Golden Nugget Casino Offer – Win $20K Every Day

January 19, 2021

Join the Million Dollar 2020 race – win up to $20K every day

Golden Nugget Online Casino will surely have all gamblers wishing that they were legitimate citizens of NJ. That is mainly because of the extensive promotions they have launched this year. There is a Million Dollar 2020 race that all members can participate in and for September there is a new scheme where Everyone’s A Winner. Here you have a chance to win $20K every day.


$1000 BONUS

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Everyone’s a Winner – A Winning Promo for September Players

Not only is 2020 rewarding for all those who log in and wager at the casino regularly, but there is also something special on offer for those who play through the month of September 2020. It sure feels like a privilege, akin to a red carpet welcome that will make all participating players feel like high fliers.

Terms of the Offer

There is a prize pool of money created every day from which players are eligible for winning at least $20K. If there are no winners on a certain day then $1000 gets added as per that day’s quota to a growing prize pool. On the days when any player wins the minimum amount or more, the addition to the prize pool is $200.

Highlighted features of the September offer are as follows:

  • $100,000 and more would be given away in bonus prizes this month at Golden Nuggets casino
  • The top prize would be $15000 and more as a free play bonus
  • All participants would gain a share in the prize pot and their leaderboard points are counted as 200% of the contribution
  • Winners in the different categories of the September offer will get announced on the 1st of October 2020, Thursday.

Live it up Offer

With the Million Dollar race on for the whole year at this casino, the monthly scheme of September is yet another way to step up leaderboard points for the final race and increase wagering money for the different games through guaranteed cash prizes. 

All players are encouraged to take part in the September promo by opting to avail of all bonuses available to them. For that, you simply need to make a minimum deposit of $20. This will make you eligible to take up bonuses and wager on different games. This, in turn, will help players gain leaderboard points throughout the month. The points that you earn this month will be considered in the monthly offer and will also contribute to the million-dollar race.

About Golden Nugget Casino Online

This is a premier casino hotel brand that is known for the luxury stay, dining, and gambling experiences it provides. The same experience is promoted through the exciting offers it has on its gambling website. Currently, only a legitimate site for New Jersey residents, this casino site offers an extension of the real look and feel that the hotel provides to its loyal patrons. Indeed, the 2020 offers, yearly and monthly, are designed to have the patrons coming back to the site as with each wager they find their loyalty rewards increase.