Mega Meltdown Slot Review - Where and How to Play for Free

mega meltdown slot machine review

The Mega Meltdown slot machine is a superb 3-reel, 5-line game that seeks to offer gamblers a unique opportunity to win real-life-changing lump sums! The reels here are set up in such a way that they lie within a realistic reactor encircled by a metallic themed frame. There are chains on either side, perfectly illuminated by the light emitted reactor. 

The game displays a hazard symbol as a safety measure and warning to gamblers wishing to dive right into playing. The reels in the game have a slight 3D twist to them. A combination of light & shade effects highlights each reel in bits, allowing for the carefully curated symbols to remain conspicuous in great contrast.

Mega meltdown slot’s developer is the casino games provider Everi and it is sure to appeal to the gamblers who prefer keeping things simple but still desire to win big

The firm came into being as a result of a corporate merger between 2 casino games bigwigs: Multimedia Games and Global Cash Access. Their games are spread out across more than 1,000 land based online casinos. However, the Mega Meltdown slot machine is just one among numerous other online games from Everi.

We have had a keen look into the Mega Meltdown slot. We have dug deep and delved right into discovery of everything to do with this fantastic online game. Our in depth Mega Meltdown slot review will save you time and effort. Read on to find out all the amazing details about this online slot machine.

Why should I play Mega Meltdown?

There are several platforms that give players tons of creative and amazing bonuses. However, more often than not, these platforms are usually quite difficult to master. 

Everi has done a great job in addressing that issue; they have consistently stuck to a simple set up of only 3 reels and 5 play lines. Additionally, gamblers stand a chance of winning 1,400 times more than their starting bet when they win the 10x multiplier, which happens to be the star of the show.

Where to Play the Mega Meltdown slot?

While there are very many sites and platforms where you can play Mega Meltdown, it is paramount for you to put a few things into consideration. 

First of all, consider the casino you are planning on using. How reputable is it? You might be spoilt for choice, but that does not mean that all these platforms are all trustworthy. Be sure to stick to respected providers, and you should be good to go.

It is with such casinos that you will stand a fair and true chance of winning real money. Another thing is sign up bonuses. This is a good indicator of some of the amazing promotions and incentives that you are likely come by on the site. 

Different sites have different offers, so be sure to compare them, while being careful of deals that look too good to be true. 

Below, you will find our recommended online casinos.

Mega Meltdown Slot Machine Gallery

Mega Meltdown Features

Despite the fact that Mega Meltdown does not have many special bonus levels, it boasts an impressive array of amazing features. 

One such feature is the multiplier symbols which combine or rather put together the multipliers, allowing you to stand a chance to win up to 30x your line stake. 

Another feature is wild symbols. With this meltdown symbol, landing 3 wilds earns you a cash prize of up to 1400x your starting bet. Additional features include the respin bonus and the free play.

Classic Symbols with a Twist

Like several other Everi games, the Mega Meltdown slot machine features the classic 7’s and BAR symbols, set within a highly realistic environment. 

The game makes use of the classic single, double, triple BARs coupled with colorful 7’s, in orange, brown and blue. In addition to the classic symbols, there are wild multipliers with which you can win 4,000 coins. Things take an interesting turn when the reel re-spins ‘kick in’.

If you land on any combination of the single triple or double BARs across a given pay line, you win 5x that line’s stake. For three singles, three doubles or three triples, you win 10x, 20x and 50x that pay line’s bet respectively. And combination of the 7s will pay out your stake by up to 30x.

Mega Meltdown Wild Symbols

The Meltdown symbols comes in three varieties. They can all be substituted for others upon completing winning lines. If any of these Meltdown symbol, in any random combination, lands across a pay line, the game gives you a huge prize equaling 4,000x your line’s stake. 

The standard meltdown logo symbol appears only on the 1st reel, which is on the slot machine’s left side. The 2x multiplier wild appears on the middle reel, and the 3x multiplier stops on the 3rd reel (on the right). Two or even three wilds on a single line combine in value boosting the overall prize up to 15x.


Mega Meltdown slot works across Android, Apple and Windows. It also works well on devices such as PCs, tablets, laptops, MACs and mobiles.

Free Spins

When it come to free spins you will notice that with this game, there are certain combinations across reels. For instance, several wilds in a line that trigger the respin bonus feature. Additionally, reels spin 5 times for free, each of which comes with some guaranteed winning combinations. In other words, the chances of receiving respin bonus and free spins are good.


Can I play Mega Meltdown even when I’m new to online slot gaming?

Yes! This is a very simplistic and user-friendly game that welcomes all and sundry to play.

Do I stand a chance to win money on this slot?

You do! The only thing that you can do is acquaint yourself with some useful tips and do your due diligence in regards to the online platform of choice.

Are there free spins with Mega Meltdown?

With Mega Meltdown, there are 5 free spins, each guaranteeing you of some fantastic combinations for great wins.

Concluding Thoughts

You do not have to be big on 3-reel games to enjoy the Mega Meltdown slot machine. You only have to be a fan of fast gameplay that allows you to earn several winning combinations. 

Mega Meltdown is a really low volatility game, which gives you more chances at landing on winning combinations. It is quite an exciting and thrilling game with amazing features, all available in a super friendly platform, allowing players from all walks of life to enjoy.

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