Cops and Donuts Slots Online Review and Free Play


There are numerous stereotypes about police officers and their love for donuts. This very idea has been incorporated in an array of movies, cartoon shows, and TV programs, as a trope almost always meant for laughs. Cops and Donuts Slots Online is an IGT brilliant creation premised from this particular set up.

In this slot, be sure to tackle pretty much every job that people take at the women and men in blue, with the promise of having absolute fun while at it. In addition to all the fun, you stand a chance to win quite some lucrative prizes, leaving you smiling all the way to the bank as you count your fortune.

Cops and donuts slot is a classic five-reel twenty-pay lines game, featuring cartoon-styled cops, cuffs, crooks, calorific snacks, coffee, and the police badge (the game’s wild symbol). The bonus rounds are highly entertaining. Enjoy the game, even more, when a traffic officer pulls you over, and you try your best to come up with an excuse for some instantaneous prize. Pick out some donuts for the cop to eat and earn lucrative rewards if he or she happens to like your snack of choice for them. 

The old-school themed computer animations in Cops and Donuts slot machine will take you back in time, making a perfect substitute for modern graphics. IGT means business when it comes to their Cops and Donuts Slot Online gameplay; players can win 10,000 their initial line stakes or even 25,000 times when they play with the maximum of 50 stakes per spin. 

Below is an in-depth review of how to play, where to play, game overview, symbols and features. Enjoy!

Cops and Donuts Slots Online Game Overview

Cops and Donuts slots feature twenty lines, and it can be played using an array of denominations, starting from pennies all the way to fifty cents per coin. Here, the players have the luxury of choosing the number of lines they’d like to play, alongside their preferred number of coins in a line to a maximum amount of five. Theoretically, this would mean that a player can bet with a penny to $50 in a single spin. This range is pretty wide and one that is not common to many slot machines out there.

The objective in Cops and Donuts Slots Online is simple; matching the icons from the left side to the right side across the given reels. The bigger the matches, the bigger the prizes. The icons you are looking to match are usually from both sides of the title.

Cops and Donuts Slot features police officers, handcuffs, criminals as well as other law-enforcement icons scattered all over. These come coupled with donuts, coffee, and tons of other pastries, symbols that can all earn you lucrative rewards. The police badge is the slot’s wild, acting as a substitute for all other symbols for great winning combos.

Where to Play

How to Play Cops and Donuts Slot

Step by step guide on how to play the slot machine

As soon as you head to any casino offering IGT’s Cops and Donuts Slot, you will notice that the game is different from other typical games. Instead of the chic multi-screen all dancing all singing cabinets used in a majority of their games, this slot features a pretty much standard cabinet.

Getting started on the game is very easy; you only need to follow some simple steps as listed below:
1 Set your bet level
To do this, you only need to press the ‘+’ or ‘-’ buttons to adjust your bet anywhere between 0.2 to 50 coins per spin.
2 Activate Auto-play
This feature is particularly useful, especially if you would like to watch the reels as they spin on their own.
3 Hit spin
As the matching symbols line up across the pay lines, the next thing to do is clicking the ‘spin’ button to get the game started.
4 Look out for the high-valued symbols
If you are not sure about the values of the icons, you can click on the game’s ‘help’ button to view what each of the available combos is worth.

Cops and Donuts Slot Symbols

Cops and Donuts Slot Features

Cops and Donuts Slot features an array of icons, all in line with the theme of the game. The lower-valued symbols are the snack icons. Next in value are the handcuffs, crime scene tape, a villain with a mug shot, male cops, female cops, and fingerprint symbols. 

In the Cops and Donuts slot, everything is pretty much about the animated and comic bonus features, with the interesting bonus rounds adding to the game’s overall fun. From all the bonus rounds, it is not hard to tell that IGT developers had quite some fun in going about this game while exploring a different theme. Below are some of the bonus rounds in the Cops and Donuts Slot:

Speed Trap Bonus

Matters get heated whenever a player finds a police patrol car on reel number one, and a speed-limit sign on reel number five across from it. Here, the player will be pulled over by the cop, and they will then be required to pick an excuse that explains their reason for speeding from a list containing classic excuses. Each excuse you pick earns you an instantaneous reward, and sometimes even the chance to pick an extra excuse for more rewards. If you convince the police officer that you had a valid reason for speeding, he or she just might decide to give you a donut, doubling your wins in an instant!

Donut Eating Bonus

This usually takes place in a store, and the bonus round is triggered once a player hits at least three fresh donuts symbols on the same pay line. As soon as you take your ticket, you will be in a position to learn just how many picks you can get from the bakery layout. A cop will invite the player to pick out a snack that he or she will eat. The player will then keep picking the donuts from the trays available until the cop is full. The player will then collect the bonus rewards depending on the number of donuts that the cop manages to finish. 


Where can I Play Cops and Donuts Slot?

There are so many platforms where players can enjoy playing this IGT slot. However, be sure to confirm that the casino is legit, regulated, and licensed.

What is the essence of the Auto-play function?

When activated, this function gives players uninterrupted gameplay until they wish to stop or change something.

What is the wild symbol in Cops and Donuts Slot?

The police badge is the game’s wild, substituting for all other symbols.

What is the best feature in the Cops and Donuts Slot?

The leading feature in the game has to be the bonus rounds, including the donut eating round and the speed trap bonus round.

Are there progressive jackpots in Cops and Donuts Slot?

No. However, the game features quite some lucrative rewards from its fun bonus rounds.


Cops and Donuts Slot is pretty much light-hearted and does well not to take itself way too seriously. All the graphics in the game are done in a manner that is cartoonish in nature. The colors are vibrant and highly welcoming, and all the music choices and theme sounds designed to rhyme with the theme in a fun and entertaining way. There is nothing in the gameplay that could be considered offensive to police officers seeing as everything is curated for sheer fun. 

The range of coin denomination is another plus in the Cops and Donuts slot, given that it allows bettors from all walks of life to enjoy the gameplay here, budget notwithstanding. Between the thrilling gameplay and lucrative bonus rounds, it is no surprise that the Cops and Donuts slot has become such a great hit for IGT.

While no winnings are guaranteed, this is the kind of slot machine that will leave you glued to the screen for a fantastic gaming session, even if you do not end up getting lucky to win.

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