Resorts World NYC aims to earn full casino license

April 13, 2022

Genting Malaysia Resorts World NYC is preparing to receive a full casino license making them a fully-fledged casino that will feature live table games. In addition, they are hoping to get one out of three downstate licenses for their new casino in Queens, which is under development.

The casino license was approved in Albany this weekend; additionally, it will include a state budget of up to $220 billion.

State Senator Joseph Addabbo, the Senate Racing, Gaming, and Wagering Committee Chair, calls it a win for the community and Resort World NYC.

โ€œAllowing three casinos in the downstate region to operate with full licenses, it will create thousands of jobs when considering construction and credible post-construction union jobs,โ€ he said.

โ€œIt also means additional revenue for the state, estimated at an initial $1.5 billion from the three license fees. In addition, it will allow us to fund important educational and gaming addiction programs significantly.โ€

Addabbo has previously supported a full license for Resort World NYC as they are a โ€œgreat neighbor and a true economic engine.โ€ Ever since the opening of Resort World NYC in his district in 2011, the casino has earned more than $3 billion to support New Yorkโ€™s education fund.

He reminded everyone that there were still many things to be considered, reassured that everything would go smoothly as planned.

โ€œWhile this is a nice step forward for New York state, this does not mean our work is done. On the contrary, our work is just beginning,โ€ the Chairman said.

โ€œFollowing the budget, the legislature must monitor the licenses' timely, fair, and transparent bidding process and ensure that the siting process is being credibly implemented. I look forward to working with my colleagues, the NY Gaming Commission, and the Hochul Administration on the downstate license issue.โ€

What a full casino license means for Resort World NYC

By getting a full license, Resort World NYC will not only have their current 6,500 slots and electronic table games and be able to hold live table games like poker, blackjack, roulette, and so on.

The President of Genting America East, Robert DeSalvo, expresses his gratitude and joy towards getting a full casino license for Resort World NYC.

โ€œResorts World New York City could not be more excited for the nearing of an opportunity to participate in a competitive process for a full casino license in New York City,โ€ DeSalvo said.

โ€œMore than ten years ago, we committed to our partners throughout the state that we would create good-paying union jobs, have a strong and diverse workforce, generate much-needed education revenue, and be an economic engine for the entire community. A decade later, we have kept our promise backed by more than $1.1 billion invested in our world-class property.โ€

Last summer, Resorts World New York recently opened their Hyatt Regency JFK Airport, including 400 guest rooms, a fitness center, meeting areas, state-of-the-art conferences, and their games and entertainment center, dining centers, restaurants, and bars.

This expansion will help the residents with new job opportunities. The resort is expected to have more than 1000 jobs available and ready to be filled in.

โ€œWe welcome the opportunity to work with the state and local shareholders on this important and timely leap forward,โ€ DeSalvio continued. โ€œWe are ready, willing, and able to immediately double our workforce by adding more than 1,000 new union jobs and help the true potential of resort-style gaming, entertainment, and hospitality be realized right here in the heart of Queens.โ€

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