Plaza Hotel & Casino to hold Super Bingo tournament, total prize of $160k

June 22, 2022


Plaza Hotel & Casino is holding a Super Bingo tournament for two days starting at the end of July. The tournament is expected to attract 1,000 players to come down to the only bingo room in downtown Las Vegas. The organizer has set $160,000 for the winners.


The prize money will be divided equally between the two days of the tournament. The SUPER Coverall prize is $50,000, the second chance coverall is $5,000, and the third chance coverall is $2,500.

Super Bingo is a tournament event focused on bringing together bingo enthusiasts from all over the world, including Hawaii and Canada. The event will be a fun and exciting experience for all its players as it will also hold coverall games. The event will be played in a recently remodeled ballroom in Plaza Hotel & Casino with an open bar available.

The Plaza offers packages during the event including bingo-only sessions for $160 and $80 for Nevada residents. With the amount, players will get one 6-on paper pack for two days of the tournament, 2 daubers, free drinks, and boxed lunch for two sessions, as well as $10 in Free Slot Play after the first-day session.

The room-and-bingo package offers a 4-nights stay from Sunday to Wednesday of the tournament for $300. No resort fee is needed.

Super Bingo will also be held for three consecutive months after the one starting in July. It will be held on September 12-14, October 10-12, and November 21-23. The games will be played on a Tuesday and Wednesday each month instead of the usual Monday and Tuesday. The event will also be held in 2023 on February 12-14, April 2-4, June 4-6, and August 8-10.

Bingo in Las Vegas

Plaza Hotel and Casino hope to attract local Nevada residents with its 50 percent discount on the ticket for the Super Bingo tournament.

โ€œBingo always has been a popular game, although in Las Vegas it has tended to be associated more with locals than with tourists,โ€ history professor Michael Green told

Bingo has a long history in Las Vegas especially marked by the opening of the Club Bingo on the Las Vegas Strip in 1947. The Club turned into the Sahara Hotel over time. โ€œIn 1976, the Bingo Palace opened west of the Strip on Sahara, and it became Palace Station and the basis of the Station Casinos empire,โ€ Green said.

โ€œSeveral of the more locally oriented hotels were well-known for their bingo rooms, with games on, say, odd-numbered hours, and in between players might go get drinks or dinner, or gamble elsewhere in the casino,โ€ he continued.

Green said bingo may be more popular with the elder generation but it is often played accompanying humanitarian efforts such as fund-raising for churches and charities. Then the game can be played by any generation.

The professor also said, โ€œBingo seems to be a game that requires attention, but not excessive attention,โ€ as another benefit of the game.

โ€œItโ€™s easy to play and it doesnโ€™t demand a lot from the casino itself โ€” it isnโ€™t as though it involves highly advanced computerized machines or a large number of personnel. So it has worked both for the customer and for the operator.โ€

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