Sword Sorceress Slot Review


The Sword Sorceress is your friend. She is fair and powerful, and she can turn dangerous despite her calm demeanor. As your friend, however, the Sword Sorceress is here to help you win! She has the magic and skills needed to put together a winning combination of symbols, but she can only do it with your help. Don’t worry: the Sword Sorceress slot is easy, fun, and you will most likely have something to show for it in the end.

Here is a comprehensive review of everything you need to know about the Sword Sorceress slot game provided by DGC.

How to Play the Sword Sorceress Slot


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It takes years (possibly a lifetime) to learn and understand sorcery, allegedly. However, it takes much shorter time to become a pro at the Sword Sorceress slot game. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to play this game like a winner:
1 How much are you willing to bet?
The Sword Sorceress slot machine is conveniently flexible in terms of denominations. There is something for both the cautious and high-stakes players, as the machine accepts as little as one penny and as much as $40.

As such, determine where you lie in this vast spectrum and proceed to set your wager accordingly. Use the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons on the screen to increase or decrease the bet amount. Remember: the amount you stake determines the amount you stand to win (or lose), so exercise prudence!
2 Put your money where your mouth is and spin!
Are you sure about the set betting amount? If so, there is nothing left to do but set the wheel spinning, so to speak. All you have to do is press the spin button and wait until the reels settle and the symbols line up in your favor. You can also make use of the auto-play feature for a hands-free experience.

Sword Sorceress Slot Theme & Game Overview

The Sword Sorceress slot game brings together a wide range of themes for an overall magical gaming experience. The range of themes includes beauty, sorcery, magic, and luxury.

Overall, Sword Sorceress meets and surpasses expectations. The background story is intriguing and interesting – a strikingly beautiful and seemingly calm woman yielding immense powers for evil or good makes for a thrilling mind trip! The symbols and characters in this game are also reflective of the background story. The different symbols also align and play out logically, based on the human understanding of this seemingly not-so-mystical world.

Bla Bla Bla Studios is one of the leading producers of casino gaming software, and the Sword Sorceress slot game reflects this fact. The symbols and characters are presented in HD quality for clarity, and the motion pictures move flawlessly for a seamless gaming experience. The chosen tunes are also relaxing and reflect the game’s various themes.

Away from the appearances and down to the technicalities: the Sword Sorceress slot game affords players numerous chances of winning. The game has a range of player-friendly features designed to boost players’ positions and minimize their losses!

Sword Sorceress Slot Symbols & Gameplay

The Sword Sorceress slot game features all the symbols you would expect in sorcery. The main symbols include a sword, a book presumably containing powerful spells, a potion for casting these spells, flasks, water, and jewelry. The sorceress is also a major part of the game.

Sword Sorceress certainly stands out, but it plays out like most other slot games. The goal is to match at least three matching symbols to trigger a payout. The amount you stand to win depends on the number and type of symbols you land, as different symbols have different values.

This game also features scatter and wild symbols. The scatter symbols unlock free spins and other in-game rewards, all of which ultimately help to boost your position. Again, the number of free spins and other prizes rewarded depends on the number of scatter symbols you manage to combine.

The wild symbol is without a doubt the most valuable card in the bunch. You can substitute it for a wide range of other symbols, except the scatter symbol. This means that you can use the wild to make a winning combination whenever you have at least two matching symbols.

It is worth noting that this slot game does not have a distinct returns-to-player rating. However, its volatility is ranked as medium, which is good news for players as it means higher chances of winning. Overall, this game is popular on many platforms!

Sword Sorceress Slot Features

Sword Sorceress is somewhat limited in its range of features. However, the few features that it has to offer are geared towards boosting your winning position. Here is an overview of what each feature has to offer:

Free Spins

Free spins offer an opportunity to win big without technically wagering your own money. Free spins are unlocked when you land the right number of scatter symbols.

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol is your savior in times of need. This symbol can be substituted for a wide range of other symbols in the game. The idea is to give a boost to a partial combination, whereby you can convert the wild to one of the other symbols in the incomplete combo. However, the wild symbol is limited to the number of symbols for which it can be substituted, and it generally doesn’t work for the scatter symbol.

Scatter Symbol

The scatter is the symbol to look out for if you are in the market for some free spins. Players can win as many free spins as they desire, just as long as they can land the right number of combinations. The free spins also include all of the game’s features, including a fresh chance to win big with each spin.


Is the Sword Sorceress slot game available on mobile?

Yes, this slot game is available on a wide range of mediums, including slot machines, PCs, and a wide range of mobile devices. The game works on the mobile devices’ web browsers, which means that it is compatible with virtually all devices. However, the device should support the latest versions of HTML5, JL, and Flash Player technologies for the game to work.

Why can’t I find any bonuses in this game?

One of the downsides to the Sword Sorceress slot game is that it does not offer in-game promotions. However, it makes up for this using scatter and wild symbols that show up more often than usual.

How does the auto-play option work?

The auto-play feature essentially does the gambling for you. You can leave everything to chance and let the feature set its parameters, or you can set these parameters yourself. The parameters to set include betting amounts and spinning times, among others.

Final Thoughts

Enchant the gambling world via the Sword Sorceress slot game! All you need is some luck on your side to win big and have lots of fun doing it! This game is available on all devices, and anyone can play for however little or much they desire.

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