you can play the game. Besides that, we will highlight some standout features available in the video poker game that make it worthwhile. We will also talk about the payout of the casino game and answer some questions you may have. So keep reading for this and more.

Slot Details 
ProviderGVC Holdings
Slot NameJacks or Better
No of ReelsN/A
No of PaylinesN/A
Min. Bet$0.25
Max. Bet$1.25
Max. Payoutx800
Auto SpinsN/A

Where to play Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better is a popular video poker game that is available in the US. You can play the Jacks or Better at one of our recommended US online casinos.


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How to play Jacks or Better slots online

Step by step guide on how to play this slot machine

Impressively, Jacks or Better has simple gameplay, and you do not need any special skill to play it. As it is with other games and slots, you will need to place your bets following the betting limit of the game. After that, you can continue with the gameplay by dealing cards to the screen and deciding which cards to hold.

1 Place your preferred bet.

Specify how much you want to wager by adjusting the betting limit of the game. This is different from one Jacks or Better game to the other but usually specified by the developer.

2 Deal cards.

Click on the Deal button to deal yourself 5 cards from the deck. The cards will be displayed on the screen of the game for you to make your next move.

3 Hold preferred cards and continue play.

From the 5 cards, hold the cards you prefer and click the Deal button to change the other cards. Your final 5-card hand will determine what you will win in the game.


Jacks or Better Slot Review

Jacks or Better is an exciting video poker game from GVC Holdings, now Entain. Although there is not much information about the game online, it follows the same gameplay as most other video poker games. This means you can deal yourself cards, hold preferred cards, and change the cards you don't like in order to form a better hand.

As with the few games in the library of GVC Holdings, Jacks or Better has several incredible features. It can be played on desktop and mobile devices, and you do not need to install any special app. Apart from that, the developer has included an information section in the game where you can find out more about its features and functions. 

Jacks or Better Slot Machine Design & Feel 

Graphically, Jacks or Better did not do badly. In fact, the game is quite appealing to the eyes and colorful. The main playing area is where the 5 cards are dealt when players click on the Deal button. You will also see the different buttons you can use to play the game and access its different sections. Jacks or Better gives players an adventurous feel. 

Jacks or Better Slots RTP 

Sadly, we do not have any information about the Return to Player (RTP) percentage of the game at this time. Nevertheless, GVC Holdings is a reputable brand, and it won't come as a surprise if Jacks or Better falls in the category of good games with an average RTP. That said, once we have information about the game's RTP, we will surely update the review.

Jacks or Better Gallery

Jacks or Better Online Slot Features

Although Jacks or Better is a video poker game, it does have some unique features. Most of these features revolve around making the gameplay easy for players. For example, a Max Bet button comes with the game to let players wager the highest possible amount with a click on the button. You can also customize some options, such as reducing the volume of the game and so on. 

Jacks or Better Paylines 

Jacks or Better is not an online slot game, so it does not come with fixed or adjustable paylines. Instead, the game only features positions where the five cards are dealt when you click on the Deal button. As with every online casino game, Jacks or Better uses a Random Number Generator (RNG) to ensure that cards dealt are random and every player stands a chance to win.


While Jacks or Better is not a progressive jackpot game, it does offer decent payouts to players. The amount you can win is determined by the hand you form with the 5 cards. The highest-paying hand is the Royal Flush. You can see the payout of each hand in the paytable section that the developer has included in the game.

Scatter Symbols 

Since Jacks or Better is not an online slot, it does not come with a scatter symbol. The game only features cards that are dealt to the screen when a player clicks on the Deal button. The cards are regular cards used in blackjack or poker games. They include face cards, J, K, Q, A, and other cards 2 to 10.

Wild symbols 

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, there are no symbols to populate the screen of Jacks or Better. This means you will find no wild symbol that can substitute other symbols or be used to trigger some form of bonus. Jacks or Better is an exciting online video poker game that is played with one or more decks of cards.

Other symbols 

Just as there are no scatter or wild symbols, you cannot find other symbols in the game as well. However, you can enjoy a great time playing the game even without the availability of symbols like that of an online slot. The thrill of creating a high-ranking hand to win the maximum possible amount offered is surely something you won't want to miss out on.

Jacks or Better Free Spins 

As you may have guessed, there is no free spins feature in Jacks or Better. This is because the free spins feature is only available in video slot games. Nevertheless, GVC has made the game fun to play by making its gameplay smooth and including a few technical features. You can enjoy playing Jacks or Better for real money at one of our recommended casinos.

Other Features

If you want to check the different features available in Jacks or Better, you can take a look at the information section that the developer has included in the game. Here, you will also find other useful information that can help you understand how the game is played as well as how winning works. You can access the information section of the game by clicking on the “i” or “help” button.

Is Jacks or Better legit?

Jacks or Better is a legit video poker game for players in the US to enjoy. It is one of the few games from the stables of GVC Holdings, now called Entain. The developer has multiple valid licenses from top regulatory authorities. Besides that, its games pass through rigorous testing phases before being approved and becoming available to play at online casinos.


IS Jacks or Better LEGIT?

The game is designed by GVC Holdings, a brand with multiple valid licenses from some of the strictest regulatory authorities. As a result, Jacks or Better is completely safe for players to play.

WHERE TO PLAY Jacks or Better?

You can play Jacks or Better at any of our recommended US online casinos. These casinos have a wide range of games and offer players incredible bonuses to help them enjoy the best gambling experience.


Unfortunately, there are no bonus features available in Jacks or Better since it is not an online slot. However, the game comes with other technical features that make its gameplay easy and smooth for bettors.


No, you cannot. The game does not have any free spin feature for players to trigger. However, it does offer decent payouts, which means you can be lucky to win big playing it.

CAN I PLAY Jacks or Better ON MY MOBILE?

Yes, you can. Jacks or Better is a mobile-friendly video poker game that is available to play on mobile devices. You do not need to download any special app to play the game on mobile.

CasinoTalk thoughts on Jacks or Better

We have provided a review of Jacks or Better from GVC in this comprehensive article. Without a doubt, the video poker game is easy and interesting to play. Remember that you do not need to have any special skill to play it on your desktop or mobile device. Besides that, the game has flexible betting limits, making it suitable for players that stake low and those that stake high.

While there is not much information about the game features, players can rest assured that it is legal and safe to play. Besides that, you can access the information menu that the developer has included in the game to know its features. Overall, Jacks or Better is a good online video poker game. So why not play it at one of our casinos today!

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