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Slingo Reel King is a delightful cross between two hugely popular game types — slots and bingo. The result is an exciting game that is easy to play, but it also offers a range of different bonuses to be won. The fun blend of each luck-based game type serves to make this even more entertaining than the individual underlying game genres. 

The game comes from Gaming Realms in collaboration with Inspired Gaming for that all-important Reel King feature. This partnership has resulted in other quality casino games too, and this is very evident here. With a 5×5 grid in play and the chance to score an extra reel in the bonus round, there's a lot to play for. Read on to find out more.

Slot Details 
ProviderGaming Realms/Inspired Gaming
Slot NameSlingo Reel King
No of Reels5
No of Paylines12
Min. Bet0.20
Max. Bet20.00
Max. Payout500x
Auto SpinsYes

Where to play Slingo Reel King

Gaming Realms developed this Slingo Reel King game. They hold a license with a number of different game jurisdictions. This means that the game can be found at a range of different online casinos.


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How to play Slingo Reel King slots online

Step by step guide on how to play this slot machine

When it comes to playing Slingo Reel King, the gameplay is actually quite simple. There's a help button within the game and this will take you to the paytable. Here you can find out the value of the different lines, how the numbers match up, special features, and so on. Keep reading for a detailed guide to playing this game.

1 Discover all the possible lines

As this is based on bingo, there are no specific paylines per se to choose. However, there are 12 slingo lines, and you will need to know what they are to get the top win.

2 Choose your bet

You will need to set the bet you'd like to place for each spin in this game. Bets can range from $0.20 to $25 and can be adjusted below the reels.

3 Hit spin to get playing

Once everything is set, it's a simple matter of getting the game going. All you need to do is hit the spin button to get those reels going, so you can play.


Slingo Reel King Slot Review

This exciting game is the result of a fun collaboration between Gaming Realms and Inspired Gaming. With this partnership, the two companies have created an entertaining cross between slots and bingo. This game, therefore, offers the best of both combined in one simple package. Better yet, it comes with a decent top win of 500x if you can land all 12 lines. 

The game has a strong RTP of 95%, which also helps to give players a better shot at walking away with a win. It's also on the low end of the pay scale with bets ranging from $0.20 to $25 making it the perfect game for budget players. Read on to discover more about this fun online casino game. 

Slingo Reel King Slot Machine Design & Feel 

This game has a truly classic feel. It doesn't have a particular theme as such either. Instead, this slot has been designed in a more minimalist way. The 5×5 grid sits on a simple blue background. The ball holder with all the different bingo balls in it sits to the right of the reels, and it's here that the numbers pop out. 

Slingo Reel King Slots RTP 

Slingo Reel King has an RTP of 95%. This is slightly below the industry average, but still a pretty good option. What this means is that there's a theoretical payout rate of 95% - essentially for every $100 spent on this game, you can expect to get $95 back over the time you spend playing. However, this is based on thousands of spins.

Slingo Reel King Gallery

Slingo Reel King Online Slot Features

This exciting game has a whole host of different slot features as part of the gameplay. These are all in place to help you to get ahead when playing. The game, like many other slots, offers wilds and free spins, but there are also some slingo extras thrown in their too. Read on to find out about these exciting bonuses and how they can help you play. 

Slingo Reel King Paylines 

Although this is partly a slot game, it doesn't offer paylines in the conventional sense. Instead, as there are with bingo, there are 12 different lines available each with a different set of numbers. The job here is to match the numbers on the balls that come out of the large dispenser with the numbers on the reels. The more lines that are matched, the better and bigger the bonus. 


There is no specific jackpot in this game. However, that doesn't mean that there isn't a big win waiting for players. If players manage to match all of the 12 lines correctly, this will then be claimed as a full house. Doing so then gets you that maximum payout of 500x the initial bet. The bigger the initial bet, the better that final prize will be. 

Scatter Symbols 

As with most standard slots, Slingo Reel King also offers the chance to win extra spins on the game. This means that when you spin to get the numbers, you won't be using your own cash to do so. In order to get this free spin (it's just one at a time), you will need to land the scatter icon on the reels. 

Wild symbols 

Further pushing the winning chances forward is the wild symbols. Landing the standard wild will allow you to cross off any of the numbers in the reel above that position. In this way, you can reach your goal faster. There is also the Super Wild, which lets you cross a number off anywhere on the grid, which is incredibly useful. 

Other symbols 

There are a number of other symbols that you need to be aware of on the reels. First up, you need to pay attention to each of the numbers just so you can match them. Additionally, there is the Reel King character that can land on the reels. This is important as it is part of the main Reel King bonus feature. 

Slingo Reel King Free Spins 

As mentioned, it's possible to trigger free spins during this game. In order to do that, you must land the scatter symbol on the reels. Unlike other slot games, you will only earn a single spin, which gets added to your spin total. However, you can keep re-triggering this throughout the game, adding to your overall spin count — a number that starts at 11. 

Reel King Feature 

This is the main feature and occurs at random throughout gameplay. During a spin, you may hear a 'ding' and this will get you moving on the trail found above the grid. If at least 5 segments on this trail light up, the first stage of the feature triggers. There are 9 levels to get through to score the top prizes. Each stage awards Reel King characters and a 3×1 mini-game with cash prizes.

Is Slingo Reel King legit?

Slingo Reel King game is a legitimate casino game. The game is a collaboration between Gaming Realms and Inspired Gaming. Both of these companies are licensed and regulated with top gaming jurisdictions. This means that the game is audited for gaming fairness, and, as such, plays in an unbiased manner when US players start to play. It also pays out properly when a win occurs.


IS Slingo Reel King LEGIT?

Yes, Slingo Reel King is owned and created by both Gaming Realms and Inspired Gaming. Both of these companies are licensed and registered. This means their games are fair and trustworthy.

WHERE TO PLAY Slingo Reel King?

Slingo Reel King is available at a number of different casinos in the US. The main thing to consider here though is that the casino must be licensed within your state to play legally.


Slingo Reel King is a relatively simple game, but it does offer a number of different bonuses. Including wilds and free spins, there are five different features available to use in this game.


Yes, when playing Slingo Reel King it is possible to win some free spins during the gameplay. To get these you will need to trigger the free spins bonus game.


Yes, this game has been carefully developed to be accessible across a range of different devices. The game is compatible with iOS and Android and is fully scalable for quality gameplay.

CasinoTalk thoughts on Slingo Reel King

Slingo Reel King from Gaming Realms is a pretty interesting option for any player to take on. By combining the ease of a slot with the fun of bingo, you end up with the exciting slingo combination. Playing this is very simple too, which means you can play when out and about without having to concentrate too much on what you are doing. 

The game has a 5x5 grid, and you simply need to try and match the balls on all 12 lines to get a top prize of 500x your initial bet. Accompanying this rather decent top win are a number of exciting bonus features that include wilds, a super wild, the chance to claim free spins, and even a blocker. Better yet, this can be found at a range of different casinos for US players.

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