The Grind from Borgata Casino – Free Cash for Poker Players

10 November 2020

borgata casino promo offer

Get Free Cash when playing poker at Borgata Casino

Any poker grinder at Borgata Casino is given an opportunity to pick up tournament dollars and free cash for just playing real money poker on their platform. This offer runs from the opening day to the last day of a month. It is valid until December 2020 in the state of New Jersey.

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What is the offer?

All poker grinders at Borgata Casino has the opportunity to pick up free cash and tournament dollars. The player only needs to open the platform and play real money poker. A player would start receiving iRPs based on their wager. Based on the iRPs accumulated, users will receive various rewards.

For someone who has picked up 100 iRPs, the reward would be $1 in cash. As the player starts moving up the ladder, they start to receive bigger rewards. For example, 10,000 iRPs would result in $100 in cash and $100 in tournament dollars – for a total value of $200.

How to claim the offer?

‘The Grind’ at Borgata Casino can be claimed from the first of a month to the last day. A player has to:

  1. Sign up at Borgata Casino from the link below

  2. Add money into the account depending on the budget set aside for poker

  3. Play poker games with real money

  4. Pick up iRPs based on the wager

  5. Rewards get credited into the account

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$20 Free – No sign-up needed

Go to Borgata Casino
Promo code: TALK20


How do the rewards get credited into the account?

The rewards are credited into each account as cash rather than as a bonus.

How many redemptions are allowed per person?

Every user gets to enjoy one redemption of the Grind.

What is the basic requirement placed upon a player?

The player must reside in the state of New Jersey and they must also be at least 21 years old.

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