Anchorman Slot Machine Review - The Legend Of Ron Burgundy

Anchorman - The Legend Of Ron Burgundy was one of Will Ferrel’s finest movies, and one of the highest grossing movies of 2004. 14 years down the line, we now have a brilliant online video slot (Anchorman Slot Machine) based on the movie, thanks to Bally Technologies, one of the four brands of gaming giants Scientific Games Corporation. Fans of the movie will definitely love this throwback, while newbies will also appreciate this brilliantly designed slot. 

Anchorman Slot Machine

Anchorman Slot Machine

Anchorman Slot Visuals

This colorful slot is heavily influenced by the blockbuster movie of the same name, with all its iconic main characters appearing on the reels. The real images of Ron, Brian, Champ, Brick and even Ron’s dog Baxter appear on the reels in comical poses, among other miscellaneous items such as cowboy hats and sunglasses.

The background template as well as the color combination makes this video slot look like a still from a 70’s news broadcast, bound to invoke nostalgia like the movie did as well. The hit jazz  soundtrack “Afternoon Delight” is a constant source of delight in the background, while hilarious video clips from the movie keep the players engrossed.

Anchorman Slot Machine Features

  • This Anchorman slot has a 5 reel layout with 25 paylines initially, increasing in number as the player receives multiple free spins in the myriad of bonus rounds available in the game.
  • The higher paying symbols are the faces of the Channel 4 news team - Ron, Brick, Champ and Brian, while the lower value symbols comprise of a cowboy hat, a TV news van and sunglasses.
  • There is a wild symbol with the words “This Is Wild” written on it, while a blaring yellow arrow is the bonus symbol. A big bonus reel can be activated, which can give you the opportunity to win 3 kinds of jackpots.
  • There are 4 different bonus rounds based on each iconic character, and the highest jackpot that can be won by winning the 25 lane, 3 reel bonus, is $250000.
  • The slot has an impressive RTP of 96.03$.

How To Play Anchorman The Legend Of Ron Burgundy Slot


Basic Controls of how to play the Anchorman slot
1 The basic controls of this slot game lie at the bottom of the display screen which shows all the reels and symbols.
Anchorman Slot Basic Controls
2 On the lower right-hand corner we can see the  “ +  and  - ”  signs which can be used to toggle your stake. The minimum bet per spin is $0.75 while the maximum bet is $150.
3 In the middle of the control pad below the screen, click on the Spin icon to spin the slot machine. Next to it is an autoplay button which can help you with automatic spins.
4 Below the control pad, at the bottom of the screen we can see our available balance, as well as our previous winnings and line-wise winnings.

Gameplay and Bonus Features

  • There are 25 fixed payline but they are not all visible at once. Up to 10 “This is Wild” symbols can appear on the screen, and act as a free space, hence improving your chances of winning.
  • There are a total of 9 different symbols on the board, and the player wins when 3 or more of these symbols land in an unbroken line across the 25 paylines.
  • Along with the bonus and wild symbols, the maximum a player can win with one spin of a $150 bet in normal gameplay is $100000.
  • The player can also benefit from multiple bonus symbols in one spin, which can be rewarding in many different ways.

Bonus Rounds

The blaring yellow arrow with Bonus written on it is the real game-changer in this slot. Landing 3 or more of those earns the player a spin of the Big Bonus Reel. The Big Bonus Reel can either lead to instant cash prizes as well as the “Nice, Very Nice or Really Good Jackpot” payouts, or further access to the 4 character based bonus rounds.

  • Ron’s Giant Free Games - In this game mode, the reels expand from the usual 3 rows to 19 rows, and there are now 117 paylines. The player gets 7 free spins of these giant reels, and should look out for multipliers like “Ron Donning A Cowboy Hat” or “Ron In A Robe” for big wins.
  • Whammy - In the Whammy bonus feature awards the player with 12 free spins. A ladder with 12 steps is visible. The player can climb each step whenever a Whammy symbol appears. Upon reaching the top of the ladder, the player can expect up to 13.3x returns on the original stake. This game mode is activated when the reel stops on Champ.
  • Weather Wheel Feature - The highest paying bonus feature is activated when the reel stops on Brick. This feature asks you to spin the wheel to get a chance to win prizes ranging from 75 to 1000 times the stake. You can even level up twice to win even more via multipliers.
  • The Sex Panther Pick – Brian Fantana’s irresistible charm was a hit with the ladies of 1974, and this feature includes 15 bottles of cologne on display.Each bottle awards a prize, and after all selections are confirmed, the player has to choose between 5 packets of condoms to score with a multiplier ranging from 2x to 10x.

About The Theme

Anchorman The Legend Of Ron Burgundy is a hilarious take on the male-dominated news broadcasting culture of the 70’s. Ron Burgundy is the undisputed star of a channel based in San Diego, and works with his childhood friends Brian, Champ and Brick, each handling a different news segment. The movie revolves around the fierce yet hilarious rivalry between Ron Burgundy and Veronica Corningstone, a new female anchor on Channel 4. It eventually ends with Ron saving Veronica from a bear enclosure, and they are then shown as leading anchors of a top news channel.

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