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Yet again, the well-known software provider NetEnt hasn't failed its gambling fans and has launched one more top quality game with thrilling features and gameplay. Designed by NetEnt, the French Roulette slot is one of the most preferred games the company has ever developed. Why? Because it is easy to learn, with a straightforward strategy, and at the same time, extremely exciting. 

This game has it all: the dynamic billboard, the autoplay option, the special bets panel, modern graphics, sound effects, and much more. We will discuss further all its features later in this article along with how to play it, where to play it, its design, RTP, and more. In the end, you will probably decide that giving this table game a try is well worth it.

Slot Details 
Slot NameFrench Roulette
No of Reels5
Min. Bet$1
Max. Bet$500
Max. Payout$5000
Auto SpinsYes

Where to play French Roulette

There are plenty of sites where can you play French Roulette for free or for real money. NetEnt has a list of recommended casinos on its French Roulette webpage where you can play this game.


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How to play French Roulette slots online

Step by step guide on how to play this slot machine

Playing French Roulette is easy and requires only some basic critical thinking and probability calculations. The first thing you need to do is learn its rules on placing bets, the name of the bets, the value per spin, etc. Further, the inside and outside bets are like in any other roulette game but come with different names like Impair (odds), Manque (low bets), Passe (high bets) and Pair (evens).

1 Pick your chip

The first thing you have to do while playing French Roulette is picking the value of the chip you want to bet with. This value can range from $1 to $500.

2 Make your bet

Now, you have to make bets on a particular number. The whole point of playing the French Wheels is to predict on which pocket the ball is going to settle into.

3 Turn the roulette wheels

The dealer will turn the roulette wheel and the ball will spin in the opposite direction with the wheel. You win when the ball lands into the pocketed number you have placed a bet on.


French Roulette Slot Review

The French Roulette offers plenty of fun and rewards. Standard roulette rules apply when playing the NetEnt's French Roulette and in its high-roller version, you can play for huge stakes. There are 37 numbered pockets on the reel with numbers from 0 to 36 colored in red and black, except the zero which is colored in green. To make it a real French roulette, the game also has French names on the bets. 

Similar to the European roulette, The French roulette features almost the same bets as in other roulette variants, but this game also has some extra bets like Orphelins, Tiers, and Voisins. These types of bets require you to place the chips on various sections of the table when playing the game. Moreover, the payout for a single chip will be multiplied by 35. 

French Roulette Slot Machine Design & Feel 

This table game has one of the best 3D visuals and graphic designs casino players have ever seen. Its simple interface is highly helpful to beginners that will be playing this table game for the first time or aren't too familiar with it. The wheel has a smooth spin with vibrant red and black colors. The classy design makes you feel like you are playing it in a real land-based casino. 

French Roulette Slots RTP 

NetEnt states on its website that this developed game has an RTP (Return to player percentage) of 97.3%. The RTP defines how often you will get a payout in the long run from playing this table game. This means that for every $100 you bet on a certain period, in theory, you stand a chance of winning $97. Compared to other table games, this can be qualified as a high RTP game.

French Roulette Gallery

French Roulette Online Slot Features

The French roulette has plenty of thrilling features for gamblers to enjoy like quick spin, autoplay, favorite bet, La partage, and En prison feature. They make the overall gaming process even better than it is. By enabling Quick Spin or Autoplay, you can customize this table game to fit your playing style. Furthermore, players can benefit from plenty of possible payouts that the French Roulette offers. 

French Roulette Paylines 

Betting Rules. The game's stakes are categorized into outside and inside bets. The second one involves the player placing a bet between 0 to 36. Also, the French Roulette has plenty of outside bets such as the six-number lines, the four-number, and the five-number. Placing an outside bet means predicting the odds of the game outside the numbers at the table. This increases the chances of winning because of a wider range of options. 


French Roulette Payouts. The French Roulette has the same payouts as NetEnt’s European roulette variation. The straight-up bets pay 35:1, the split bets pay 17:1, and the three-line bets pay 11:1. The corner bets come in at 8:1, and the six-line bets are valued at 5:1. The high/low, red/black, and odd/even bets are valued at the standard 1:1 rate. Meanwhile, outside bets include payouts of 2:1 for a dozen bets and columns. 

Scatter Symbols 

La Partage feature. NetEnt's French Roulette stands out from the crowd of roulette game versions because it offers some extra betting options. One of them is La Partage which, by bringing the house edge down to 1.35%, gives you the chance to get a part of your money back. If the ball lands on zero, all even-money bets are split automatically so that you will get half of your money back. 

Wild symbols 

En Prison feature. This feature is very similar to La Partage because it only works on even money bets. But differently from the last one, with the En Prison feature, the bet you have placed will be kept in prison until the next round if the ball lands on zero. This gives you a free go and if you win, you will get your full bet back. If you lose again, you will get nothing. 

Other symbols 

Other features. But wait, there is more! NetEnt has made this classic table game even more exciting than it is with different special features. French Roulette offers other tools like dynamic statistic billboards. You will see the history of your game and the numbers that are hot or cold on these billboards. Furthermore, with just one click, players can also undo, redo, and double their bets. 

French Roulette Free Spins 

French Roulette Autoplay. If you have played roulette recently you might have noticed that all of them have an autoplay option, and this game is not an exception. You can set the Autoplay up to 1,000 spins, only if you have enough credits for all spins. With the advanced settings, you can even adjust it so that it deactivates after you have won a certain amount of times. 

French Roulette's other features (Favorite Bet - Quick spin) 

The Quick Spin option allows players to skip the spinning and get straight to the outcome, so you can make more bets in a shorter time. Meanwhile, with the Favourite bets option, a small window will pop up where you can save your favorite bets combinations. It even allows you to rename them. In the same window, you will find also the Special bets with 5 pages of different bet combinations. 

Is French Roulette legit?

French Roulette was designed, developed, and provided to the market by NetEnt, one of the most respected and well-known software game developers. It has a good reputation in the gambling industry because it produces secure and high-quality games like French Roulette. All games developed by NetEnt are tested for fairness and randomness so rest assured that this table game is totally legit and safe to play.


IS French Roulette LEGIT?

Yes, French Roulette is totally legit because it is developed by NetEnt, a company with a great reputation in the industry. This top industry provider designs safe, tested, and high-quality games.

WHERE TO PLAY French Roulette?

There are lots of places where you can play French Roulette. If you are a beginner and not used to table games, we recommend that you first try the demo version for free.


French Roulette offers plenty of exciting features like La Partage, En Prison, and even special ones like Favorite Bets, Quick spin, and Autoplay. All these tools make the experience even more fun.


French Roulette, like any other table game that has been developed recently, offers an autoplay option. You can set the Autoplay up to 1,000 spins, and even adjust it so that it can deactivate itself.

CAN I PLAY French Roulette ON MY MOBILE?

Yes, you can play French Roulette on any device you want, let it be a smartphone, PC, or tablet. This game is mobile-friendly with a great layout, so you won't face any difficulties accessing it.

CasinoTalk thoughts on French Roulette

As we said before, French Roulette is a highly exciting game with lots of features to explore. It is similar to NetEnt's European Roulette but it has some extra bets. The betting rules are almost like in every other version of this table game. But what makes the French Roulette special and different are the plenty of features it offers like QuickSpin, Autoplay, La Partage, and En Prison. 

This is not the only reason this game is so popular and preferred. That said, the amazing graphics and 3D design play a major role. Also, it has a high RTP and offers plenty of payouts. It can be accessed on any device and its betting rules are easy to learn, so any beginner can start playing soon for real money after trying the demo-free version first.

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