Top 7 Best Casino Welcome Bonus for 2021

08 December 2020

top 7 best casino welcome bonus for 2021

Almost every online casino offers new customers a sign-up or welcome bonus. These casino welcome bonuses come in various forms, including free chips to wager with. Playing online comes at an advantage when compared to visiting a physical casino location. 

While these casino welcome bonuses seem too good to be true, the truth of the matter is that it is possible to get this ‘free money’ to take care of all your gambling needs. If you are a fan of online casino gaming, be sure to take advantage of these welcome or sign-up bonuses any time you are able to, as they are an awesome way to get more value for your hard-earned money. 

However, it is important to keep in mind how these casino welcome bonuses work, seeing as they are not all the same. Some bonuses are huge, appearing somewhat lucrative, but the truth is that a big welcome bonus is not necessarily the best, and a smaller one could prove to be even more profitable. This is due to the fact that most casinos welcome bonus options that come with specific requirements to be met attached to them. 

These requirements often vary from site to site. Our detailed review will take you through everything you need to know, including how the casino signup bonus works, and what some of the biggest online casinos welcome bonus providers are.

Our top 7 Casino with a welcome bonus

What’s a casino welcome bonus?

An online casino welcome bonus can be thought of as a way in which your online casino of choice tells you ‘Hello’ while celebrating the first successful deposit you make. Ever since they were ‘invented’, online casino promotions have more often than not become a mandatory element for each gaming provider. So much so, sign-up bonus casino offers have become so widely-embraced in the betting industry, it would be a shocker to register to an online casino, only to find that there is no welcome bonus.

Welcome bonus casino platforms make use of their signup bonus offers to attract new users and greet them by way of presenting them with lucrative in-house deals. It is not surprising to see casinos getting competitive in their welcome bonus offers.

Also referred to as 1st-deposit bonuses or sign-up bonuses, welcome bonuses are usually offered to new users as a form of welcome gift. Usually, their aim is to get the new user to keep visiting or playing on the provider’s site.

casino welcome bonus

Why do some casinos offer crazy high welcome bonuses?

Internet casino bonus offers for new users come in various forms and sizes. Once a player signs up successfully, the operator can give them a first-deposit bonus where the casino matches the deposit made by a given percentage. While most providers usually double the money (100% match-up), there are some that can get as high as 500%! 

Another form of welcome bonus offers comes in the form of free spins. Here, a player stands a chance of winning more money, seeing as they get more chances to strike lucky wins while playing their favorite online slot games. There are online casinos that welcome bonus options that are offered upfront, while others are earned as the player continues with the gameplay. 

These continuous promotions are a great move to ensuring that even the existing clients are awarded for their loyalty. The bonus offers could get super high with some providers, as they seek to get more members aboard, and probably retain them. Competition for users is quite high, and each casino provider aims to outdo its competition in the best way possible. 

What do all the different types of bonuses mean?

Arguably, most players value the bonus offered at their casinos of choice more than anything else. While banking options, available games, reputation, safety, and overall gameplay are all important factors to put into consideration, according to statistics, over half of bettors make their choice of casino based on the platform’s online casino bonus offers.

Bonus options are quite plentiful, ranging from sign-up casino bonus offers to casino welcome bonus no deposit options. We will take you through what each bonus type entails.

Welcome Bonus

This is the most common offer provided by most operators. They are also referred to as new player bonuses, first deposit bonuses, or sign-up bonuses. In most cases, they come in the form of a match-up to the total amount deposited up to a given percentage. With a 100% match-up, for instance, the player’s account will be credited by $100 if they make a deposit of $100 the first time upon successful registration.

The welcome bonus level of match-up can range from 50% to 500%, but the most common match-up level for most providers stands at 100%. While it may seem like a lucrative offer, anything above 200% should be looked at with a little bit of caution, seeing as the amount could be subject to numerous restrictions related to the bonus withdrawal. 

No Deposit Bonus

Just as the name suggests, these are bonus offers designed to award new players with a bonus amount without them necessarily having to make an initial deposit. This is an ideal option that allows bettors to try out the particular casino with no risk associated with gambling. The best online casino welcome bonus providers in the market offer a $10 zero-deposit amount, which is relatively okay.

The only thing that players need to keep in mind when it comes to no deposit bonus offers is the restrictions that come attached to them. One such requirement is the need for players to make a deposit amounting to the bonus amount, or to wager with at least the bonus amount before they can be eligible to withdraw their winnings. Some casinos will also require players to make use of specific no deposit bonus codes to claim their winnings.


Game-Specific bonus offers to refer to the bonus types that can only be applied to specific games. The reason why many platforms offer these bonuses is to encourage players to try out a new game or even to try to shift their attention to a particular gaming category.

Monthly Deposit Bonus

Also referred to as loyalty bonuses, deposit bonuses or reload bonuses, monthly deposit bonus offers are common to online casinos with free signup bonus real money deposit options. Here, players are eligible for promotions on a monthly basis to urge players to continue playing on their sites. In most cases, these promotions are not advertised or publicized, and an existing player would have to constantly check the site for any upcoming offers. These offers are dependent on the user’s activity in the previous duration, and the more the activity, the higher the offer.

High roller bonuses

There are some casinos that would like to have high-rollers in their pride, and these bonus offers are meant for such high spenders. These players are often referred to as high spenders, VIPs, or even whales, given the fact that they tend to spend more than other regular players. These bonus amounts are equally big, almost matching the amount spent by an individual player. These bonuses are awarded on a case by case basis, dependent on a player’s activity.

How are the Casino welcome bonuses calculated?

The fast-paced online gaming industry has gotten to intensely competitive levels, with most providers doing everything within their power to maintain a competitive edge above the rest. While this leaves players at an advantage given the array of choices to pick from, more often than not, there is always a catch associated with these lucrative bonus offers.

Having a look at how the welcome bonus offers are calculated could provide some useful insight that can help you in your choice of online casino gaming provider.

  1. Enter your desired deposit amount

    Your deposit amount is basically the deposit sum that is equal to how much you are willing to spend while playing at the casino. Here, you can make the deposit all at once, or over a number of times.

  2. Key in the percentage deposit match amount for every specific bonus awarded 

    Here, you only need to click on the ‘Percentage Deposit Bonus’ on the Casino Bonus Calculator. This percentage figure represents the total amount by which the casino is willing to match your deposit.

  3. Enter the bonus’ wagering requirements

    These are usually found on a player’s bonus fine prints, typically represented by an ‘X’ and an accompanying number.

  4. Input the Game Contribution Percentage

    This is almost the last step, requiring you to enter your game’s ‘Game Contribution Percentage’.

  5. Hit ‘Calculate’

    Once you key in all the required data, just press the ‘Calculate’ option and wait for the outcome as the calculator works out the total amount you will have won as the bonus.


What is a casino welcome bonus?

Welcome bonuses incentives given to new players to welcome them to the provider’s site.

How does the Casino Welcome bonus work?

Casino bonus work just as your deposit. You can use it to play and win real cash.

Are Casino Welcome bonuses only for new players?

Yes, but there are other bonuses even for existing players.

How do I get my casino Welcome bonus?

After signing up, you can claim your welcome bonus. Some sites give you a bonus after you make a deposit.

When do I receive my Welcome bonus?

You can get it immediately after signing up and verifying your account. After you make a deposit your welcome bonus can be calculated as its percentage. 

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