Starmania Slot Review

The Starmania slot from gaming producer NextGen is one of the few retro classics that people cannot get enough of. This slot game transports you back to the 70s, but the game play is as current as any other slot game’s. True to its title, this slot game puts you among the stars.

The gameplay is easy: spin and win. However, there are more ways to increase your winnings, including an exciting guessing game whereby you have to match cards or suits to multiply your winnings. The experience is exhilarating, despite the game’s retro feel and setting.

Here is a virtual tour of the Starmania slot game.

How to Play the Starmania Slot


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1 Set up your initial wager
The first thing required of you upon launching Starmania is setting your wagering amount. Players can set a wager as little as $0.1 or as much as $20.
2 Set your bet amount
The next step involves setting your bet amount per each pay line. Remember: the pay lines are fixed, which means that they cannot be adjusted.
3 Start spinning
You are all good to go now. You can spin mechanically or use the auto play option, which will trigger a whopping 99 spins.
4 Pick and win
Starmania slot is a game of chance, like any other slot game – this means that you can either win or lose when you spin. However, you can still multiply your wins. The trick here is to pick the right card color. Matching a card color will double your win, while identifying a card suit will triple it.

Starmania Slot Theme & Game Overview

The Starmania slot is inspired by the stars, and the celestial body is its main theme – the idea is to inspire players to reach for the stars. The game is set on a background highlighted by star and other heavenly bodies. The stars come in blue, green, and purple. The inviting blue background, coupled with the game’s gentle melodies, makes for an immersive and relaxing playing experience.

However, it has to be said that this game’s graphics are lacking. The symbols (and everything else on the screen) look like they were designed in the 70s, hence the game’s retro feel. However, this is part of the game’s charm, and it doesn’t hinder players’ chances of winning. Players will also note that the game moves at a slower pace compared to other slot games. This is not ideal, but it lets players follow their plays more closely.

Down to the technical: The Starmania slot has 3 rows, 5 reels, and 10 fixed pay lines. The pay lines pay both ways, which means that players’ chances of winning (and losing) are doubled. The amount wagered per pay line ranges from a penny to $2 – players can adjust the coin value using the arrow keys located to the reels’ left side. The game only features seven symbols, excluding the scatters and wild symbols.

Starmania Slot Symbols & Payouts

There are only seven symbols in Starmania, which is good because it increases combination outcomes and consequently boosts players’ chances of winning. The main and biggest symbol is a star colored partly as red and partly as gold. The three other major symbols are a blue, green, and purple star. Finally, scaled down versions of the blue, green, and purple stars make up the last three symbols.

The red and gold star triggers the highest payouts, while the three major stars register smaller payouts. The least three stars trigger equal payouts, regardless of color. Players can also double their wins by picking the correct card color, while picking a full suite of cards quadruples the winnings.

As mentioned, there are wild and scatter symbols to complement the main symbols. The wild symbol is represented as a neon-colored character. It usually appears stacked on reels 2, 3, and 4. The wild symbol does not have its own payout, but it can be substituted for all other symbols (except the stack symbol) to complete combinations and, consequently, increase players’ chances of winning. The scatter bonus symbol, on the other hand, can trigger a payout of up to 200X your winning prize.

Starmania Slot Features

Features to look out for include:

Mobile Gaming

The Starmania slot is available on mobile for playing on the go. The game has been optimized for interactive touching, which means that players can install it on a wide range of smart devices, including phones and tablets.

However, the simplified mobile version lacks certain features and options – the mobile version features only essential functions, including manual spinning and the auto play option. Additionally, the game only works on devices that support the latest Flash Player versions – to this end, players should note that the game may be incompatible with some mobile devices.

Free Games

Lucky players can play free Starmania games perpetually, thanks to the robust free games feature. The only requirement to trigger a free game is to get at least three scatter symbols, and it doesn’t matter where they land. A free game essentially entails 10 free spins.

The interesting thing about the free games feature is that an extra wild is added to reels 2, 3, and 4 before each free spin, which means that you will have 30 wild symbols on your reels by your tenth spin. This is interesting and exciting because it means that you can trigger many more free games – however, the only chance of triggering a free game within another free game is landing three more scatters.

Two-Way Payouts

The Starmania slot pays both ways, which further boosts players’ chances of winning. A win can be achieved from left to right or right to left, whichever way the symbols align best.


Does the Starmania slot have a jackpot?

Yes, Starmania has a huge jackpot, considering the fact that it is non-progressive. Lucky players can multiply their stakes by up to 4,600 times when they trigger the jackpot. This also happens more often than it may seem, despite the game’s retro feel and slow play.

What does the Gamble feature do?

The Gamble feature can double or quadruple your winnings if you correctly guess the card’s color or the suit. This feature is only activated when you win. However, players should be forewarned that they risk losing all their winnings if they make an incorrect guess.

What are the game’s basic settings?

Every feature in the game does something. The up and down arrows adjust coin sizes, while the golden coins set the maximum bet. Additionally, the gamble feature can be activated using the Heart & Clubs feature upon winning.

Final Thoughts

The Starmania slot may seem retro, but it was released recently in 2015 by one of the leading slot game developers. The game is a great breakaway from the fast-paced progressives taking over the industry. The gameplay is slow, which makes the experience more immersive. Additionally, the retro graphics and melodious tunes make for an even more immersive experience. It definitely is a game worth trying out.

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